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A Look at the Life and Career of Pop Singer Mai Hagiwara

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A First Look at Mai Hagiwara


Who Is Mai Hagiwara?

Mai Hagiwara is a former member of the girl group C-ute and she was a former Japanese pop music singer. Former is the correct word to use because upon the disbandment of the group, she retired from the entertainment industry in June 2017. For those of you that enjoyed the article about the girl group E-Girls, I am sure that you will enjoy reading about this one although this next article focuses on a single celebrity instead of an entire group. It is easy to write a biography of a celebrity without focusing on the interesting aspects of their life that fans will either overlook or ignore. In short, we can say that this article about Mai will look at the most interesting aspects of her career.

Mai Hagiwara Has Worked as a Backup Dancer At Concerts

It was in 2002 at the young age of 6 that Hagiwara became part of the group called Hello! Project Kids. However, for more information on that group. I have written about it previously in my biographical article about the group C-ute. There is so much information about the group C-ute so attempts will be made to analyze and discuss what makes Mai Hagiwara a significant celebrity in the Japanese entertainment industry even though she retired from the industry in June 2017.

One very interesting aspect about Mai is that in 2003 and 2004 she was still a part pf the group Hello! Project Kids and she was working as a backup dancer while performing alongside Morning Musume at concerts.

She Has Worked With Koharu Kusumi

Speaking of Morning Musume, Hagiwara would join Koharu Kusumi as part of a unit called Kira Pika. This unit was formed for the specific reason so that both of these gitls could lend their voices for the anime called Kirarin Revolution. Their only single was released on August 1, 2007 and they disbanded in May 2009.

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Photos of Mai from Her Second Photo Book Mai 2


Mai Hagiwara Has Had Her Own Show & Released Photo Books

In December 2011, she opened up what is called her first Ustream channel called Mai Desu ga... Nani ka?.As part of this show, she would invite various members of Hello! Project on the show and they would take part in activities such as talking and cooking. In August 2013, she would release her second photo book called Mai 2. However, in spite of her success and fame, Mai would have to deal with a health scare and she was also involved in an incident which could have ruined her career with C-ute but it thankfully did not.

Mai Hagiwara's Influenza Diagnosis & Tabloid Controversy

In January 2014, Mai was taken to the hospital due to a high fever. She was diagnosed with influenza and this news was made public through the official site of Hello! Project. She missed the handshake event that was on that day and she also was not able to make it for the Hello! Project Winter Concert Tour which took place on January 18th and 19th 2014. In 2016, after the last LIVE show commemorating C-ute's 11th anniversary, Mai Hagiwara apologized after the tabloid Shukan Bunshun reported and published photos of her walking with a man on the tabloid's web program in April of that year. She said that the man she was walking with was a friend. Mai considered quitting C-ute in order to take responsibility for the problems that it caused. However, she spoke to the other members of the group who wanted her to stay in the group and to work hard together. Mai said that she would work hard to regain the fans' trust and support. The incident could have led to a loss of face for Mai even though she was not involved in a romance.

Mai Hagiwara With Chisato Okai


Mai Becomes a Design Producer

Mai announced that she was going to study abroad and learn English. The next big part of her career began when on May 31, 2018 she was chosen as the design producer of &IDOL, which is a committee of former idols led by former Idoling!!! member Yuna Ito. Their objective is to collaborate with various industries to develop a new market with a business concept that is centered on idols that are both actively working in the industry and those that have retired and to help grow the economy. Their first project was a beach cafe called SUMMER&IDOL which was opened at Yuigahama in Kamakura Prefecture from July 2 to August 31, of 2018.

Interesting Facts About Mai Hagiwara

  • When performing in early music videos and concerts, Mai wore sunglasses. The reason was the she had eye surgery when she first started out in Hello! Project.
  • She is the only C-ute member with the blood type of AB.
  • She has been referred to as the “fashionista” within that group.
  • She has been good friends with every one of her C-ute band mates.
  • One of her best friends in Hello! Project is Aika Mitsui.

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