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A Dive Into Juice WRLD's Discography Before " The Party Never Ends"

Late rapper Juice Wrld's 2nd posthumous album has been announced a little over a year after his last album, "Legends Never Die". The project titled "The Party Never Ends", a lyric from his feature on Travis Scott's "ASTROWORLD", is set to release in the coming weeks. But before we can get a taste of some new Juice Wrld music, I have taken a trip down the rapper's discography and I am here to rank and review his projects.

You can pre-save the album here.

You can pre-save the album here.


"WRLD ON DRUGS" is a collaborative mixtape between the up-and-coming Juice Wrld and one of the trap genre's GOATs, Future. This mixtape is a mixed bag for me. I feel like I could have gone without this project. The mixtape, clocking in at around 50 mins, feels a little too long. Songs like "Transformer", "Afterlife" and "Ain't Living Right" could have easily been completely removed from the project. The mixtape does have some pretty good tracks, namely, "Fine China", "Jet Lag", "Hard Work Pays Off" and "Realer n Realer". Overall, I give this project a 6/10.


4. Legends Never Die

"Legends Never Die" is Juice Wrld's posthumous album. The rapper's third album " The Outsiders" was supposed to release later that year but was scraped and to please the fans and to honour the late rapper, his team announced the release of "Legends Never Die". The album is 22 songs long, running at almost 59 mins. I loved the album on the night of its release, but after relistening to it this week, I did not enjoy it as much. The tracklist could have been refined and songs such as "I Want It", "Titanic" and "Bad Energy" do not hold up as much as the other songs on this album. My favourite tracks on this project are "Man Of The Year", "Life's A Mess" and"Hate The Other Side". I give this album a 7/10


Now we're getting to the good stuff. It's finally time for the Top 3.

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3. Death Race For Love

"Death Race For Love" is Juice Wrld's 2nd studio album. The project is 22 songs long and clocks in at about 1hr and 12 mins. I really enjoyed the production on the tracks here. This album has my favourite Juice Wrld song, "Empty". I personally think that it is his best song. However, some tracks just do not hit the mark for me, such as "10 Feet", "The Bees Knees", "She's The One" and "Out My Way". Some good songs on this album are "Empty", "Flaws And Sins", "Robbery", "Hear Me Calling" and "Fast". I would give "Death Race For Love" a 7.5/10.


2. JuiceWRLD 9 9 9

"JuiceWRLD 9 9 9" was the mixtape that blew Juice Wrld into the mainstream world. I personally think that it is his best mixtape to date. The short 7 songs tracklist, later made 8 with the addition of his hit single "Lucid Dreams" added 1 month later. This mixtape is simply amazing. I do not find any songs on this project bad, they are all good. I was surprised when I first heard of this in 2018. I give it an 8/10.


1. Goodbye & Good Riddance

Now, we all knew this was gonna take the No 1 spot. This album is just phenomenal from start to finish. From "Intro" all the way to "Karma", this is a pretty good first studio album. I always find myself going back and listening to the whole project every once in a while. There are simply no skips on this album. It has songs for every mood and of course, the song that propelled Juice Wrld into the charts, "Lucid Dreams". The godly Lil Uzi Vert feature on the song "Wasted" was enough to win me over. I give this album a strong 9/10.


Well, this brings us to the end of this article. We just have to wait and see how the new album fairs against these ones. I hope you enjoyed and it's been a pleasure writing this. Goodbye, Readers.

© 2021 Hanshu Pynee

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