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What I Learned from the movie "A Walk to Remember"

Tina, known as "the singer nurse," is a law student and rule of law advocate hailing from the Philippines.

A Walk to Remember, starring Mandy Moore and Shane West

I've seen A Walk to Remember over and over again (for like five times now) but I never get tired of it. It still sends me those emotions that gives me that "I-want-to-cry-now" moment. I've never seen a story create such an impact in my life. I really do not know why. Maybe because I can relate perfectly with all the aspects of its plot.

Anyway, here are the things or ideas, which I thought this movie had brought forth and renewed and some of the "legit" reasons why I still love watching and crying over it even up to this day:

This movie made me cry a bucket of tears!

This movie made me cry a bucket of tears!

On peer pressure

The setting was somewhere in North Carolina, United States but I would say that most of what happened in the movie had already occurred (and are still happening) elsewhere. Remember the school kid, in the movie's first scene, who jumped off the high platform just so he could belong to Landon Carter's circle of friends? What do you call that? And who would ever forget how Landon distastefully ignored Jamie in the locker room because he was among his friends? All these things, and the like, are brought upon by Peer Pressure. Many teenage kids do things which can be entirely against their will. Still, they do it because they think it's cool and that it would give them a reputation to become one among the coolest and most popular kids in school. Peer pressurehas a compelling force that is so strong, it can cloud a young adult's perspective and judgment. Just like Jamie Sullivan who never cared whether pr not kids in her school mocked her because she wore clothes that were horribly 'out of style', kids nowadays should focus on what they want and STOP wanting what others would say they should want. Youngsters these days should value themselves more than anything or anyone else and shall never be constricted by some nonsense school norms.

It is easier said than done, especially if you're out there as a thirteen or fifteen year old kid. But doing so would really make a difference. And years from then, you'd be very proud of yourself that you did the right thing!

On family relationships

The family is one of the most fundamental components of a person's being. Your home is your first school and your parents are your first teachers. From them, you learn the bare essentials necessary when you go in the 'outside world'. Parents should serve as the role model of their children. A family, even with divorced or separated parents, can still be held functional as long as the pieces are met and kept together. Gluing the family together is the foundation of a child's love, worth, and guidance. Landon had his behavior traced back from when his father left him and her mom. No matter how hard he denies it, his longing for a father is somewhat instrumental to his committing of misdemeanors at school.

Never fight in front of your children. There are some things they should not see.

Never fight in front of your children. There are some things they should not see.

On love and respect

When it is strongly and unbearably inspiring and liberating, that is love. And with true love comes respect - something you don't ask, but you earn readily and give willingly. Funny how this four-letter word can create so many wonders! Who would have thought Landon would become a medicine student and would get in to college? Nobody, but Jamie. She showed him the beauty of endless possibilities. That what lies ahead of you depends upon the things you would like to happen. Their love touched them both in many unknown yet uplifting ways. They conquered insurmountable adversities until Jamie's last breath. Love kept them holding on, especially Landon for that matter.

Can you forgive and forget?

Can you forgive and forget?

The beauty of forgiveness

FORGIVENESS is a typical that is very difficult to decipher. It is the hardest thing to do but the most wonderful feeling of liberation. It something you would say that you had given, only if you really meant it. That is forgiveness. With it comes emancipation of negativity and letting go of past transgressions. It is an experience of renewal. Look at how Landon felt good upon hugging his father for the first time. Nothing's better than a sincere act of asking forgiveness then being reciprocated with one.

"Forgiveness is the economy of the heart. Forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits."

- Hanna Moore

Believing in the Higher and Greater Being

What is faith? A Walk to Remember taught me a way to answer it. If someone would ask me that query, I would answer him with this: "Faith is like how you would believe that the wind exists; because you feel and realize what it can do, but you cannot actually see it." Faith is an important aspect of a person's life. It is that precious thing which makes an individual retain his full strength to hold on to his dreams, or in hard times, to his sanity. Jamie had an unfailing faith until the end and eventually got everything she had hoped, wished, and worked hard for. Faith gives you a reason for everything, so you won't run out of things to expect and be thankful of. Faith will keep you going.

