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A Summary and Analysis of the Episode "Gadget's Clean Sweep" the 83rd Episode of the Cartoon Series Inspector Gadget

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This photo symbolizes the kind of old house that the great grandparents of Inspector Gadget are living in.

This photo symbolizes the kind of old house that the great grandparents of Inspector Gadget are living in.

What Is the Episode "Gadget's Clean Sweep" About?

Gadget’s Clean Sweep is the 18th episode of the 2nd season of the famous animated kids cartoon. It is one of my favorite episodes of the season. The episode has the main character Inspector Gadget traveling to London. In the episode, Gadget has been told by his boss Chief Quimby that he must travel to 19th century London to stop MAD agents from stealing the Queen’s crown jewels. In the first season of the cartoon, we saw Gadget going to London as well but this one is especially good!

"Gadget's Clean Sweep" Review and Analysis

The episode starts with Gadget and Penny playing a game of darts where the player must throw the darts at the dartboard with the purpose of hitting the target in the center of the board. No matter what Gadget does, he cannot seem to hit the center target. In an attempt to demonstrate to his niece Penny about how a professional would throw darts, his gadgets malfunction, activating his skates. Gadget starts to slip, trips over a dumb bell and is sent careening into the wall. Fortunately, for those of you wondering what happens to our hero, he escapes unharmed. In this second season, Quimby’s voice is done by Maurice Lamarche and Penny is voiced by Holly Berger.

The scene shifts to Dr. Claw’s castle. Dr. Claw is speaking with Thelma, one of the agents that he has instructed to travel back in time to try and eliminate Gadget. They agree that if Gadget’s ancestors Char and Chimney Gadget were eliminated, Gadget would not even exist. Dr. Claw also instructs Thelma that she must bring back the crown jewels, jewels that Dr. Claw wanted when he was a child. Char and Chimney Gadget were Gadget’s great-grandparents who later came to America.

Gadget is playing when he receives a call from the chief. Chief Quimby is hiding inside the wall where the dart board is. After Gadget reads the message, he attempts to toss it back into the wall. The Chief shuts the door, thinking that he is going to avoid another assignment from exploding in his face. However, Gadget gets his attention again, asking him where 19th century London is. The Chief tells Gadget to go and see Professor Von Slickstein, that scientist that created the time machine that enables travelers to travel back and forth in time. Gadget then throws the message inside the wall where the Chief was hiding. The Chief tries to locate the piece of paper but as usual, the message explodes. It is unfortunate that the Chief always has to have a message self-destruct in his face but that’s the way the creators of the cartoon wanted it.

The Gadget Family arrives In 19th Century London

When they arrive in 19th century London via the special powers of the time machine, Gadget, Penny, and Brain see that it is foggy outside. After seeing his great-grandparents and having a brief chat with them, Gadget then heads to a pub where they are having drinks and relaxing. Gadget unfortunately starts to forget about the mission. Brain and Penny obviously realize this and they get to work immediately. However, Thelma has two agents of her own. One of them is named Percy. The name of the other agent is not given. The Gadgets fall into a trap because they do not know that Thelma sends sleeping flowers in order to subdue them so that they are easy to capture. After a scuffle ensues, Gadget gets Char and Chimney back to safety. What may be funny is that what happens at the end of that scuffle, Percy and the other agent end up tying themselves up.

In the house where Chimney and Char live, Gadget takes a shower and he then wants to press his coat, brush his teeth, and shave. However, he does not realize that his gadgets are too modern and they will not work in 19th century London. Dr. Claw sees that the Gadgets are still alive and he becomes very angry with Thelma. Meanwhile, Penny goes up to the palace to investigate when Thelma discovers her and locks her up in the dungeon. Fortunately, Penny is able to escape by using her laser to melt the lock. She goes into a shop and buys a fake pair of jewels. She rushes back to the palace and puts those jewels in the place of the real one. Penny is so clever and smart that without her, Gadget probably would not even complete one mission successfully.

A chimney sweep illustration.

A chimney sweep illustration.

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A Memorable Scene from the Episode "Gadget's Clean Sweep" in Quotes

Inspector Gadget: "Oh Chief!"

Chief Quimby: "Yes Gadget."

Inspector Gadget: "Where is 19th Century London?"

Chief Quimby: Go see Professor Von Slickstein at the Police Lab. He'll give you directions. Oh no! Oh maybe I should run away from home!"

"Gadget's Clean Sweep" Full Episode

End Of the Episode "Gadget's Clean Sweep" and Final Thoughts

Meanwhile, Gadget is attacked by those two thugs but in an attempt to activate his springs and jump across the rooftops, his rockets get activated instead, sending him all the way into the chimney of another house! He thinks that those two men are playing a game. Due to the help of the boy in that other house, Gadget becomes unstuck and flies out. Percy tries to get the Gadgets with a hammer but fails. The Gadgets have to hurry back to the time machine before their four hours are up. Fortunately, they make it back to the 20th century. Meanwhile, Thelma takes the fake jewels to Dr. Claw who then sees that they are fake. He says as usual that he will get Gadget next time.

Overall, Gadget’s Clean Sweep is also one of the best episodes in the cartoon’s history and should be a fun time for kids of all ages.

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