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5 Japanese Fashion Models That You May Not Have Heard Of

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What Will Be the Objective Of This Article?

Hitomi Aizawa is another one of those bikini models that is known for having a really large bust size similar to famous Japanese model Yoko Matsugane. Note: going forward, emphasis will be made on attempting to discuss at least one very interesting part or fact about several Japanese fashion models and the first one we will discuss about is Hitomi Aizawa. We will also take the subject a step further and briefly introduce certain Japanese fashion models people in the Western nations may not be familiar with. Here are 5 Japanese fashion models that not everyone in the Western world may be familiar with and the first one is Hitomi Aizawa!

Hitomi Aizawa


Maya Koizumi In School Uniform


Who is Maya Koizumi?

Maya Koizumi is one supermodel that I have known about for a long time. And she is also really cute! Maya was born on July 2, 1988 in Tokyo.

Maya got involved in some controversy when she was expelled from her private school six months prior to her graduation because her classmates and their parents objected about some of her photos in her photo book at the time. They felt that the photos were too “risqué.” The reasoning behind the expulsion was that there is a law specifically prohibiting entertainment related activities while in school.

In 2009, Maya received the distinction of becoming one of the Japanese idols in the Nittelgenic idol group.

Miho Yoshioka


About Miho Yoshioka & Why She Is a Unique Fashion Model

Miho Yoshioka: This is the name of one of the dozens of beautiful supermodels in Japan. This Eastern Asian nation is famous for anime, sushi, very fast trains and of course beautiful fashion models. Miho Yoshioka is a supermodel and actress. This beautiful lady was born on February 3, 1980 in the city of Osaka. She is also a race queen.

When Miho graduated from high school, she worked several different jobs including a job as a waitress. She originally had no plans to become a model or a race queen. But her life took on an interesting path when one of her friends encouraged her to audition to become a race queen. Miho declined the offer at first. But after a while, she met with a studio executive and decided to proceed. She auditioned to become a race queen and became a success.

Who is Reon Kadena?

Of all the names in the Japanese entertainment industry, Reon Kadena is definitely one of the most famous. Reon entered the world on February 19, 1986 and is a native of Osaka, Japan. She is currently under contract with the talent agency Oscar Promotion. Reon stands at 167 centimeters tall and has the blood type of B. In addition to her modeling work, Reon has also made appearances in TV dramas and movies. Her debut TV drama role was in Asahi TV’s “Shine in the Dark” in 2006. Three years later in 2009, Reon appeared in “Maid Deka” followed by “Jyouou Virgin” both in the same year. I won’t include information about all of her TV dramas because they have long names and are complicated for the average reader to follow along with and pronounce. But what is interesting about Jyouou is that it is based on the famous manga by Ryo Kurashina. It is about a young college student by the name of Aya Fujisaki. Her family is 150 million yen in debt after her father’s company goes bankrupt. To regain the lost money, Aya enters the Hostess Grand Prix competition. Reon also goes by the name Leon Kadena or Minamo Kusamo. She is frequently on the top of the list of the most popular supermodels.

In 2005, Reon Kadena made her movie debut in “Pikan Fufu.” In 2006, she starred in God’s Left Hand, Devil’s Right Hand.” In 2008, she made an appearance in “Secret Undercover Agent: Wildcats in Strip Royale.” But in 2010, she got a big break starring in the Kamen Rider series. This was in Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider 000 and W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core.

Karina also known as "Karina Nose"

Karina also known as "Karina Nose"

About Japanese Fashion Model Karina Nose & What Makes Her Interesting

Here comes one of my favorite Japanese fashion models & actresses the lovely Karina Nose or simply Karina.

Karina has also been recognized for her acting work & this is one of her interesting aspects. During the 51st Drama Television Academy Awards, she won an award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the TV show called Boku no Aruku Michi. The TV show is about a 31 year-old autistic man that has an intelligence of someone who is only ten years old. Autism is a neurological and developmental disorder that is hard for many people to grasp and understand. Note: I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (a type of high functioning autism back in 2003).

Her private life is also fascinating but not much is known about this part of her life. Back in early 2014, Karina revealed that she is dating a man from Taiwan. The two of them met while she was studying English on the island of Oahu.

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