Life is always is a miracle!

When Landon was reading Jamie's profile in their year book, it was stated there that her ambition is to witness a miracle. All along he thought that her miracle would be her being cured from her illness. What he did not realize is he was a living proof of Jamie's miracle. He had undergone a complete transformation from a school junk to a renewed man of disposition and faith. Just like in our lives, we always look for something extravagant or spectacular to start with so we can believe that, indeed, miracles happen. If you let your inner thoughts take over, you will notice the littlest of life's wonders. Miracle exists in a number of forms. It's essence could be manifested in finding a lover and a confidant in someone else's persona; inspiring people with acts of love and kindness; healing a wounded heart with a hug and a lending hand; or creating songs with tunes you, yourself, have never heard before. If only each one of us would be grateful just as how Jamie was grateful with everything she had been through, then we too could find and experience our own miracles.

There can be miracles if only you'd believe...

There can be miracles if only you'd believe...

"Love is always patient and kind, it's never jealous; Love is never boastful or conceited; it's never rude or selfish; it does not take offense and it is not resentful."

- from the Book of Corinthians

For those who haven't watched the movie yet, you better check it out now. Great job Nicholas Sparks for making most of your audience shed a bucket of tears while teaching them the valuable lessons about love, faith, forgiveness, and humility. These are precious things all of us should be reminded of once in a while, in a time when everything is skeptic and fast-paced. A Walk to Remember is an ultimate epic. It is a great reminder that we all should spend some moments standing in a distance in order to glorify life's smallest wonders.


Tina Siuagan (author) from Rizal, Philippines on January 13, 2012:

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Thank you very much Peaceful life! I learned a lot from this wonderful movie. ;D

Peaceful life from Las vegas on January 12, 2012:

nice hub and good advises..

Tina Siuagan (author) from Rizal, Philippines on December 26, 2011:

I think you should if you have the time. If you'd like to ignite your sentimentality then I guess this is one of the movies that you should be watching. So much to learn. :) Thank you MissMelissaK for dropping by this hub. :)

MissMelissaK from Stuart, Florida on December 26, 2011:

Thank you for this hub. It was great! Now I want to go see this movie.

Tina Siuagan (author) from Rizal, Philippines on December 25, 2011:

Oh gee I feel the same! People say I get so absorbed and affected with the story. Hahaha!

lzlpio90 on December 25, 2011:

It's Shane West..:D You know, i may be a bit exaggerating but whenever I remember this movie, the feelings are starting to crash down on me...(sigh)...

BTW, thanks for the compliment!XD you too..

Tina Siuagan (author) from Rizal, Philippines on December 25, 2011:

Thank you pretty girl! :) Yeah, it was a tragedy. And I love how Mandy Moore and Shane (I forgot his surname) portrayed the roles. :D

lzlpio90 on December 25, 2011:

You got all the points sis... Indeed, this movie is one of a kind and for me, the most-touching movie (along with titanic) I had ever seen. I too had watched it over and over again, without getting tired ever. I love the story, I love everything about it... It's too tragic but brought an important lessons to our lives...

Nice hub...

Ishwaryaa Dhandapani from Chennai, India on December 23, 2011:

Beautiful Hub! I saw this film and your overall opinion on this film is perfectly said! Vote Up.

Tina Siuagan (author) from Rizal, Philippines on November 16, 2011:

Thank you very much Robert. The story was based on a real-life account which makes it so much relative to anybody. :)

Robert Erich from California on November 16, 2011:

Great article with some very good insights. You are an excellent and thoughtful writer. I think you've inspired me to ponder the movies I watch at a deeper level and see what valuable lessons I find in them.

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