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Homeless Sam & Sally

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Review on a Unique, Groundbreaking Film


“Hi, my name is Sally and I would do anything for my son,” said Sally (Margaret Newborn), the comical mother of Tyrone Evans Clark’s successful debut, Homeless Sam & Sally - The Movie (also known as Sam & Sally). The black comedy forces you to feel and view a different perspective of the realities of the homeless society. Clark allows you to giggle with the characters’ circumstances like these two 1980’s classic homeless films, Stone Pillow and Down and Out in Beverly Hills for example. Clark centers his energy on the issues of people of color in low-income communities.

He explores the subject in the eyes of a mother Sally Silver and a child Sam Silver who is played by Clark who struggles with mental illness. The cadence and swagger of this actor is so on point with showing a high functioning mentally ill person that Clark's performance needs to be praised. This point of view works especially in today’s climate where there are so many minorities losing their homes due to them losing their job or some other unfortunate event. The film really captures the grit and soul of this, which makes it remarkably refreshing.

Here's my review on the film: Sam (Tyrone Evans Clark) is an abnormal typical teen who battles mental illness. Although he's mentally ill, his verbal account of what's happening to him throughout the film is presented in a well-meaning and almost comical rendition of what he's going through.

His mother Sally (Margaret Newborn who was a co-star in Lizzo’s music video About Damn Time), an independent single mother who seems to have it all together and this includes financially. Sally finds out later on that they are behind on the rent and if they don’t come up with the rent money fast, her son and herself can be possibly living on the streets of Koreatown, Los Angeles. Lucky for her one day the Landlord named Josh (Mehmet Edip) suddenly takes an interest in her sexually and Sally decides to use this moment for her advantage as far as coming up with the rent money.

Sam doesn’t know how deep his mother’s relationship is with the landlord because he has been so distracted seeing fictitious characters in his head such as the The Red Face Creature Thing who is played by Max Aria (known for the God of Thunder film as the role of Thor) and The Creature Things (George Sepa and The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kevin Scarlett).

Although the sexual deal between Sally and Josh has already been made previously, Josh decides to evict the Silver Family anyways. “I thought giving up my goodies to you last weekend would have paid for another month,” Sally tells Josh while being harassed by Officer Stokely (Mark Schaefer) and Idris (Darnell Baldwin) at the front door. As a result of all of the fighting between Josh, Sally, and the officers, Sally ends up getting shot in the leg and later on had to spend some time behind bars. “I’m not going anywhere, no —- no” she screams. “Josh, how could you do this? No!”

As time progresses throughout the story. Sam realizes that he has to come up with a way to get his mother out of jail. This is a sad reality that happens often, but the fact that they are so connected to their loving relationship to one another is refreshing. Family is so important and its easier to go through homelessness when you have someone else by your side. In this way, it almost makes it an adventure, if you choose to see it that way.

He eventually gets a surprise visit from his close friend Foolish who is played by Romeial Hilaire and his polyamorous pack Susie (Camille Calvin, featured in All Rise and Stumptown), Rebecca (I. Vega, featured in Bernie Problems as Pamela), and Beth (Selene Rojas Alcover, starred in Viaje inesperado and Omission). All of the ladies and Foolish create a big house party, but their money-celebration-party ends quickly with the officers crashing it. Sam and his friends defuse the situation by getting the cops drunk and manipulating them with pretty women to get his mother out of jail.

A few scenes later you realize the Silver Family couldn’t beat their fate, being homeless and losing their Koreatown Apartment. It's a super funny film and I do enjoy the ride the characters take you on, but there are some negatives I have too about Homeless Sam & Sally. Some of the scenes might move a little too fast and I wish I can get to know some of the new characters' backstory who is introduced later in the film like Foolish and his girls for example. You kind of know Foolish as the player in the story. I personally would like to know more about the girls the hangs out with and that 3-way-relationship with those pretty ladies. But I understand he serves as comedic relief for the severe circumstances the main characters find themselves in.


Starring: Tyrone Evans Clark / Margaret Newborn

● Genre: Drama / Black Comedy

● Country: USA

● Language: English

● Director: Tyrone Evans Clark

● Distributor : Tyrone Evans Clark Incorporation, Inc.

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Release Date: Aug 31, 2020 : USA (film festivals), January 5, 2022 : USA (internet)


●Tyrone Evans Clark as Sam Silver

● Margaret Newborn as Sally Silver

● Max Aria as The Red Face Creature Thing

● Darnell Baldwin as Officer - Idris

● Camille Calvin as Susie

● Mehmet Edip as Landlord - Josh

● Romeial Hilaire as Foolish

● Eddie Long as Partygoer

● Selene Rojas Alcover as Beth

● Kevin Scarlett as The Creature Thing

● Mark Schaefer as Officer Stokely

● George Sepa as The Creature Thing

● Hariom H.M. Shukla as Partygoer

● I. Vega as Rebecca



My favorite thing about this movie was the essence of grit. From the way it was shot, it is kind of reminiscent of a funny mockumentary, but sometimes it has to be that way to soften the blow of the awful reality of homelessness. There are a lot of jokes and silliness throughout which kept me engaged. The mixed mediums of using different camera angles and cartoons were especially impressive of capturing the sort of schizophrenic reality of dealing with homelessness. And because of the likeability of the characters, the viewer becomes more enchanted with the film.

Homeless Sam & Sally was executive produced by Tyrone Evans Clark and
co-produced by Margaret Newborn. It was released by Tyrone Evans Clark
Incorporation, Inc. on digital and VOD on January 5, 2022. I highly recommend it!

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