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A Look at the Lives & Careers of Natsuki Sato & Minako Komukai

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A First Look At Natsuki Sato


Two Japanese celebrities whose lives have gone in the opposite directions

In this article, we will be looking at the lives and careers of Natsuki Sato and Minako Komukai, two celebrities in which their careers have gone in the opposite direction. One of them has retired from the entertainment industry and opened her own nail salon while the other has had legal troubles and not much has been heard from her since that time. We will first start with Natsuki Sato.

Why Is There a Discussion About Natsuki Sato?

Note: due to the popularity of AKB48 & its other associated groups, I might as well discuss the career of Natsuki Sato in this written work. Although Natsuki was never ranked as a member during the AKB48 General Elections in her career, I will let the world know about her because AKB48 is so popular and well liked.


Other Reasons Why Natsuki Sato Is an Interesting Celebrity

At one time, she was also a sub-leader of the Art Club which is a group of girls that have gotten together to learn how to draw. Natsuki was also a member of the Driving Club. Natsuki can speak Korean and she enjoys listening to Korean pop music. She has also spent time in the AKB48 sub-unit called Ice from AKB48 which also has had members such as Erena Ono, Yuko Oshima, Tomomi Kasai and Yuu Imai. This unit recorded a theme song called “Aisareru to iu Koto for ICE” and it was part of the anime called ICE.


Natsuki Sato: Comedy Work, Quiz Show and Education

In 2007 and 2008, Sato was part of the comedic duo called Nacchinon with Kayo Noro. They are often working as MC’s (masters of ceremony) at some AKB48 concerts. There have also been three times where Sato has been invited to participate in the quiz show called Q-Sama!! She was partnered with Sakiko Matsui who at the time was the only other AKB48 member to have been enrolled at a college or university. Sato and Matsui are the only members in AKB48’s history to have ever been on the quiz show. On December 20, 2008, Sato herself was accepted to the very famous Waseda University! Natsuki Sato would announce her graduation from AKB48 in November 2012 to continue her education. She joins Mika Komori and Rina Nakanishi and Asuka Kuramochi as other AKB48 members that have left the entertainment industry. After leaving AKB48, Sato then opened up her own nail salon called “Cee My Nail.”

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Minako Komukai


Who Is Minako Komukai?

Introduction to Minako Komukai

Anyone that has been paying attention to what has been happening in Japan’s entertainment industry will surely be aware of the name of Minako Komukai. Minako Komukai is another one of these gravure or bikini idols. I have known about Minako for several years and although she would be classified as a veteran of the Japanese entertainment industry, she is still very young. In recent years, she has become a star in the AV (adult video) industry, similar to former AKB48 member Rina Nakanishi. Minako specializes in swimsuit modeling which is a very popular part of the entertainment industry in Japan. She is even more attractive than Saitama born Nonami Takizawa.

Acting Career of Minako Komukai

A native of Saitama Prefecture, she has also acted in several TV dramas and even appeared in a movie. Minako started her modeling career at the young age of 15. Her first success in television came when she was selected as the Fuji Television Visual Queen back in 2001. Minako has starred in TV dramas like The Aaah Detective Agency in 2004 when she had a role in the 8th episode of that drama series. In the same year, Minako starred in another TV drama Vampire Host. As of this writing her only movie appearance so far was in 2010’s Flower & Snake 3.

Minako Gets On the Wrong Side of the Law

In 2010, Minako Komukai made headlines outside of her country when she was wanted by Japanese authorities for her possession of amphetamines. Minako then escaped to the Philippines so that she wouldn’t face arrest for the crime. Philippine law permits someone like Komukai to stay there as a tourist for up to 21 days. After she was arrested in 2009, she was given a prison term of 18 months and suspended for three years. I do know that this sort of thing rarely happens with Japanese celebrities but there are always exceptions to the rule. In 2010, Minako was arrested again for another drug violation charge. It would only get worse for her as she was arrested a third time for felony drug possession in February 2015. Narcotics officers discovered the material at her apartment in Shibuya, an area of Tokyo. She had apparently cancelled her work plans and taken time off.

We can only hope that Minako Komukai turns her life around for the better.

Note: as of March 2020, Minako Komukai has her own official YouTube channel, something that I discovered on the night of July 2, 2020. Words cannot express how happy I am to hear about this latest chapter on the life of Minako Komukai. Welcome back Minako!

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