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A Dumb Pony Town History

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - A History of Autism

Frag this crapola someone should make a show about killing ponies and the other dumb talking multi-colored species in this terrible show. Don't forget to frag all the bronies too, just get an M16 and blow 'em and all away like dust in the wind. But enough about the eventual brony genocide let's talk about this poor excuse for a show, it's terrible idiotic, and annoying and is made even more so by annoying grown adults taking this show way too seriously, and always trying to combine their fandom with other media that should not be soiled with the stain of my little pony.

The show features a vapid, useless protagonist who must learn the meaning of friendship or some BS because she is a princess or something. She goes to Pony Town and meets a redneck pony called Billy Bob "The apple eatin' mongo" Bumpkin because she really, likes apples; a vapid scatterbrained moron pony whose hair looks like cotton candy fitting as she's just as full of air and empty calories and she's called Pink Fart. She also meets a stuck up pony named Pompous Ugly Troll Pony. Then we have the emotionally disturbed baby dragon named Purple Turd, who has a crush on the White and Blue Troll pony, nice real nice Lauren Faust pandering to the lowest common denominator.

There's a quiet dimwit in the group name downy syndrome who loves animals, next there's the dike or Butch rainbow pony named Uggo Bubba Rainbow Pony who has the worst episode in which they rip off Indiana Jones. So not only does the fan base mix ponies with otherwise great movies, books games or tv shows but the show does too which was probably the point they realized their fans where weirdo pervert man-children. And creators embraced these weirdos because they bought all their merchandise.

So, the one-eyed purple princess pony learns about friendship or something and tells Princess Colon Cancer about it, and then they sing about it or something oh and the dragon burns letters that then reappear to the half-wit princess. Then they keep learning about friendship new characters get introduced, and the fans make more disgusting imagery of them. There are also forgettable villains, some who just become good because of friendship which I just call bad writing.

Then they make a movie about them turning into humans or humanoids because they still have purple, blue yellow, orange, and red, skin so there must be a toxic waste dump somewhere nearby because they look like freaks. They also sing a lot like its high school musical made even worse with the introduction of mutant humanoid pony people. Oh, and surprise the villain becomes good I mean first she turns into a stupid looking clown demon with a silly orange haircut, but then twilight tells her about friendship and poof she's good now. Adults who think this is good can shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Then the show it goes back to stupid Pony Town stuff more new characters are introduced then another movie this time it's about a mentally disabled monkey man who can outwit all the ponies because they're just that dumb and weak that they can be outsmarted and defeated by a moron whose best idea on how to use a staff that gives him control of the sun and moon is to just play with it like a toy, making it night and day repeatedly like a 2-year-old. Also, more new characters like a mentally slow mutant cat who walks on two legs and some new species of ponies. He (the monkey man) is beaten because of friendship, but twist ending he doesn't become good, but the other villain does so two thumbs down there. And the secondary villain, who becomes good, is a pony. So basically if a character is bad and a pony they'll become good if a character isn't a pony there's a chance they won't be made good and die with a bad plot convenience an element of bad writing which permeates this entire franchise.

Then more Pony Town crap, they start a Hogwarts-Esque school, but instead of magic, they teach friendship which is very mentally handicapped of them. And of course, more new characters for perverts to fantasize about. Then they might be closed down and blah blah blah. Then it finally ends. Thus, In conclusion, my little pony has the same old plot every season or movie or special or whatever recycled so it can make more and more terrible shows toys movies games, etc. My little pony is stupid because it was made for babies then grown men started watching it and ruining everything with their brony plague. So do us all a favor bring them (bronies) all to the slaughter, in other words, kill 'em all. It's not enough that their show is over they must be wiped from the face of the earth, in other words, EXTERMINATUS!

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