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8 Love Lessons From Chinese Netflix Series "A Love so Beautiful"

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Ray is an avid fan of Netflix. He loves watching movies and series with genres zombie, horror, romance, and science fiction.

You all probably had a puppy love, right? Go back to the moments where you feel uncomfortable yet very excited to see your crush. The moments where your heart beats faster than a runaway train. The times where you feel like there were butterflies in your stomach whenever your crush touches you, talks to you or only near you. You probably think of him/her every night. With all these reactions going on in you, how deeper can your feelings go if he/she acts differently towards you?

The Netflix Web Series from China "A Love So Beautiful" is about two young lovers who grew up together who overcame so many challenges and hardships in all aspects of life. It includes family problems, difficulties with studies, struggles among friends, and frustrations about love. The story revolves about how a mistakenly-believed one-sided love shifted to two-sided.

A Love So Beautiful - Netflix

A Love So Beautiful - Netflix

The series "A Love So Beautiful" is a romantic-comedy series with five main casts. Chinese actors Shen Yue and Hu Yi Tian play the lead roles of Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen respectively. Jiang Chen is the most popular student at Chenxi High School because of his good looks and intelligence. On the other hand, Chen Xiao Xi is the happy-go-lucky type of girl who is very expressive about her admiration for Jiang Chen. The love of Xiao Xi for Jiang Chen just grew day by day. But Wu Bo Song, their other friend played by Chinese actor Gao Zhi Ting has a big crush on Xiao Xi. He has the same personality traits as Xiao Xi. Although he doesn't study much, he is a gold medalist in swimming. The other two friends, Lu Yang and Lin Jing Xiao played by Sun Ning and Wang Zi Wei respectively, are the avid supporters of Chen Xiao Xi's love for Jiang Chen. Well, they have a separate love story, but they play a significant role in the stories of the two main characters.

"A Love So Beautiful" describes that falling deeply in love with someone you grew up with is something. Love is a big scary thing they say. You don't know what might go in your way and things might go well or not. In this times, you have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Here are the questions that you might want to ask yourself that the web series can answer:

  • How much affection will you show to the person you like?
  • Will loving someone helps you achieve your goals in life or it will just distract you?
  • Would you do everything to test if the person you love, loves you too?
  • Would you preferably be with the one you love or the one who loves you?
  • Are you willing to be matured enough in loving someone?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice time and all other important stuff for love?
  • What is the meaning of true love?

1. Show How Much You Love a Person

Chen Xiao Xi has been very consistent in showing her love for Jiang Chen. In the first few episodes, due to her eagerness to show her love for Jiang Chen, she even searched the net for different ways on how to make Jiang Chen fall in love with her. Here are the tips Chen Xiao Xi searched for and did assume Jiang Chen would like her:

  • Be pretty and smart. The first two tips she searched for are to be beautiful and intelligent. Chen Xiao Xi is good-looking but not the smart one. In fact, she always causes troubles. As for her love for Jiang Chen, she even tried to be somehow intelligent. Unluckily, while hoping for the best, things didn't go well. She stumbled in her academic tests and went down 75 places in their class rankings. Thus, she failed with the first two tips. But she didn't stop there. She continued to do the remaining tips.
  • Be considerate. Being considerate is the next big tip. Xiao Xi is a sweet young girl. To show her tender love for Jiang Chen, Xiao Xi started to prepare breakfast for him every day. She makes steam buns and fried dough sticks every morning and hands it over to Jiang Chen before going to school. But none of her foods was received. It is either Jiang Chen doesn't take the food, or left earlier in the morning. He is so ignorant about Xiao Xi's efforts. Due to the unfortunate results, preparing breakfast didn't work. Xiao Xi continued to follow the last remaining tip.
  • Show your love. What could be sweeter than love letters right? Chen Xiao Xi thought of creating love letters for Jiang Chen to show her love. She read books teaching how to write love letters and asked her friend Lu Yang to teach her to write love letters too. Lu Yang claims that writing love letters is his expertise. So then they started brainstorming what Xiao Xi will write on her love letter. As she read the poem to Jiang Chen, he made her realized that it is lyrics from a song. Writing love letters didn't work.

Always set in your mind that the right time for everything is now. Now is the perfect timing to impress the person you love. If you thought of giving the person a letter and a gift or you want to help the person with studying, now is the ideal time. Remember that love is not a clock. You cannot set it at your most convenient time. You have to make the most out of every second and every opportunity you have with the person. Every heartbeat is a tick from the clock. Do not stop caring and loving the person you like. Show to the person that he/she is special. It is about making that person believe that you want him/her to be part of your life.

2. Turn Your Love into Inspiration

In episode 3, Chen Xiao Xi fearlessly ran for the position of class president. She thought that maybe running for the class president would make Jiang Chen proud of her. With her not so good grades and no accomplishments, everybody thinks there is no possibility of her succeeding. But with the influence of Lin Jing Xiao, she believed that it is possible to showcase her positive attributes. She contemplated about her speech and what she would have to say. Here is Chen Xiao Xi's campaign speech that is revolutionary and heart-touching.

