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Blue Bloods: Frank Reagan's Family

Their honor proves them to be true blue bloods. They believe serving the people is what they were born to do.

Funniest Bloopers

Reagan Family


An Earth Angel is Shot

Grab your tissue you will need them because someone shot an Angel by the name of Linda Reagan. She was trying to shield her patient Hector Flores (Felix Solis); he was a police witness to the murder of Don and Maggie Kent.

Curtis Turner (Denzel Whitaker) shot Hector and Linda; the proof of his evil deed verified by the hospital video. After Linda, the doctor and nurses tried to save Hector by giving him CPR, but he died.

The doctor finally realized Curtis had shot Linda too; they rushed her into the operating room to remove the bullet or bullets. The surgeon removed one bullet, but the other was too close to her spine. I am sure in the future a new technology will be available to remove it without great risk to her life.

After Linda was so brutally terminated from the show--I lost interest. Why? I felt they did Linda wrong, and she did not deserve this type of treatment

Curtis Shoots Linda Reagan

In the meantime, Linda Reagan takes a new drip bag of medicine to the witness’s hospital room, and on her way tells the police officer on duty there is some pizza in the nurses’ station.

Linda goes in to change the drip bag and is talking to Hector telling him how much he admired him for telling the truth. Then a hospital cleanup cart’s pushed into the room and Linda looked around to find Curtis (Her nurse friend’s son) pointing at gun at Hector.

Linda steps in front of Hector and tells Curtis he is her responsibility and she will protect him. And, then two shots are heard. This is where it ends with someone shot or killed or both.

I used more tissues on this Part 1 Season 5 Finale than I have in a long time, and the worst is yet to come in Part 2.

Their Love was Blessed by Angels


Danny Reagan Loves His Linda

Danny went berserk running in the hospital calling Linda’s name, and she calls his name faintly as they roll her gurney through the doors of the operating room. It took Jamie and others to hold him back as he tried to breakthrough to see his Linda. A nurse told him she would send a doctor out to talk with him when they know something.

Linda is truly loved because after surgery and her short stay in the recovery room; she is in a room of her own. The Reagan family surrounded her hospital bed with Danny and the boys. Talk about a sweet Angel, Linda is one. She asked everyone to return to their jobs that she would be fine. I am not sure how long her stay will be and the ending outcome of plans to remove the last bullet; time will tell.

Linda is Shot

Linda's Death

"Where the Hell is Your Boy!"

Frank talks to Curtis’s mother Faith Turner and asked: “Where the Hell is your boy?”

Danny Reagan has his ways of scaring a rat out of his hole; and after talking to Curtis’ mother Faith Turner he began his search. Danny identified Curtis dressed as a woman. Then, he arrested Curtis and transports him to the police station for questioning. Curtis does not talk and Erin keeps a tight rein on Danny as his last nerve is flashing red because Curtis shot his wife; and he wants answers.

Erin finally talks with Curtis and she finds out Curtis killed Hector because the gang threatened his mother. She told him if he told Det. Reagan who ordered the hit she could cut his sentence in half, but Curtis remain silent.

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Garrett, and Gromley were in Frank’s office talking about the leader of “The Warriors” Clinton “Ice” Wallace who is in prison, they stated he cuts out the tongues of his Warriors if they get out of line.

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Frank was silently looking through Don Kent’s box that held things from his desk. He opened a book and told them how Don in conversation would refer to a book he read.

Frank held Don’s book titled: The Arthasastra: Selections from the Classic Indian Work on Statecraft (Hackett Classics) then looked up from the book at the two and said: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The meaning--- its Don Kent’s way of solving issues.

Frank admired his close friend Don Kent, their children grew up together and they spent many happy times with their two families. Frank’s wife and Maggie were friends. Maggie was there for the family when the children lost their mother and Frank lost the love of his life.

The Park is Closed at Dusk

Later Danny, Erin and others are in police department surveillance unit watching Victor Perez’s men in the park. They watched others come and go, but no Victor Perez. Then, Danny sees the park sign that states the park closes at dusk. This makes the soldiers of Perez as law breakers.

Danny ordered his unit to round them up and to check for outstanding warrants. And, after they get to the station Erin calls the Commissioner because she does not agree with Danny. The Commissioner sends Gormley to the police department and he tells Danny: a good job. Erin didn’t like it much and he explained what Danny was doing; when in walked Victor Perez.

Victor Perez appeared irritated his soldiers are held on a stupid dusk technically, but it got him where Danny wanted him; so he could be questioned.

Bottom line he fingered Mario Hunt as the killer and then, with Victor’s help they located Mario’s address. Danny and his unit were on the way. When they arrived Danny went to the roof of the building because he knew Mario would run. Mario tired jumping to the next building and Danny saved him; but before reaching safety he confessed to killing Don and Maggie Kent.

Mario Confesses

Erin said since he was not Mirandize and the confession obtained from Mario hanging off a building it would not hold up in court. She got a look from Danny with a smart reply.

Curtis would not talk until his mother goes in to see him with her arm in a cast, and bruises and cuts on her face. He freaked out seeing his mother this way. And, after a few words from Danny about Curtis not having the gangs back after what he did for them. Curtis decided to talk: He said Mario Hunt assassinate the Kents and ordered Curtis to shoot Hector Flores.

The Danny showed Mario Hunt what Curtis said and then Danny asked him to repeat what he said on the rooftop.

