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A Look Back at the Life and Career of Singer Airi Suzuki

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What This Article About Airi Suzuki Will Cover

Of all the former members of the Japanese girl group C-ute, one of them is making the headlines in Japan’s entertainment industry. That person is singer Airi Suzuki whom I have not written about previously anywhere and this is one great opportunity for people in Western countries to find out who she is. This article looks at the life and career of one member of a famous girl group. Note: there will not be details about every movie or play that Airi has appeared in and just some of the appearances that I think are significant enough to mention. For those of you that may be familiar with girl groups such as Wonder Girls, AKB48 or even Morning Musume, C-ute was another one of those successful groups in terms of music sales which I mentioned in my original article about the group.

Photos of Airi Suzuki From the Photo Set Called Forever- March 2017


Reason for her departure from the soccer team Gatas Brilhantes H.P.

However, in 2009 along with four other members from C-ute and Berryz Kobo left this soccer squad on their own volition because they felt that they could not perform at a high enough skill level.

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Airi Suzuki's Career Up to the Disbandment of the Group C-ute (2010-2016)

Suzuki also has done fashion modeling in her career. For instance in October 2010, she made an appearance on the cover of the December issue of Up to Boy Magazine. Joining her for this collaboration was Mayu Watanabe from AKB48. This was a significant moment because it was the first gravure modeling collaboration between AKB48 and Hello! Project. Suzuki would also work with now former Morning Musume member Reina Tanaka as they would star in a horror film called Vampire Stories. From May 15 through the 17th of 2012, Suzuki would star in a stage play called Theatre in the Round with singer Erina Mano & Maimi Yajima who is also a former member of C-ute as well as the person that used to lead the Hello! Project label. It would be a few years later in June of 2016 that Suzuki would further advance her career. She announced that she would be hosting her own radio show for the TS One Smartphone radio app. The title of the show was Airi’s Potion and it began broadcasting on July 6th of that year.

"Kanashiki Amefuri" (Airi Suzuki Version)

Photos of Airi Suzuki From Hello! Project Digital Books #124


Airi Suzuki's Career (2017-2018)

On March 24th 2017, she was appointed as the new image character for Chiba bank and she would become featured on the bank’s poster’s from April 1st of that year. One week later on March 31st, Suzuki would release her last photo book as an idol singer called Eien. After the disbandment of C-ute in 2017, Suzuki said that she intends to sing as a solo singer. She would join something called the M-line Club, a fan club created by the UP-Front talent agency that features mostly members of Hello! Project. She would begin the year 2018 with a new website and Twitter account. She would also be transferred to Up-Front Create. On May 25, 2019, she will have 8 shows as a solo artist and start what is called a hall tour in Japan. But who really is Airi Suzuki and why is she special?

Photos of Ari Suzuki From Hello! Project Digital Photo Books #123


Interesting Facts About Airi Suzuki

  • Her parents & younger brother Takayuki are all professional golfers.
  • Her hobbies include singing, dancing, drawing and making things.
  • On a related note, she is skilled at singing and Y-shape balancing.
  • She says that her strong point is getting along with everyone.
  • She says her weak point is that she cannot stop talking sometimes.
  • Her favorite subjects include music, home economics, fine arts, and culinary related things.
  • Her favorite flowers are the lily and hibiscus.
  • Her favorite animals re puppies but she says that she likes humans the best.
  • Her favorite word is Arigato which is the Japanese word for “thank you.”
  • Her favorite seasons are spring and autumn.
  • Her least favorite foods are many including sweet carrots next to hamburger steaks, celery, parsley and cauliflowers.
  • Her favorite foods are chinjao roast tacos, green bell peppers, tomato sauce, spaghetti, monjayaki sushi and sashimi.
  • She looks up to former Morning Musume members Ai Takahashi and Reina Tanaka.

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