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A Movie Review: Fortress (2021)

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Sometimes she "binge-watches" movies and shares her thoughts about them.


The film's director is James Cullen Bressack. It was penned by the talented Alan Horsnail. The starring roles in Fortress (2021) were played by the legendary action star Bruce Willis, Jesse Metcalfe, Chad Michael Murray, and Kelly Greyson.

The Characters

The main characters are:

Paul: A successful entrepreneur and Robert's son.

Robert: Paul's father who has a secret life.

Mr. Balzary: the villain,

Ulysses: Head of the black team,

Supporting characters that add some juice to the story include, Sofia, a hacker; an assassin on Robert's side, the captain, and members of the black team.

"Life is complicated, dad. Especially if you don't run away from it and hide."

— Paul, Fortress (2021)

The Plot

Paul Michael is the CEO of Invespia, a cooperate company that deals with high-profile clients.

At Forge Mountain Retreat, Robert calls it "Another day in paradise."
The first scene of the movie shows a man watching a video of himself while in a taxi. Meanwhile, a team leader gives instructions to a team of guys dressed up in black as mercenaries.

"The mission is simple. Get in and get out quietly."

Paul holds bitterness towards his father who disappeared without an explanation after he saw him last during his mother's funeral.

For the first time in his life, he needs his estranged father's help. And goes to seek it, but they do not understand each other.

Kate Taylor, the director of Forge Mountain Retreat lets the viewers know that the premise is based on complete anonymity. They engage in relaxation methods like outdoor activities, yoga, and Tai Ki. She shows Paul around.

Paul's father apparently had to sever ties with him in order to keep him safe. However, the explanation he gives doesn't satisfy Paul, until things get heated up and their lives are in danger.

The mercenaries are apparently after Paul Michaels but lose track of him and have to use whatever means necessary to get to him.

"I will give you a code. It may save your life."

— Robert in Fortress (2021)

And the team in black track goes through the forest and a man insists that

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"Targets must be taken alive."

Paul finds out a lot about the father's real job. Finds out his entire childhood was based on a lie. "More of a place for old operatives like me." Robert informs him.

In the course of doing his job, Robert messed up with a notorious criminal who is seeking vengeance at whatever cost.

Paul comes face to face with the villain and his mercenaries who reveals more to him about the mysterious way his company sank to the bottom. "You remind me of me, Paul," the villain tells him.


Themes: father-son relationship, business, technology, mystery, crime, betrayal, cryptocurrency, CIA, spying

Setting: jungle ... A fortress, no urban setting

Genre: Mystery, thriller, action

Warnings: violence, bloody scenes

The assassin is quite a character, brutal, yet humorous. He drops witty one-liners often in the process of performing and supervising his vengeful activities. For example; "They say life could be understood backwards..."

Another conversation that depicts the above goes like this:

Robert: I should have killed you.

Balzary: Shoulda, woulda, coulda, didn't.

If you are a nature-lover you will enjoy the green scenery and beautiful terrain of the main

The movie uses various techniques to tell the story. I think this was a strong point to make it worthy of action fans. For example, the use of foreboding when the general says, "they might try to use your son as leverage." It is only clear later when it turns out she knew very well what she was talking about.

Another catchy device used is flash-backing. Hence, the viewer learns more about the background of the main characters through other characters' narrations in form of flashbacks.

In addition, other strengths of Fortress include the suspenseful soundtrack, great costumes, flowing storytelling, humor, and a fairly believable ending.

If you enjoy CIA-agent movies about matters of national security and worthy villains, this film might be a great choice for you. It was quite enjoyable, but I found the storyline too predictable and common. If you have watched CIA movies before you will know what I mean.

Therefore, my rating stands at 4 out of 5 stars.

Life is complicated, dad. Especially if you don't run away from it and hide.

— Fortress (2021)

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