An Old Friend is Honored by Commissioner Reagan

Commissioner Frank Reagan had a visit from New York Police Department Deputy Chief Donald Kent. Don Kent (Dennis Haysbert) and his family became very close and dear friends to Frank Reagan and his family.

Maggie Kent showed her support to the Reagan family when Frank’s wife died years ago when his children were young, by cooking meals and leaving them without staying for any thanks; she was a special person. The Reagan children loved Maggie.

Commissioner Frank Reagan's Deep Thinking Before Speaking and Intelligent Decisions Makes Him Superior to Most Men

Frank Reagan told Thomas he was the one who asked his father to stay. Thomas replied: I know that and what my dad would have said: It is not the years in your life that counts; it is the life in your years.

Commissioner Frank Reagan went to Riker’s Island Detention Facility to see Clinton “Ice” Wallace to tell him he was under arrest for ordering the murder of Don, Maggie Kent, Hector Flores and attempted murder of Linda Reagan.

Ice thought he was safe with just serving time. Frank informed him that Don Kent was a Federal Officer and the Feds have a death penalty he would be taken to Terre Haute Indiana. First, his trial and then the death penalty will be carried out. Frank let him know he would be there and wave as they injected him.

This wiped the smirk off Clinton “Ice” Wallace face and then Frank turned a left the room. Don Kent knew how to solve a case and wrapped them in ribbons and bows for the courts. He was a smart detailed man.

This is the last episode until Blue Bloods returns after the summer. I hope you have enjoyed reading about Blue Bloods and it’s special Reagan family’s life, careers and loves.


Dennis Haybert as Don Kent in Blue Bloods


Frank Reagan and Don Kent

Frank called Don into his office to give him a badge and stars so he would be a two star NYPD Deputy Chief for his excellent work in disassembling gangs in the city. Don showed surprise because he likes Frank; always felt that he was just doing his job. However, he smiled and thanked Frank,

Don and Frank talked awhile and then, Don left to take Maggie to lunch. Their meeting brought back many memories for both; and the remnants of their past kept floating through Frank mind all morning.

The Worst News for Family and Friends

After the noon hour, Garrett and Sid both looking very solemn walked down the hall towards Frank. Frank sees them, and as they moved closer to him; his heart sank. He knows something very bad had happened and he was reaching deep into his spirit for strength to face the words he would hear.

They told him that Don and Maggie Kent were dead. It happened when they were leaving the restaurant going to their car after their lunch date. It was a drive by shooting with no witnesses. Frank could barely breathe it took the breath out of his lungs for a minute; then Commissioner Frank Reagan began to give orders.

It tore his heart out when Thomas Kent walked towards them at the death scene; to see his parents who, were lying on the sidewalk dead. Sheets covered them and an officer removed them for Thomas to see his parents.

Then later, Frank has a news conference; which is short and sweet. Frank was not in the mood to answer many questions. In the back of his mind he feels guilty because he asked Don Kent not to retire when his time came. Don did not retire but stayed on doing an outstanding job as always. Now, he was dead and it echoed through the alcoves of Franks mind and heart that if he had only let him retire; he would be alive today.

Erin, Danny and Baez Work Together for Justice

Erin’s appointed in charge of the investigation making sure it’s done by the book; no short cut with everyone on the same page.

Danny and Baez bring in Mario Hunt (Cliff Smith) a member of a lethal gang that is known for many crimes. However, after questioning him they could not legally hold him; and Erin would not listen to Danny as he asked her to find something to keep him in jail. Although everyone knew he was guilty of the crime.

Now, I know Danny Reagan doesn’t like it an infinitesimal amount and he makes his thoughts heard; even wanting off the case. Commissioner Reagan denied Danny’s request.

So, Danny and his partner Det. Baez are back at the hospital to see Hector with the gunshot wound who initially said he shot himself accidentally. Now, the pressure is on for the guy who worked at the restaurant the day Don and Maggie Kent died; to talk.

Donnie sees his wife Linda who is a nurse in the hospital. Hector is one of her patients and Danny and Baez brought photos for him to identify the shooter. He is afraid if he does it will put him and his family in jeopardy or killed. Finally, he relents and identifies Mario Hunt, the man Danny and Baez had in the police station for questioning and Erin would not hold him without evidence against him.

Danny and Baez Visits Prison

So, Danny and Baez visited the gang’s leader in prison who is serving 30 years for his crimes. Danny feels he is the one who is pulling Mario’s strings. He basically laughs in their faces for being so passive and going by the book---he is not afraid of them now---therefore, no information is forth coming. He laughs at them and then tells them their witness in the hospital might be getting ill.

Danny calls the information in and has more security posted at the hospital to protect their witness.

The Homeless Becomes a Target for Evil

It is night and time that all good citizens are asleep that are lucky enough to have a warm home to live in. The snow is lightly falling and the unlucky ones who secured shelter or a place to rest their weary bodies; like on a city bench are trying to sleep as well.

However, one unlucky man named Benjamin Wilson becomes a victim of a hate crime---I would call it hate because who could set fire to someone and run away. Now, Commissioner Frank Reagan has his hands full to begin his morning---no time to relax and have a peaceful morning cup of coffee. The New York City police officers are always busy with solving and trying to prevent crimes.

So, long story short the police officers become blamed for crimes happening in a neighborhood where no cameras and we know this is where Commissioner Reagan jumps in the middle of the confusion, bad feelings and pointing fingers. The New York City is a huge place, but Frank will not turn a blind eye when he’s needed.

