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A Look At the Lives & Careers of Fashion Models Asuka Kishi & Ai Shinozaki

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Some Photos of the Beautiful Asuka Kishi


Asuka Kishi Profile & Statistics

  • Date of birth: April 11, 1991
  • Place of birth: Osaka, Japan
  • Height is 158 centimeters.
  • Her bust size is 90 centimeters.
  • Her waist size is 58 centimeters.
  • Her hips are 88 centimeters.

Why Is Asuka Kishi Important to the Japanese Fashion Modeling Industry?

Asuka Kishi is a really beautiful gravure idol/gravure model from the city of Osaka. She is best known for her G cup breasts and for being a great swimmer! One example of a sexy celebrity that got involved with sports is Miwa Asao. Asao retired from beach volleyball in 2012. Asuka has done modeling for many Japanese magazines. She has appeared in Weekly Playboy Magazine, Young Magazine, Wanibooks, FLASH, and Sabra. Sabra is a very famous men’s magazine. Actress Saki Aibu did modeling work for this magazine back in 2008. Wanibooks is also the name of the photo book series that Ai Shinozaki appeared in. She did this in 2008. Asuka is also a former race queen. Race queens appear at auto shows and they have to wear a kind of racing uniform.

Asuka is a gravure idol meaning that her main job is to do modeling for magazines. Asuka has done work in lingerie, bikinis, and one-piece swimsuits.

Ai Shinozaki In 2016

Who Is Ai Shinozaki?

Ai Shinozaki is a really talented celebrity. This Tokyo, Japan native is a supermodel (or gravure idol), actress, and singer. And she is still really young too Shinozaki is the type that focuses on bikini and swimsuit modeling similar to other popular supermodels such as Yoko Matsugane, Yoko Kumada, or Harumi Nemoto. Born on February 26, 1992 in Tokyo, Ai started her career in the entertainment industry in 2006. She was only 14 years old back then.

Ai Shinozaki In 2010


Ai Shinozaki's Magazine Appearances In Brief

As a supermodel, she has appeared in various magazines. They are:

  • Weekly Young Jump
  • Weekly Playboy Magazine
  • Chu Boh
  • Scholastic (or Scholastic Inc.)
  • Yul Young Champion
  • Sex Bomb

She was also featured on the cover of Manga Action.

Ai Shinozaki's Photo Books & Acting Work

Ai Shinozaki often does photo shoots while in bikinis and she’s got that really girlish kind of look because she looks a lot younger than her age. She is not sexy like some of the other Japanese supermodels but she is cute nonetheless. She has appeared in several photo books the first of which is called “Start Dush” and that one came out in July 2006. Over a year later in December 2007, she came out with another photo book called “Bon! Bon! Ai-Bomb.” In 2008, she followed that up by releasing two more photo books, “Milk-colored Love” and “Okkina Love.” In 2009, Ai Shinozaki released “Renai Love” and “Heartiness.” Heartiness is one of those photo books that have Ai participating in a swimsuit photo session. As of this writing, her most recent photo book release is called Crystal released in 2017. And the photo book Renai Love contains many different photo sets of Ai Shinozaki. She has the same first name as former Morning Musume member Ai Takahashi.

Ai Shinozaki has also acted in movies and TV dramas. Her acting debut came in 2007 when she starred in the TV drama “24 Eyes.” Her TV movie appearances include “Girls on Film”, “Beach Angels”, and “Mountain Girl Moe Tsu Loose!” Ai is also a member of the girl group “AeLL” as a singer.

She has also put out a ton of DVD’s. Her first one is called “Shinozaki Ai” released in August 2006. Her latest ones are box sets released within a couple months of each other.

In addition to her bikini photo shoots, Ai has worn school uniforms in the past as well. Let’s wish her all the best as she has many years left in her. If you enjoy supermodels with a cute face and don’t mind the large figure, then Ai Shinozaki should be more than enough to satisfy you.

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