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8 Western Movies That Show the Style of Cowboys

I like the old westerns in the style of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and, Jason Robards.

Realize that western movies always present the same style: horses, Indians, armed men, girls in danger, cities dominated by bandits and bullies sheriffs.

I always watch all western movies, especially the old ones, like the acting of the characters.

But have you noticed that each film has all these characteristics or some of them, gathered in different stories? Let's meet some.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This film is the best of all on this list, a western classic with a touch of Italian comedy by director Sérgio Leone.

It is worth highlighting the performances of Clint Eastwood, Elli Wallach, and Lee Van Cleef.

Three outsiders, Blondie, Tuco, and Angel Eyes, are after a treasure trove of money buried in a cemetery in the middle of the United States Civil War.

The story is funny because Blondie knows the name of the tomb, Tuco knows the name of the cemetery, and Angel Eyes knows nothing, only that the treasure exists.

Blondie and Tuco have the clues and Angel Eyes none, so the three are forced to unite to find the treasure.

Many things start to go wrong along the way, yet none of them intend to share the money.

The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

This film is a western classic made in two versions (1960) and (2016), which are worth checking out both.

With an impeccable opening soundtrack, the story begins in a small town called Rose Creek, where Bartholomew Bogue, an unscrupulous businessman, wants to take over the city and sell the land by expelling the residents.

Matthew Cullen, a community leader, argues with Bogue and is murdered.

His wife, Emma Cullen, seeks help to do justice.

She meets Sam Chisolm, a federal justice man, who accepts the proposal because he also has accounts to settle with Bogue.

Chisolm gathers six more mercenaries to finish off Bogue's henchmen.

True Grit

True Grit

This western drama had four Oscar nominations with Jeff Bridges in the lead role and Josh brolin as the bandit Tom Chaney.

It is worth checking out the version of this 1969 film with John Wayne.

It tells the story of the girl Mattie Ross, who had her father murdered by Tom Chaney, a gunman from the region.

Local justice can do nothing because they cannot find Chaney, and who would pay attention to a 14-year-old girl?

Mattie is a girl fearless to find the bandit who killed her father, drawing the attention of a lawman named Rooster, and with the help of Texas ranger LaBoeuf, they go in search of Chaney to help the girl.

This film shows the girl's relationship with the men of the law, the desire to do justice, without worrying about the dangers that were in the way.

Once Upon a Time in The West

Once Upon a Time in The West

This western classic makes us reflect on how the films of this time were rich in details and soundtracks.

Here, Sérgio Leone gets it right again as a director.

Starring Claudia Cardinale, Henry Fonda, Jason Robards, and Charles Bronson as 'Harmonica'

I watch this film whenever possible because, in each look, I see a different detail.

The scene of the fly disturbing the man who wants to take a nap is one of the best in the film, without the need for special effects.

A widowed man Brett McBain owns large land and plans to build a railroad.

He is brutally murdered along with his three children by a professional killer in the region named Frank.

But what no one knew is that six months ago, McBain had secretly remarried in New Orleans to Jill.

Claudia Cardinale is beautiful playing Jill McBain, her arrival at the train station with the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone is to thrill any viewer.

The widow Jill McBain arrives in the city and knows of all the misfortune of her family, counts on the help of a mysterious sniper (Harmonica), and a bandit Cheyenne to settle accounts with the killer.

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

This western movie tells the story of the union of a family to maintain law and order in the region.

It is worth highlighting the interpretations of Kevin Costner, Denis Quaid, Michael Madsen, and Gene Hackman.

Wyatt Earp grew up with the idea that family and the law are the most important things for a man.

Then, over time, he becomes the sheriff of Dodge City and Tombstone.

When two gangs Clanton and McLaury, start causing great violence among the population, Wyatt, his brothers and, Doc Holliday declare war to restore peace and order.



The film tells the story of a sheriff and his friends to restore order in the city of El Dorado.

We can highlight the remarkable presence of John Wayne, James Caan, and Robert Mitchum in this 1966 film.

A bandit named Bart Jason wants to expel a family from the city of Eldorado and take their land.

City sheriff J.P. Harran is unable to help the family alone as he is always drunk.

An old sheriff friend, Cole Thorton, arrives in town to help heal his drunkenness, and with yet another outsider sniper, Mississippi, finish off Bart Jason's men.

For a Fistful of Dollars

For a Fistful of Dollars

This western movie is part of Sérgio Leone's Dollars Trilogy.

This film also features the participation of Gian maria Volonté, as Ramón Rojo.

Again Clint Eastwood lives a gunman, who arrives in a small town, San Miguel, Mexico.

The city is at war with two rival groups.

Both groups realize that the gunslinger is very skilled and, each offers a cash offer.

He then accepts both proposals without the groups knowing it.

It is worth watching the continuation of this film, For a Few More Dollars.

The Wild Bunch

The Wild Bunch

This 1969 film stars Ernest Borgnine, William Holden, and Robert Ryan.

Pike Bishop is a criminal who wants to commit one last assault before retiring.

With his gang, which includes Dutchman Engstrom and brothers Lyle and Tector Gorch, Pike discovers that the great assault is a trap to catch him.

Her ex-partner Deke, who is now a bounty hunter, is on his quest.

Pike seeks refuge with his band in Mexican territory, initiating a major firefight.