Jamie, Frank, Danny and Erin

Jamie, Frank, Danny and Erin

Two Strong Wills Meet

Frank meets with Miss Ferrell, a reporter who infers a lot, but never comes out and says it. She is either out to prove a point or to make a name for herself.

Or, she is telling the truth of what is happening in New York City. She had an interview with the killer and now she is protecting his identity. Frank does not agree with her and she seems to enjoy having the power.

A judge commands her to tell the police the name of the killer, but she stands by her right to protect her source.

Danny Assignment Talks Back

Danny’s new assignment today is to mentor a teenage girl who is on a straight road to prison, but now there is a program in place to help. And, this teenager’s determined not to listen and learn from what happens in life when children are alone and have no one to care. She accidentally saw a dead girl while Danny and Baez were working the crime scene.

She has become adamant that she does not need Danny’s help or any help from police officer. What will happen to her if she cannot reach out to the hand offered with help?

Never Forget Where You Came From

When viewing through the looking-glass sometimes we see things unlikable and unbelievable issues with citizens in New York City. And, now at the Reagan Dinner table Niki needs to make a video diary, and she needs to ask people whom she admires about their life choices. So, Grandpa Frank lets her proceed.

Life in New York City is never dull and the Reagans are never still as their days become filled with serving and protecting the people of New York City through a looking-glass.

The End

Eddie's Dangerous Decision

I cannot envision Jamie liking it one bit when his partner Eddie decides to go undercover to stop the kidnapping of young women. Eddie either wants to really jump ahead in her law enforcement career or she is really a person who is compassionate about others in jeopardy; or both.

This will be very dangerous for Eddie if anyone in the organization even suspects she is an undercover cop. I do not see her being able to have a tracking or hearing device on her person to help keep the department listening and tracking her movements. Eddie is in very dangerous and bad company.

Vanessa Ray as Eddie in Blue Blood


Countries Known for Kidnapping Young Women

These people are well prepared with web sites to entice young women in using any tool for their kidnapping ring.

These girls are then either sold or forced into prostitution around the world; or held for ransom from their family.This occurs mainly when families are on vacation in these countries.

Countries known for kidnapping young women on vacation are: Mexico, Haiti, Brazil, The Philippines, India, Columbia, and Venezuela. However, Mexico is the hottest spot that gives the world the most concern.

This happens all over the world, even in the USA where we try hard to protect our young, but sometimes it is out of our care, custody and control to protect them 24/7.

Are Some Rehabilitated Inmates Fooling the System?

In another part of the city Commissioner Frank Reagan is having a private conversation with Detective Abigail Baker about an inmate who murdered almost an entire family. It seems this mad killer who murdered has been declared rehabilitated.

This does not make Frank happy as he still sees the little boy murdered in cold blood lying on his bed with his Teddy Bear, and nothing can erase that from his memory. Now, we know that Danny did not fall too far from Frank’s tree of being adamant about not trusting killers, and this is a good thing sometimes.

It seems the inmate wants to make amends of some sort, and will this happen? Does he want to ask for forgiveness? We shall see tonight on Blue Bloods in Bad Company.

Henry's Dilemma

Henry Reagan has found a friend whose company he enjoys, but she has many aliases and a warrant for her arrest, Erin is trying to help her Pop sort this out. We will find out what happens tonight. What can a retired cop do now? Keep the relationship of a dishonest woman or let her be arrested for her crime? Henry might be in bad company too.

A Potential Dangerous Intruder is Erin's Shadow--5x17

Erin is experiencing an evil intruder that breaks into her apartment when she is working; and enjoys looking around to find a way to scare her. This is his/her way to show Erin she is not safe anymore in her own home.

Nicky is her main concern and she is trying to deal with possible work-related potential danger; that shadows everyone in law enforcement. Erin is a winner in her job; so many criminals received their deserved punishment.

It is bad enough being a victim of robbery; it leaves a feeling of being violated. Since this happened three times, Erin is cautiously aware of the people around her and of the ones she sent to prison for their crime.

Bridget Moynahan as Erin


Will the Intruder Be Caught?

She might have a stalker that wants her to know he/she can enter her apartment any time; or she may have an unrequited admirer she broke up with or one she dated in the past and ended it.

The worst scenario is someone she works with and trusted. Or, someone who feels it is payback time and wants to frighten Erin to make her life miserable.Erin and Nicky are in danger and I cannot wait for tonight to find out what happens.

We know her family will do everything to protect her and Nicky, especially her two brothers; Danny and Jamie. I envision Frank getting involved in his silent way.

Pop your corn and be ready for action, drama, adventure, crime and mystery tonight. Maybe White wine with the popcorn would be great.

Did Police Departments Stop Searching People Before Being Put in an Interrogation Room?

Baez served a man with a restraining order at the police station in a glassed room for security viewing; however it did not work for her protection. The man became emotionally distressed and drew a gun on Detective Baez. He wanted to see his daughter, and I hope they will not bring a child into a police station to see a crazed man holding a gun.

How did he get in the police station without be searched? Now, he has a hostage and while they negotiated for hours; no one can predict what the outcome.

He could kill her and more people in the room. However, we know Danny Reagan fears for his partner's life. And---because he is an experienced negotiator--- I feel positive about her safety.

Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez)


Laws without Justice is a Story without a Happy Ending

Restraining Orders issuance is to prohibit a person from executing an act or an action, especially approaching or contact an identified person whose name is on the petition. This is to keep the abuser away from the Petitioner.

I believe the Restraining Orders alone are not worth the written paper. Without a secured backup system in place it lacks value for the Petitioner.

It is only common sense that if someone becomes served with a Restraining Order there was a valid reason for it. Sometimes it works; showing the abuser what could happen if he/she violates the order.

Often it does not work because if a person is violent enough to abuse, harass, and stalk a simple piece of paper will not intimidate such a person. This is where the system fails the Petitioners by not having a backup system in place.

Are Citizens Left to Protect Themselves?

The average person cannot afford security protection; such as a body-guard, so in essence many times when the abuser is served is when he/she becomes enraged and assaults or commits murder.

Orders are issued many times against a parent who for a valid reason should not have any contact with a child. It could be for many reasons.

Restraining Tracker is the Answer

Could this have been avoided? I say yes it could with the ‘Restraining Tracker’ and that is the title I give it to track the abuser. I feel if a judge signs off on a Restraining Order then, two Marshals or Police Detectives should serve the paper to the person named.

They should explain what will happen if the order is violated and then, he signs the release form stating it was explained to him/her. Then, a tracking device is placed on the leg of the person served the order---so their traveling can be monitored. If the person served refuses the monitored being applied then, he/she is arrested.

This will give the petitioner time to move to a different location or another state. It is sad this happens, but moving and starting over might be the best solution for peace of mind and saving your life.

When a Friend Needs Your Help

In the meantime across the city Garrett’s step-son was arrested. As a father and an honorable man he has only one person he trusts to help him; and that is his boss---Commissioner Frank Reagan.

What will Frank think about the request? Will he think it is improper or is it breaking a law or the ethical code of the Police Commissioner’s office?

Garrett faithfully has Frank’s back and he makes sure everyone else does the same. He is a good man that needs help. We will see what happens on Friday night---pop your corn and be ready for a heart-stopping bumpy ride.

Honor Police Officers with Great Benefits

What a stressful week the Reagans are having starting with Commission Frank Reagan who stands-up for his officers when they are being wrongly accused or are being shortchanged by Mayor Poole. We see the same old story---powers players act like the money for benefits will come out of their pockets.

This is what is wrong with America today---Firemen and Police Officers are being short-changed by the Mayors of cities that have already appropriated monies for their use. Mayors believe it makes them look good to the public to save money; never mind their salaries---some are blown out of proportion to the job they perform. To me they just look unqualified for their positions and needs a big foot to kick their backsides into the street.

Over Play Your Hand---Power Players

I say this to all who are not looking out for the police officers and firemen in our great nation---you should not have the power to play with people who save citizens from harm. I say loudly the shame is on you—Power Players.

Erin Works Smarter Than Most Attorneys

Just when we think Erin will have a slow week so Cupid might sneak in with his arrows; all---He-double hockey sticks---breaks loose. She has to ask a snitch to return to testify in one of her cases. And, since the informant testified against the mob---I am sure he was in hiding or in protective custody. Now what happens is he will need protection while in the city---because we all know not many stool-pigeons stay alive who testifies against the mob.

Erin gets the best to protect and be his body guards; Danny and Baez. Can you envision the look on Danny’s face when asked to babysit? However, we know it will turn into an action adventure with Danny and Baez on their toes most of the time.

A Partner of a Police Officer Always Protects and Helps His/Her Partner

It seems Eddie had to shoot someone in the line of duty, and he died. She is not taking it well, and Jamie is trying to comfort her and be supportive. Although it is a terrible time for Eddie and Jamie too, but maybe they will realize they care deeply for each other. Just maybe Cupid will save some arrows when they find their own way to love.

Grandpa Henry---Cupid is looking for you and Frank. He will need to work overtime to catch Commission Reagan, and I hope he is in a receiving mood for Cupid’s love arrows.

Pop your corn and grab your favorite drink for Friday night because it will be another stressful one. I will need my glass of White Wine for sure.

The Reagan Angel

Jamie Reagan feels deeply for others and I believe when he is on duty and arrests someone who did not have the advantages in life that he had---he feels guilty. He has the heart of an Angel, but the sworn duty of a police officer and sometimes his tender feelings show. The other Reagan family members don’t understand this---not even Erin.

William Estes Nipper as Jamie Reagan in Blue Bloods


A Great Police Office's Secret

Jamie will learn to lock-up his tender side while on duty; and if he can help a deserving person in the line of duty---then he will.

He is such a wonderful human being. And, Frank is probably the only one who can relate to Jamie; although not fully understanding him.

I suppose Jamie is a lot like his mother, but we will never know unless Frank tells us.

Temptation Captures the Weak

We know Donnie is nothing like Jamie, but they both admire each other as brotherly love runs deep. Donnie is a great detective, and is becoming a good husband and father with Linda’s help. Linda believes in family and when tough Donnie lets his job interfere with their relationship she tells him about it.

When a police officer who deals with putting drug dealers in jail, raiding their business; and, confiscates drugs and money starts riding around in an expensive car---people in power take notice. Commissioner Reagan was made aware and now the true story will be told.

Commissioner Reagan will Solve the Mystery

Is this officer on the take or did he take drug money for his own use? I know it must be tempting especially when an officer has a family and cannot stretch his paycheck to give his family what they need. And, when piles of drug money lands in their protective custody to count later; the temptation is there.

