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A Review and Analysis of the Song "Gingham Check" by the Japanese Pop Music Group Akb48

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The Limited Edition Type A Cover for Gingham Check


Gingham Check is the 27th major single released by famous Japanese pop music group AKB48. This song represents another step of greatness for the girl group AKB48 and it has added to their sales for sure! What makes the 27th major single Gingham Check a significant song is because of multiple reasons. First of all, it is the follow-up single to the one called Manatsu No Sounds Good! That one in reality was the last single to feature Atsuko Maeda as a member of AKB48 although Gingham Check is thought of as the last official participation for Maeda although she graduated from AKB48 two days before the single was released. Of course, nothing this special just comes out of thin air, especially songs that are written by any famous musical group

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The History of How Gingham Check Came Into Existence

So how did AKB48 get to the point of releasing single #27? Basically, it goes way back to 2012 when the members for this single were chosen from where they were placed for the AKB48 2012 General Election. Gingham Check was released in Japan on August 29, 2012. It also included the graduation song for Atsuko Maeda who also graduated from AKB48 that year. But it was at least a good 5 months before the release of the single that the planning for the song took place. It was on March 26, 2012 that there was an announcement that AKB48 would be holding an election to determine the lineup of members for this single. The amount of candidates was significant, featuring members from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48. The total number of candidates was at 243. That’s a large number of candidates for any election but since these girl groups each have such a large number of members, then it would make sense to have so many girls taking part in the election process.

Theater Edition Cover for Gingham Check


What Is the Song Gingham Check About?

So now here we go with a review of the song Gingham Check! The song is about being in love with someone so much that it crushes you. You want to let the other person know how much you love them but you are indecisive and this indecision is the girl’s Gingham Check of sorts. The center for this single was Yuko Oshima. The girl described in this song is such a coward that she cannot get herself to say that she loves the guy she is pursuing. She is fine with the relationship the way it is now and she wants to wait until next summer to let him know. Can she wait that long? They say that if you love someone you should let them know.

"Gingham Check" Official Music Video

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The Music Video for Gingham Check is a Combination of Music and Film Which Is Significant

For the purposes of analyzing and reviewing the song Gingham Check, let us look at the bigger picture of what happens in the music video for that song. The reason being is that there is entertainment and symbolism to a degree in that video. The music video for Gingham Check is actually a parody of films. That features terrorists invading a police department and a huge monster from Ultraman Tiga which attacks the city. The video begins with Atsuko Maeda and Yuko Oshima dressed as policewomen confront the police chief attempting to explain to him what the situation is. The music video asks the question of whether love can prevail in such an environment when there is a big national security situation that has engulfed the city. The music video/short film features a sort of competition between two groups. These two groups are the black team which has Yuko Oshima as the head of that team called the Motor Girls and Mayu Watanabe as the head of the red team or Car Devils. When analyzing the video for the song Gingham Check it is a combination of a music video and a short film because there is dialogue that takes place as well as action scenes so this is why the video for this song is not just a song but is a hybrid of music and film.

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