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A Quiet Place: Spoiler Review


Film: A Quiet Place (2018)

Director: John Krasinski

Cast: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe


A Quiet Place is a horror/drama/sci-fi movie set in an post apocalyptic world where alien-like creatures have ravaged civilization and hunt by sound. This has led people to adapt and go about their lives without making sound. The film focuses on the life of the Abbott family who have adjusted to the new world and live every day trying not to be heard and bring these creatures upon them.

Survival depends on staying quiet

Survival depends on staying quiet

The movie wasn't like one where it delivers scare after scare but it was a different kind of scary. It was gripping, tense, and I was anxious a lot. For me it was a tale of two halves. In the first, the fear was catching on to me and I was genuinely scared for the family. Not to say that in the second I wasn't scared for them. But in the first part, it was more suspenseful because the risk of being heard was too great. In the second, the risk is diminished a little and it became survival oriented.

I enjoyed seeing each of the character arcs, influenced by the world they're living in, progress through the film. They helped the story go along and nothing felt forced or out of place. We see guilt, fear, pain and loss along with love, sacrifice, and a strong sense of family.


Krasinski does a fantastic job transporting us into this world. Though we weren't given much information on how the world got to that point with these creatures running around, it wasn't necessary. He gave us just enough to understand the setting and this was more effective in building curiousity and suspense.

Sound had to be spot on in the movie. You should expect as much when the title is A Quiet Place. It was. For the most part there was no dialogue. The silence made us pay attention to everything on screen more vividly and listen out for the faintest sounds which seemed to carry more weight. This made the scares more effective and even when a scare wasn't coming, if there was no score playing, then I was still on edge.


The movie was almost all character driven, and relied on them completely to relay to the viewer how real the threat of the creatures were. I thought the actors did this brilliantly. They all gave very real, believable performances.The fear and worry displayed on their faces during the movie was infectious. Emily Blunt's performance in a few scenes was so good I was scared to continue watching. The emotions their characters felt regarding the past and in their interactions between one another helped create the satisfaction later on when their character arcs ended.

It was a good movie. The sound work and the acting were the highlights of the film. There were a few quality scares, a real danger element high stakes that weren't lowered as the film went along, and no boring moments. It took us right into the action, almost like we were with them the whole time. I was pleasantly surprised by the way it ended, not showing a definitive close but, leaving us with the belief that the family will do what they have to. I would definitely recommend it.

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Detailed Plot Synopsis

The film starts on Day 89 of the world after the creatures have taken over. The family went for a supply run to the general store. As they quietly get what they need, the youngest boy, Beau (Cade Woodward) wants a toy rocket. His dad, Lee (John Krasinski), says no because it would be too loud. As they leave, his sister, Reagan (Millicent Simmonds), slips the rocket to him without anyone seeing. On their way home, the rocket springs to life and the sound attracts a creature which kills the boy.

This incident has traumatized the family and affected several of the members. It fractured the relationship between Lee and Regan. Regan blames herself for Beau's death. Lee never talks about that day with her. We see the tension between them for example when Lee tries to give her a new hearing aid and she says "It won't work. They never work." Later in the movie we see her run away amidst anger and frustration to Beau's grave. We see Marcus ask Lee if he still loves Regan and in the end of the film Lee says he has always loved her in an emotional scene which suggests she also felt like Lee blamed her for Beau's death too and that he doesn't love her anymore. She almost says as much when she and Marcus were stranded waiting for Lee to come, she tells Marcus Lee would come for him, not her. We also see that Evelyn has heavy regret about the day Beau died, saying her hands were empty and she could have carried him. At this point she makes Lee promise to always protect the kids after questioning themselves as parents.


Jumping ahead to day 472, we see Lee try to send out an SOS to various locations with no luck. The family go through their day normally including working on soundproofing a room. We see Evelyn (Emily Blunt) looking at what looks like a crib hinting that a baby is on the way. After dinner, Regan and Marcus (Noah Jupe) are playing monopoly when suddenly Marcus knocks down a lantern with a loud crash. Quickly dousing the flames, Lee and the others look on in fright and worry hoping that no creature heard. Nothing happens to them and they relax.

The next day, we see Evelyn mark a calendar according to which, her baby is due in 20 days. Lee takes Marcus to teach him how to care for the family and denies Regan the opportunity to come much to her dismay. We see her break down and run away to Beau's grave. Later in the evening, Evelyn's water breaks, and in her haste, she steps on a nail, and drops a picture frame. The sound of it shattering on the floor was terrifying.


he next few scenes were horrifying to watch. Evelyn was in labour. Childbirth is definitely painful. But imagine going through labour, not able to make a sound, with a creature right in the same room as you. We follow her make it upstairs all the while trying to prevent the baby from coming. Lee and Marcus make it back home, and notice something is wrong. Lee instructs Marcus to light fireworks to draw the creatures out of the house. Back in the house, Evelyn is in the bathtub doing her best not to scream. The tension builds, a creature enters the bathroom, Marcus is trying to get the flame going, and finally she screams. The fireworks go off at that moment.


For a few moments we are left in suspense. We follow Lee through the house looking for Evelyn and almost believe she died, until we see her with her baby. Lee gets Evelyn and the baby downstairs to the soundproofed room. Meanwhile seeing the fireworks, Regan runs into Marcus and they stay in a safe place knowing their father will come for them. This is when Evelyn makes Lee promise to protect the kids. Lee leaves the house looking for them. In the following moments, the kids start losing hope that Lee would come for them, Regan going so far as to say he won't come for her. They move on to another spot but they accidentally fall into a crop storage and draw creatures towards them. Lee hears the noise and races towards them. We learn that from Regan's hearing aid, a high pitch or high frequency signal is emitted which drives the creatures off. Reuniting with their father, they make for a truck to hide. Lee remembering his promise reaches for an axe to defend them, but he is attacked by a creature. It then goes for the kids. Lee gets back up and after sharing an emotional I have always loved you with Regan, he sacrifices himself, allowing the kids to get away.


We get to the last scene of the movie. Evelyn and the kids get inside to the surveillance room. One creature follows them in. Evelyn prepares herself to shoot it, when suddenly Regan's hearing aid flares up again weakening the creature. Regan puts her hearing aid to the microphone and Evelyn gives it a head shot killing it. Seeing on the surveillance that the remaining are coming, Regan prepares to amplify the signal. The movie closes with Evelyn getting her shotgun ready and a wry smile on her face.


All the character arcs were nicely rounded out. We always knew Evelyn was going to do everything she could to protect her kids. Lee, Marcus, and Regan all went through their own struggles. Marcus going from being really scared to even step out of the house to being the last line of defense protecting his baby brother in the end. We saw Lee try to call for help, try to work on finding a weakness for the creatures, teach his son how to take care of the family, and giving his family every chance of surviving, to eventually laying down his life for his children. Regan went through all her troubles with guilt and blame, to being able to figure out in the end the way to beat the creatures. The story felt complete.

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