Entrance to the Poor Door in Back

In the meantime, in another part of town an investigation is on-going when a resident of low-income housing is found murdered; who lived in a lavish apartment building. Why would someone do this?

One reason they want the apartment so they murdered the resident. When someone has the good fortune to acquire a residence in a luxury apartment building where the rent is low---they never leave. Most people live there forever.

So now it seems someone was not going to wait forever---if this was the reason. We will find out tonight on Blue Bloods. Pop your corn and be ready for another wonderful Friday night with the Reagans.

Hitman's Dilemma

Gosh, I have missed the Reagan family in the last few weeks, but now we will catch up on what is happening in New York City.

Danny and Baez are in the middle of a rare case---it seems the homeowner shot a hitman when he invaded his home. What do we have here? An incompetent hitman or did he go to the wrong address? This is scary for the people living around this homeowner. Anyway, I am sure we will find out the ins and outs about it Friday night.

Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods


When the Going Gets Tough---Erin Gets Going

In the meantime, Erin is in the middle of an old murder case that opened again for some reason. And, the convicted woman from Erin’s initial trail is the mother of the attorney she will face in court.

Only a Reagan-Boyle could handle this without developing a twitch.

However, I hope Erin has found a new love in her life---all work and no play makes life dull. I believe she thinks too much like a man because she seems to like just booty calls, without the commitment. She should slow down and get a life.

Commissioner Reagan---It is Not Favoritism to Give a Deserving Son a Medal of Valor--it is Justifiable.

Frank Reagan has a quandary or so he thinks because Detective Danny Reagan has been recommended for a ‘Medal of Valor.’ And, for some reason Frank thinks it will look like favoritism because Danny is a Reagan---his son.

Well, it would be a crime to overlook Danny Reagan because he is an excellent detective and deserves this highest honor for conspicuous bravery or heroism above and beyond the normal demands of police service. We will see what happens Friday night. I’ll be annoyed if Danny does not get the medal.

More Than Friends--Less Than Lovers

What’s happening with Jamie and Eddie in the more than friends department? I bet Eddie will start dating and then we will see how Mr. Jamie takes it. She is too pretty to be overlooked by other cops for very long. Jamie needs to tear down his protective walls and admit he cares deeply for Eddie.

I am not giving up on Frank and Henry because Valentine’s Day will soon be here and I hope Cupid shoots them both with a ‘Love Arrow.’ They need to go on a cruise to meet other singles. I would love being a passenger on that boat.

Communication Begins at Home

Communication is the keyword for parents with children. Everyday current events need many talks between the husband and wife. The most cherished gift is bringing a child into this world to give it life, unconditional love, care, guidance, education, and teaching the values of life so he/she will becomes an adult with great aspirations. The rewarding gift of children is a blessing which needs the savvy supervision of both parents.

The House That Love Built is Now a Home

Danny and Linda are having some issues because Danny’s weary from working long hours and needs some rest. Linda needs more of Danny at home for her and the children---so many households have this same conversation many times because it takes both parents working to support a family with children.

Knowing Danny and Linda they will work it out. They are so perfect together with their well-mannered boys who look like Angels to me.

A Blue Bloods Angel

A 13 year old boy living on the streets gets Jamie’s attention and now he is trying to help him. The boy said his aunt’s boyfriend killed her and she was his only family.

We know Jamie has a big heart and does what is Reagan, right. If the Reagan ancestors watched Jamie with his righteous and kind heart they are smiling. He is an “Earth Angel” in my book.

In the meantime Commissioner Frank Reagan is handling police business and that entails a lot of his attention. However, he needs to pay attention to his social life, before it dries up and the wind of New York City blows it away.

Erin is not Smiling

Erin has a frown on her beautiful face because Robert McCoy has supplanted someone else on her case of a correctional officer. Why was this done? I believe Robert McCoy has political ambitions and he is buttering his own agenda from voices of power that whispered in his cute ears.

And, he wants Erin and feels he needs to impress Frank Reagan---but he is using his energy in the wrong direction because Frank does not like him. Why? Frank Reagan can read people like a cheap novel.

Robert McCoy has an invisible neon sign that only Frank can see----that flashes---Power for Me.Me.Me. Frank feels he is not good enough for his daughter; and will never fully change his mind.

It is another typical week in the lives of the Reagan family at home or work---and with that said I will need my popcorn tonight and I wish I had some white wine---but I will drink grape Crystal Light instead.

Robin Hood In New York City

Robin Hood a heroic criminal who lived in the 15th century; he received praise for stealing from the rich---then giving to the poor. His ill-gotten gift fed the hungry---overworked and overtaxed people. Robin was well-loved; the hero who lived in Sherwood Forest.

New York City has its own female Robin Hood; who with her gang of merry men veterans robbed a bank when Danny and Linda Reagan were there. Danny could tell the robbers were military because they performed the robbery like a maneuver with great skill. And, he proved it by adamantly investigating the crime.

Romancing the Crime

The reason for the robbery is very sad because the money would be used to help a veteran who needed help from the same government that sent him to war for his country; and now will not help the hurt and damaged veteran.

For unknown and unclear reasons he is not getting the help he desperately needs. And, knowing this touches Danny’s heart big time---he wishes he could look the other way on this case and let them all get away.

