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9 Times BTS Slapped Their Haters Through Their Songs

What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.


South Korea’s biggest septet K-Pop group named BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean and translated as Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English. This widely acknowledged world class performers made A.R.M.Y (BTS Fans that stand for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth) go gaga in social media as they earned record-holder titles in the Guinness World for the following: (1) most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours for their “Boy With Luv” track featuring Halsey with 74,600,000 views, and (2) most used hashtag (#TwitterBestFandom) on @twitter in 24 hours with an unbelievable 60,055,339 times when their fans voted for the annual Soompi Awards. Their 2019 best-selling album entitled Map of the Soul: Persona is the top selling album in Korea, not only in 2019 but of all time! In the U.S., it has been named the 2nd best-selling physical album which goes to show that the incredible power of BTS ARMY contributes a lot to the success of the biggest K-Pop group that dominated the music industry.

Despite their exemplary talents and massive support from fans, there are also consistent BTS Haters who would do what little power they have to taint the group’s name through social media and other platforms. These haters have expressed the most malicious and demotivating comments and have even (to the extent) invaded their privacy and spread rumors that fortunately did not stop the fans from loving them. Instead, ARMY served as their armors to protect them from the hater’s ridiculous bashing acts.

What makes me proud of BTS is that they never give up despite the constant emotional stress they experience, and I love how they respond to criticisms through music. After all, music is the best form of expression and all thanks to haters, BTS is receiving massive love and recognition from all over the world.

The negative criticisms just made BTS stronger and powerful as they further released every bit of creativity they have through such impressive (and sometimes humorous) messages of retaliation. Below are nine times BTS slapped their haters through their incredible songs.


Mic Drop is a 2017 track from BTS Love Yourself: Her album released by Big Hit. A collaboration was done with American DJ Steve Aoki and rapper Desiigner to release a remix of the song in the American contemporary hit radio as a single. Its music video in youtube hit over 600,000,000 views as of January 2020.

In verse 2 of the song, Suga raps about haters thinking that he was going to fail but he turned out fine and further expresses his thoughts in full sarcasm saying, “Sorry, Billboard. Sorry, Worldwide…you’re a tasteless ratatouille. If you’re jealous, sue me.”

The hiphop song’s pre-chorus puts emphasis on their achievements and slapping this to the hater’s faces as they sing, “Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag? My bag’s filled with trophies. How’d you think ‘bout that? How’d you think ‘bout that? Haters are already giving up. My success is so golden. I’m so firin’ firin’ like a torchbearer. You’re rushing to run away. How you dare, how you dare, how you dare?”

They further slap their haters real hard on the chorus part as they continue with, “So many trophies in my hands. Too heavy, my hands aren’t enough. MIC Drop. MIC Drop. Careful at your feet. Careful what you say. I’m so busy. Too busy my one body isn’t enough.”

RM expresses his “in your face” comments on the bridge part saying, “Haters gon’ hate. Players gon’ play. Live a life, man. Good luck.”

Mic Drop Official MV


Not Today is a track from the album You Never Walk Alone which was released in 2017. Its title gives an obvious and clear message about not dying on that day, a phrase that has been used many times on movies, tv shows and other platforms of expression or entertainment but BTS made this cliché extra meaningful through metaphors and poetic lyrics. The song is in response to haters who want them to go down.

It starts with a very strong intro from RM saying, “All the underdogs in the world. A day may come when we lose. But it is not today. Today we fight!” In verse 1, Suga takes over rapping that flowers wither eventually but today is not the day. RM continues with the 2nd rap verse about being extra and ordinary and that light shines through the darkness. Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, and V sing verse 3 with, “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl.” Each line is followed with “Today we will survive.” This song is very powerful, and it explains how BTS wouldn’t fail because they believe in each other and ARMY is on their side. It also provokes haters with a message saying “Aim your gun! Ready! Fire!” which shows how fearless they are of the people who are trying to put them down.

Not Today Official MV


We Are Bulletproof pt. 2 is the second track to BTS’ debut album entitled 2 Cool 4 Skool which was released in 2013. BTS was not widely acknowledged during this phase and they received negative criticisms saying they're ugly, couldn’t really sing and will never make it big before and after their debuted. Haters even commented that their music couldn’t be called hip hop and that they look like girls.

