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A Journey from Vloggers to Actors - YouTube Content Creators Who Turned into Actors

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I don't know how many people dream of becoming an actor and becoming famous, I don't know how many people go to the offices of studios and producers every day with the desire to become an actor in their heart but there are very few lucky ones whose dreams come true. Are

Becoming an actor in the past was nothing less than bringing a gambling lion. Despite being talented, people's shoes slipped just to get a small role in a drama or movie. And then it took people years to get the main character by demonstrating their abilities through small characters. Therefore, those who became actors in that era seem to have conquered the fort.

But what about the internet and social media which have now made it much easier for people to showcase their talents and abilities to the world. The present age is the age of the internet and social media which is commonly called the "digital age" and whoever took advantage of this "digital age", let it be waves.

The Internet has been around in Pakistan for a long time, but the rapid spread of social media across the country during the Corona Lockdown has exposed the hidden talent in the corners of Pakistan.

The best example of this is Tik Tok. Now whether people use the world's number one social media application Facebook or not, they use Tik Tok and if they don't use it, they know about it. But today I will not talk about Tik Tok but another popular app YouTube and YouTubers.

Believe it or not, four or five years ago today, all I knew about YouTube was that you could watch movies and dramas for free here, and there were some people who kept talking in front of the camera, not knowing what to do. It turned out much later that money can be made by talking here. (Believe me, my eyes were wide open with surprise)

Well, I started watching these YouTubers much later, but these YouTubers have been in the world of youtube for the last ten, or fifteen years, and they have a good fan following. People have been watching these YouTubers for many years. Until two or three years ago, his popularity was limited to YouTube. However, during the Corona Lockdown, where ordinary people were suffering from livelihood and employment, these YouTubers (who also call themselves Vloggers) enjoyed themselves.

Due to the lockdown, people stayed at home for almost a year, and during this time, the Internet and YouTube became the best pastime for people to spend their time. While Pakistanis watched the Turkish historical drama Ertugrul Ghazi during the lockdown, they also saw a large number of YouTubers on YouTube and not only the general public but also the producers, directors, and production houses who saw these famous YouTubers (Vloggers). ), After which almost all the famous Pakistani YouTubers who have been making videos on YouTube for years are now hitting showbiz actors in the field of acting.

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These YouTubers include Arsalan Naseer, Danish Ali, Shahvir Jafri, and others. Those names may not have been known to most people until four or five years ago (except YouTube users) but today the whole of Pakistan knows them.

Arsalan Naseer

Speaking of YouTuber (Vlogger) Arsalan Naseer, before acting, Arsalan was a well-known name in the world of YouTube and still is today. Arsalan Naseer created an account on YouTube in 2011 and he has been on YouTube for the last 9 years and not for one or two years. They have 1.21 million (approximately 1.2 million) subscribers on YouTube. Arsalan Naseer's videos are mostly satirical and he makes videos in his own style on cricket, showbiz, and viral content on social media. Arsalan's videos are very popular and have millions of views.

So how could it be that Pakistani producers did not see this world-famous content creator on YouTube? Arsalan Naseer made his acting debut in the drama serial "Chipke Chipke" last Ramadan and rose to the list of actors who are already familiar with his drama. This year in Ramadan, Arsalan Naseer appeared in the drama serial "Parastan" in which his acting was liked.

Danish Ali

After the success of Arsalan Naseer's experiment, the production houses decided to take more YouTubers into dramas, and thus another famous YouTuber of Pakistan (Vollger) Danish Ali appeared in the drama "Hum Tum" which will be aired this Ramadan. Came.

Although his role in the drama was small, and he did not get as much acceptance as Arsalan Naseer, it is a good start for a YouTuber.

Let me tell you about Danish Ali who joined YouTube in 2011. He currently has 572,000 subscribers on YouTube. Danish Ali's blogs are very popular, although his subscribers are few, his videos get millions of views.

Taimur Salahuddin alias Moro

Taimur Salahuddin alias Moro is also a well-known name in the world of YouTube. He joined YouTube in 2006 and has 1.7 million (1.7 million) YouTube subscribers. Morrow's videos also get millions of views.

Therefore, while the production houses gave Arsalan Naseer and Danish Ali a chance in dramas, they also decided to take advantage of Moro's fan following and viewership and thus allow Moro to act in the drama "Parastan" which will be aired this Ramadan. Had a chance

Shah Vir Jafri

Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber Shah Vir Jeffery is also the most popular YouTuber. He has 3.2 million (over 3.2 million) subscribers on YouTube. Shah Vir Jafari joined YouTube in 2016 and his content is also watched by people with great interest. His videos have millions of views. Shah Vir Jafari is making his acting debut not in any drama but in the movie "Twelfth Player" produced by Mahira Khan.

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