Frank Reagan caution Danny not to romanticized the crime and then said it was not right about the government treating a veteran in such a way. I know somehow Commissioner Frank Reagan will find a way to help him, or Frank Reagan the citizen.

Bomb Scare on Subway Train

In the meantime in another part of the city, there is a bomb scare in the subway that I am sure Danny and Baez will be working on who and why.

Being on a fast moving subway train and finding out there is a bomb possibly on board is terrifying. You cannot jump off and there is nowhere to run.

Maybe the train was stopped at the station when they receive a bomb threat or when it was found in baggage---either way it is an unpleasant way to find out.

Frank Reagan


The Reagan Family in 2015

What will 2015 bring for the Reagan Family? It seems being in law enforcement reduces dull moments for Frank, Danny, Jamie and Erin and I am sure it will continue in the New Year. While the retired Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather Henry Reagan is the glue that keeps the family together; sometimes his views might seem antiquated, but were applicable in his time as commissioner. His family respects his advice because of his experience and as a much-loved family member. The Irish-American Reagan family is a family of cops.

Over Here Cupid---Help is Needed!

What is Erin doing now? Is her job leaving her no time to play these days? When is Frank going to find a special person to take his mind off work? He is looking stressed out and needs some R&R. And, Papa Henry needs a sweetheart too.

It will soon be Valentine’s Day and there are four people in the Reagan Family that needs a Valentine of their own. (Hello Cupid! Bring your arrows and shoot some romance their way.)

Pack your luggage with popcorn because this will be a long journey from the heart of a brutal injustice to Lady Justice.

High Risk Business: Adult Films

In another part of the city, Danny and Baez are scrutinizing the film star murders of adult movies, which could send them into the back doors of sleazy areas. This investigation will prove this is a high risk business to work in. Danny and Baez dodged bullets from a man who ran through the crowds shooting. Someone gets hurt---either in an accident or shot by the crazed shooter.

Not to mention it is totally inappropriate for young talented actors and actresses to venture into adult films as career or part-time for the sake of money. Frankly, this is a sleaze bag operation that will ruin the career of any serious actress or actor who is associated with adult movies.

Commissioner Reagan Wears His Serious Look Solving an Officer's Murder

Is Commissioner Frank Reagan working on a cold case or has a current issue occurred for him to gather proof against an alleged cop killer. This murder took place years ago when Henry Reagan wore the blue of NYC police department. A fellow officer of Henry's was killed.

Now, I hope Henry is not the reason for the title—Sins of the Father or crimes, cover-ups or look the other way situation. Maybe, it was the evils of the officer who was murdered. We shall see on Friday night at 10:00 pm on CBS.

Where is Cupid Hiding?

What is happening in the romance department for Jamie and Eddie? Will love bloom in 2015? Will they decide to just be partners and date others? How has that worked for Jamie? He is the epitome of “Still waters run deep.” I enjoy trying to read his mind by his facial expressions.

Erin please date someone who will make you smile during the day for no reason—when you think of him. Someone who is not associates with law enforcement, so when you date it will be more interesting to listen to him talk about his career and life. A man who knows how to make a woman's heart sing when he is near.

Will Cupid wait until Valentine’s Day to shoot his love arrow at Erin and Jamie? Frank and Henry could stand an arrow of love to make them smile for no reason.

Get your popcorn ready to pop, maybe in a popper over an open fireplace, with the lights down low and a glass of white wine your special someone brings to watch our favorite show of the Reagan Family with you. See you Friday night.

Happy New Year to all my viewers and wishing you good health, happiness and prosperity in 2015.

It's the Season for Muggers--Beware

Most citizens of New York City are busy making a living, getting ready for the Christmas season as they joyfully decorate their homes and businesses.

Next comes the Christmas shopping for special gifts. This is the time of year one’s awareness of people around one is necessary in order to stay safe.

Try to never shop alone in a city, small town or shopping centers; because criminals are watching. It does not matter to them how young or old you are because your money will spend just as well as the next one.

Linda Reagan Mugged in New York City

Linda Reagan is a wonderful wife, a great mother and a dedicated nurse whose skills saved lives and none of these accolades kept her from being mugged. In New York City under Commissioner Frances “Frank” Reagan hurting a citizen is not overlooked, especially when it is a woman; and a woman with the last name of Reagan. Linda escaped being killed and now is thinking about protection.

She now wants to carry her own protection; after all Danny cannot be her bodyguard and she’s a mother of two young boys. That alone is reason enough. And, what do you think Danny Reagan will say? I am sure he quoted many reasons why she should not carry a gun. This is so typical of many men to feel this way; after all they think a woman cannot protect herself if she is not a police woman or a detective. We will see how this turns out.

Hate Spoils Christmas Cheer

Somewhere else in the city Danny and Baez are not sharing “Season Greetings” instead they are swimming in hate crimes. It seems criminals do not believe in Christmas and spreading good cheer. They rather spread bullets into bodies of people they hate. Danny and Baez are probably working with many interruptions and opinions firing their way from the members of the community.

Hate inundated the community and murdered three well-known citizens---it is not just the police officers and detectives who are in the mix---it becomes a job of a well-known person. And, we know that person is Commissioner Frank Reagan.

Commissioner Frank Reagan is one man who’s honored with respect; and can walk into any violent outburst or combustible issues of a community and bring order in a calm manner. With all his charisma in dangerous issues---I can only vision what he could give a woman. Where is the romance in his life? I am getting weary of waiting for it!