This song is a diss track for the people who looked down on BTS. The chorus lyrics says, “Throw a stone at me if you’ve done as much as I did. We go hard, we have no fear” and the hook part tells haters, “Give it to me…we are bulletproof.”

We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2 Official MV

CYPHER PT. 1 – 4

There are four Cypher rap songs which escalate to deeper and stronger lyrics as sequels are composed. BTS consists of three rappers and lyricist named RM (the leader), Suga (the genius), and J-Hope (the main and strongest dancer of BTS). Each rapper wrote their part on all Cyphers, so the message is very personal as they talk about themselves and what they want to relay to their listeners.

Below are the nastiest hater-slapping lines that have become my favorites simply because it cracks me up when I think about how haters would react to these in-your-face forms of expression.

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6. Cypher Pt. 1 from O!RUL8,2? album in 2013

J-Hope – “If you’re jealous, go to the hospital. Two weeks to heal.”

Suga – “Hide your jealousy. I can see your IP address.”

5. Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych from Skool Luv Affair album in 2014

J-Hope – “I’ll say hi, you’ll say bye, a burnt tire, we’re different.”

RM – “On the CD or the TV, you can see me, envy me. It’s a pity, gee gee.”

Suga – “I’m the sun, you’re the moon, because when I rise, you go down.” This is seriously my favorite diss line of all time!

4. Cypher Pt. 3: Killer from Dark & Wild album in 2014

RM – “Back yourself and look at the mirror. If you want to be a piece, make it an original.”

J-Hope – “My rap will soon be a Korean meal to fill your stomach. That’s right, my nation Korea. All the rap Mansiks’ trying to spit out poor English. Look at who’s on top of you now.”

Suga – “While you guys play around the world, we’re going around the world."

3. Cypher Pt. 4 from Wings album in 2016

RM – “You hate me, but you know me. You hate me, but you know me. I like hate comments more than no comments. I don’t know you, but you know my name.”

J-Hope – “That’s right, my method is different. I take on the road no matter what. Sewing stitch by stitch. If you’re not able, put an end to it. There is no possibility.”

Suga – Payday, paycheck, rolex on my wrist…I’m so high. How dare you covet? Even if your run up to it, it’s too high for you to reach. The difference is pretty big, you can’t see it.”

RM/J-Hope/Suga – “I love, I love, I love myself. I love, I love, I love myself. I know, I know, I know myself. Ya playa haters you should love yourself. Brrr.”


IDOL is the lead single of the album Love Yourself: Answer which was released in 2018. Another version of the song was made featuring Nicki Minaj which was included as a bonus track in the digital album. This song marks BTS as a worldwide phenomenon when they debuted at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Associate of America.

Since the song is mainly a dance track with repetitive lyrics, it is very addictive due to its lively beat and iconic dance steps. To summarize the message, it tells all the haters to just keep doing what they do, say what they want to say, and call BTS whatever they want because they don’t care, and no one can stop them from loving themselves.

Idol Official MV


DDAENG is another diss track with impressive lyrics. To get back at the people who looked down on BTS when they were just starting, Suga produced this playful rap emphasizing how far their group has come despite all the hatred they received. It was not released officially as part of any of their album, but this was one of the tracks BTS released as part of their 2018 Festa celebration.

Here’s a hard-slapping excerpt from the track:
“Got money, woo. AP, woo. Nice house, woo. Someone’s dream life, woo. How about you? Uh. I like you! Uh. This success, uh. Is all thanks to you, uh. Isn’t it funny, isn’t it funny? Ye. Don’t you feel dumbfounded?”

DDaeng Live

Message To Haters

If you're a hater and you're reading this, you're a fan! I mean, why else would you spend your time reading something about BTS if you're not interested? And as you choose to exert effort in saying negative comments about seven exemplary kings of entertainment, go ahead. And while you're doing that, check out these photos of BTS bagging too many awards. After all, you have contributed to their success too so THANK YOU! ENJOY YOUR LIFE AND PLEASE...START LOVING YOURSELF.

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