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A Movie Review: God's Not Dead (2014)

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Sometimes she "binge-watches" movies and shares her thoughts about them.


The director of the first God's Not Dead (2014) is Harold Cronk, known for directing and producing Christian films. This is one of his notable works with a heavy religious theme.

The major appearances with starring roles are Shane Harper, Kevin Sorbo, David A. R. White, and Dean Cain. Other actors include Hadeel Sittu, Paul Kwo, and Trisha LaFache.


Josh Weaton. The only student in his class who stands up against a professor who resents God. He present the essay arguing that God is not dead.

Professor Radisson. The atheist professor who coerces students to sign that "God is dead."

Josh's girlfriend who leaves him because of he is adamant to stand up for his beliefs, putting his education at risk.

Aisha, a young woman working at the cafeteria who secretly keeps her Christian faith from the strict Muslim parents.

Amy, a blogger who finds out she has cancer and tells her boyfriend, Marc, who uses that as an excuse to dump her.

Marc and Mina whose mother is ill with dementia. Mina is also the professor Radisson's wife and they have conflicting views about God.

Martin whose father asks him to stop talking to him because he tells him that they are having conversations about God in class. He's one of the students touched by Josh's arguments before the professor's class.

Reverend Dave who interacts with all other characters including Josh, Aisha, and Mina, offering encouragement and advice based on Christian faith.

It's not easy, but it's simple.

— Reverend Dave in God's Not Dead (2014)

The Plot

In a philosophy class, the professor who coerces the students to reach a consensus that God is Dead, write the statement and sign their name to it.

One of the students, namely Josh, challenges professor Radisson and refuses to sign on that statement. He is determined to prove that God is not dead.

The professor says he sets the rules for his class, but accepts the challenge. When the student presents some arguments, the professor threatens that he will never pass his class.

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It's easy to dismiss what you understand, or what you don't want to understand.

— Josh in God's Not Dead (2014)

However, Josh does not give up the challenge and defends his faith before the professor and a class made up of students who had already signed the papers as instructed.

Meanwhile, Josh faces pressure to confirm to Radisson's views for the sake of his education. His girlfriend tries to persuade him to do what the professor wants for the sake of his grades and sign the paper admitting that God's dead.

Also, the viewer is shown the Rev's perspective. His car refuses to start and several attempts to fix the situation fail, until the last minute, and looking back he realizes that he was meant to be at the town that day because of the people that he has to be there for.

Review of God's Not Dead

It was great to watch the developing conflict between Josh and the professor, and how despite how hard it seemed, Josh boldly declared his faith, even quoting some of the atheist scientists who Radisson taught in his class.

"I prick the balloon of your entire argument with a single pin, and you don't know, " Radisson.

How Josh stands up for his faith in the face of a professor with such an attitude, in addition to threatening his dreams of attaining a law degree, is admirable.

"To me he's not dead. He's alive," Josh declares.

In my opinion, the most profound dialogue was between Marc and his mother, when Marc mocks her faith because of her medical condition despite her faith in Jesus. His mother's response caught him off guard:

"The door is wide open till one day, time runs out, and the cell door slums shut, and suddenly, it's too late."

I enjoyed the Reverend's story, how things seemed to align to put him in the right place at the right time, until the end of the movie that showed his ultimate reason for all the delays he experienced because his vehicle was faulty.

The dominant theme in the movie God's Not Dead (2014) is religion. Mainly, it is about atheism versus Christianity. Other themes include: family, friendship, romance, marriage, compassion, socialization, stigma, and decision-making.

Emotional and Christian themed songs accompany the movie at various plots. Such as "God's Not Dead" by Newsboys and "What I Know" by Tricia. Of course, expect some cited Biblical verses in the movie, such as Matthew 10:23, 24 and Luke 12:48.

My rating of the movie is 5 out of 5 stars because of the flow of the plot and entertainment value added by the music. Recommended for anyone that needs some encouragement and a satisfying story to watch. It can also be great at triggering discussions about atheism and Christianity.

"If you don't wanna watch the channel, turn it off."

— Willie Robertson in God's Not Dead (2014)

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