Pop your corn and drizzle dark chocolate over it---we will need the extra sweetness to get us through this rough ride as we watch “Under the Gun” on Friday night December 12th.

Officer in Dispute

Most public offices will feel the power of the press at some time. However, when you are the Police Commissioner of New York City, the press seems to swirls around Frank’s head like a snow flurry. And, the sadness part it is never white as snow when it’s exposed to the public.

Frank faced the press on many issue involving an officer under his command, and he can clearly see both sides. However, he does favor backing his men even when his body camera fails to work during a dispute with a citizen. Without the video prove what the office stated happened; it becomes he said/she said in the argument. The public is giving a hostile response to the incident, which Frank will clear up.

Waiting for the Sunshine

We know Commissioner Frank Reagan will get to the bottom of this issue and the sun will shine on his department once again. And, I am hoping that interim D.A. Robert McCoy doesn’t get in Franks face again while the press is around. Frank was honest with Erin by saying he didn’t like him, he sounded so much like my Daddy, it made me smile.

To Serve and Protect May Be Asking Too Much This Time

Meanwhile, Danny and Baez are in charge of protecting an informant who is not allowed the witness protection service. Why? I do not know at this point, but it seems strange to me now. It puts Danny and Baez in jeopardy because they never know whose coming after the informant to kill him/her or to free them. Either way, it is not a healthy place for Danny and Baez.

Erin, Jamie and Eddie

Erin has her hands full with an alleged rape of a friend’s daughter while at a prominent university. This is a big headache for Erin because she has to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt when dealing with a university. It seems that Erin’s friends get her into the stickiest situations, but like her father she will rise above it all.

I wonder what Jamie and Eddie are doing now? They are going to cause me to eat chocolate if they do not get together soon. What are they thinking? Or, are they thinking?

I am ready to watch this now, but we will wait until November 21st to find out what is happening with the Reagan Family. Get the popcorn ready to pop so we can all enjoy it with my glass of white wine.

Detective Danny Reagan

Detective Danny Reagan

Don't Wake the Docile Dragon

It is never a good idea to give Commissioner Frank Reagan an unpleasant attack on National Television. And, it came from the temporary District Attorney Robert McCoy who’s dating Erin.

The moment which stunned Frank Reagan quickly disappeared---because we know he wears armor that deflects negativity. The D.A. Robert McCoy stepped in the brown stuff without boots on when he lashed out at Commissioner Frank Reagan; who was blameless. Did he think his unprofessional attack would put a star in his crown? I wonder how his behind feels sitting on it.

And, when Franks found out Erin was dating the interim D.A. he did not look happy. However, Erin told Robert McCoy what she thought about his conduct with her father on National Television. Did it sink into his arrogant head? I wonder!

A Good Man

I like Danny’s new boss Lt. Dee Ann Carver, I would not mind working with a hands-on person in charge that shows she cares enough to cover your back when needed. A great improvement if anyone cares about my opinion.

Danny and his Lt. Carver answered a call where multi-victims suffered injuries. And, it’s extremely horrible because a baby is one of the victims. The mother appeared badly hurt and Danny picks up the baby and holds it next to his heat. He is such a good detective and father. This baby touched him to his heart’s core.

Guess Who Might Come to Dinner?

Will Frank welcome the arrogant D.A. into his home if Erin brings him to dinner? What do you think? Of course Frank is a gentleman with impeccable manners. And, he is a father so any nonsense will be left outside when someone enters his home.

What’s happening with Jamie and Eddie? They are such a cute couple, but being partners is such a bittersweet position at the moment. I know Jamie’s has personal feeling for her. When will he show it?

Pop your corn and I will add some chocolate to mine because tonight will be a rough one. Hearts will beat and tears will flow---and I will drink a glass of white wine for sure. See you there fans of Blue Bloods.

Father and Son

Frank Reagan recruited Danny’s boss Sgt. Gromley for his department to keep him current about his officers in New York City.

And, if I said Detective Danny Reagan did not put his best foot forward when meeting his new boss. Would anyone be surprised? His new boss is Lt. Dee Ann Carver (LaTanya Richardson Jackson) and I am sure she is thinking: Girl you are going to have fun here. However, she looks capable of handling almost anything that comes her way.

Danny is a professional and it will all work out to the good of the police department, or Frank will have a sit down with him and his hard-head. Danny and Frank have an International issue on their hands with a felon who murders and cannot be stopped or arrested. He is a slippery criminal.

Erin---Looking Ahead

College costs are up and Erin is worried about being able to afford sending her daughter to the best college. Erin is considering going into private practice to make more money. However, I do not think the D.A.’s office will want her to leave---she excels in her job. I am hoping they will give her a raise so she can stay or being on her own might bring more excitement to her life.

Why doesn’t Erin’s ex-husband have their daughter’s college already paid for? Erin does not need the stress of being the only parent doing her job? Men! My list grows daily of what they should do and what they ignore. All men are not like this---thank the Lord and green apples---but the ones who stinks the barrel up from being rotten to the core. Well enough of my opinion.

Jamie and Eddie

I hope Jamie and Eddie are doing well as partners and maybe special friends. I am still waiting for some romance in the lives of the Reagans.

I am ready for Friday night to see my favorite Blue Bloods again. And, I have my popcorn ready to pop. I will be there watching the action and maybe romance.

Jamie Reagan


Jamie Helped an Abused Woman and Became a Target

Our Jamie Reagan helps people even when he is not on duty.

This is not the code all officers of the law live by as I have witnessed off duty cops walk on by when they could assist someone.

Jamie saw a woman Tina Mcdermott (Chelsea Lopez) sitting on a bench beaten and bruised while he was off duty and stopped to find out if he could help her. It turns out that her boyfriend uses her as a punching bag.

And, since Jamie intervened in a domestic abuse incident he is now marked for revenge.

This is one of the most heart-stopping episodes because Jamie becomes the victim in a horrendous payback.

Jamie's family and his partner Eddie; become worried about Jamie being a target for a criminal’s sick mind. We know Eddie loves Jamie and will this make him realize that he loves her too.

Frank Deals with Henry's Remarks

What more can Frank Reagan endure concerning his family? Well, there is more that Frank will need to deal with in his lowest time as he worries about his son, Jamie.

The press comes after Henry after securing his voice on tape expressing obtuse remarks. And, of course Frank deal with the fallout before it becomes a full-blown scandal to never go away.

And, I worried about Frank living without romance. Where would he find the time? I wish the Reagan Family a quiet and peaceful dinner with Jamie and Grandpa Henry smiling at the table.

Pop your corn because tonight will be a nerve racking event---I may need a glass of white wine.

When the term “Excessive Force” becomes an issue; images are already dancing through one’s mind and if one’s mind is closed to hearing all the details before coming to a conclusion; then issues are abound to inundate and cloud the truth. However, when Commissioner Frank Reagan is in charge of finding the answers; he will find them in a professional manner.

We all know that Danny Reagan is strong-minded; but we also know he is a great detective, who is fair-minded, but he will not take abuse, and nor will he give it. Danny follows the rules of the force no matter how heavy-handed a criminal becomes.

Why Danny was alone on the day he was in pursue of a criminal who was running; would be a good question to ask. Anyway, the runner became cornered in the building and he did not want to be caught; so he jumps out the window. He lands on the concrete two stories below and he is hurt.

The injured runner points his finger at Danny claiming excessive force. The injured guy’s word of abuse against Danny’s word that he did not touch him; leaves it just one place to go. And, since Danny was alone the issue becomes sticky with political nonsense which ends up with Commissioner Frank Reagan.

Frank the Father/Employer

I empathize with the circumstances and it is a double-edge blade can cut either way; because Danny is both a son and an employee to Frank. I know Frank Reagan will find the answers and get to the bottom of the lies and he will never give in to political blackmail. When someone tells Commissioner Reagan to make it all go away; implying a big lawsuit against the department, if Danny Reagan resigned.

The person who is trying to intimidate Frank Reagan evidently does not know that he has stepped over the line and into the brown stuff. And, when Frank flashes his dimples; watch out it predicts quick action---the stern level look he gives just before his justice hammers away would frighten most people---the smart ones anyway.

Jamie Reagan The Woman Magnet

In the meantime Jamie and Eddie helped a sick homeless man by taking him to the hospital. And, that good deed alone should bring smiles to them both. However, Jamie’s smile impressed a woman doctor who appreciated the handsome cop and how great he looks in his uniform. James and the doctor seemed to have a spark of chemistry between them.

This would be great if his partner Eddie did not care so much for Jamie on the personal side; because the green-eyed monster raised its ugly head. Whatever, will happen between Jamie and Eddie? I think Jamie cares too much for her and feels it would threaten their partnership on the job.

Get your popcorn ready for tonight—Friday because it will be a roller-coaster ride---I will enjoy a glass of white wine with my popcorn.

Sexuality and Equality

We all know Frank Reagan the man is a good Catholic and that Commissioner Frank Reagan adheres to the law in the guidance of his job. And, he has the backs of all his men in dealing with a broad array of issues. These issues occur weekly and if not handled by the Police Chiefs of the departments then, they land on Frank Reagan the Commissioner’s desk.

Commissioner Reagan believes in honesty and doing everything the right way. Some might think he is not listening to all the issues brought to him, but he finds a way to solve every issue concerning his men while they are on duty.

And, he feels each officer has a right to do as they please while off duty if it is not hurting their motto, to protect and serve. Also, no one has a right to judge others of their choices in life. All his officers honor Commissioner Frank Reagan for his fair and unbiased opinions and leadership. He excels in all areas of his office as commissioner.

Officer Alex Fuentes

Danny Reagan and Maria Baez as partners work well together. I wish we knew more about Maria and if she has a special someone in her life, but I am sure sooner or later we will find out.

While on duty Danny and Maria see Officer Alex Fuentes (Frank Pando) coming out of a gay bar and he asked them to keeping walking, but Danny stood his ground. And, when Alex Fuentes’s partner Officer Jerri Demarest (Danny McCarthy) finds out about his lifestyle he refuses to ride with him.

Danny and Maria are briefly split up and each rides with a disillusioned partners. Jerri Demarest will learn to accept his partner’s sexuality and they will either ride together or assigned new partners.


Is Erin Going to Burn Bridges in Her Relationship?

Is Erin the one who is burning bridges with her handsome special friend Robert (Bobby) McCoy (Holt McCallany) an attorney?

He might become her boss if he accepts the Governor’s offer of taking the District Attorney position.

Erin seems torn of either losing Bobby as the man in her life or refusing to sleep with her boss. I think he wants the jobs and will probably take it. He and Erin will work it out some way. She would be silly to give him up.