I've never been a model student by any standard. I sometimes even make mistakes and make a fool out of myself. But I am willing to change for you guys. We will be spending the next three years together. In those three years, we may quarrel, and we may get angry at each other. But we will also strive together as a class. I hope the impression I leave you isn't the Chen Xiao Xi who's always getting into trouble and pulling you down but the Chen Xiao Xi who can truly be a help to everyone.

— Chen Xiao Xi

But again, faith didn't go with her. There were a lot of bad things happened along the campaign. Sadly, she resigned from the position of class leader. She didn't succeed with her plans, but she still looks forward to the chance of making Jiang Chen proud. In episode 5, she strived harder with her studies. Jiang Chen started to tutor Xiao Xi. She captures the strength and will to study from Jiang Chen. She finished all English writing assignments and practiced problems in Mathematics every day with Jiang Chen. Eventually, all her efforts and sleepless nights paid off. She finally ranked 13th in class.

Love shouldn't be a burden. Instead, it should serve as your inspiration. Turn your love into motivation and be the best version of yourself. Sometimes you have to go way over your comfort zone. You have to step up not just for your crush to like you but also for your future. Do not go way too crazy about someone you love. Let the love affect you in a better way. Push yourself to be better in your studies, beliefs, and values.

3. Jealousy Is the Best Way to Test Someone’s Love

Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen became lovers during college. But things got complicated as Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi underwent trials and hardships in life as lovers. Even though it is tough to come up with such a heartbreaking decision, they chose to end their relationship. They decided to separate as soon as Jiang Chen accepted the intern position at another large hospital in Beijing. In episode 20, Lu Yang and Lin Jing Xiao held a bachelor's party for their wedding. They invited their friends Wu Bosong, Chen Xiao Xi, and Jiang Chen. Shockingly, Jiang Chen came with a pretty, sexy girl. Certainly, Xiao Xi became jealous. It is clear that she still has feelings for him. A day has passed, and Xiao Xi found out that it was just a set-up. Jiang Chen hired the girl to make Xiao Xi jealous and know if she still has feelings for him. Jiang Chen's plan worked.

Jealousy is a technique in knowing if someone still got feelings for you. There are a lot of ways to do this. It doesn't just about talking to other people or falsely introducing a special someone. Say you are unavailable whenever he/she invites you. You can go out with your friends of the opposite sex and do fun stuff. Start conversations and talk about your past relationships.

Jealousy is the best way to test someone's love.

Jealousy is the best way to test someone's love.

4. Choose the One You Love over the One That Loves You

Wu Bo Song and Jiang Chen are the two guys who love Chen Xiao Xi. Wu Bo Song was the obvious one showing her love for Xiao Xi while Jiang Chen denied everything at first. It is undeniable that Xiao Xi's love for Jiang Chen is as pure as a crystal. But Wu Bo Song would do everything for Chen Xiao Xi. He really fought for his chance. Bo Song was always there when Xiao Xi needs help. Xiao Xi got confused about whom she will pick, the guy who saved her during her down times or who she loved for so long. In the end, as Jiang Chen started to show his love for Xiao Xi, their relationship became stronger. That whatever happens, there will be a certain kinship between them.

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In both cases, love is undeniably present. The statement above is somehow debatable. There will be different opinions from different people. But just like Xiaoxi, choose the one you love. Choosing the one you love gives a greater fulfillment in you. The joy of love is in giving they say. You experience an extreme level of happiness than when you pick the one who loves you. However, there are limitations. The relationship with the one you love requires to be comfortable and healthier both ways. Loving someone involves obligations. Unlike when you are loved, you only manage to gratify everything. Indulgement is not fair and unhealthy.

Choose the one you love over the one that loves you.

Choose the one you love over the one that loves you.

5. There Is No Such Thing as a Perfect Relationship

When Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen committed themselves in a relationship, everything was smooth as silk. But then, there is no perfect relationship. Eventually, they had no time for each other. Jiang Chen became occupied with the hospital he's working. On the other hand, Chen Xiao Xi got busy with her graduation project. Their schedules didn't match. Especially, Jiang Chen, he was always doing medical operations in the hospital all day long. He was not present during the times Xiao Xi needed her. They seldom see each other. As soon as they got busier with what they do, problems started to arise. They started having communication problems and simple misunderstandings which worsen. Because of the miserable turning of events, they decided to break the relationship.

All relationships go through hell, real relationships get through it.

— Anonymous

Nobody's perfect and so as relationships. Remember that perfect relationship is not genuine. In a relationship, you will experience trials like lack of communication, lack of support, differences of opinions and so much more. Regrets, jealousy, and misunderstandings are also parts of being in a relationship. But you always have to be stronger than what you think you are. Always remember that you should never leave a particular relationship because of little mistakes. Remember that being in a relationship entails forgiveness, acceptance, and learning. Love is love, despite what the situation is.

6. Be More Mature in a Relationship

Immature couples fail in relationships. Just like Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi, they were still immature before they broke up. It is clear about their behavior and actions. They started to point out each other's shortcomings and started to get jealous. There are several matters to learn to become mature in a relationship. In a relationship, don't try to be of the same person. Grow up and be completely different persons. Also, jealousy shouldn't be an issue anymore. Being mature in a relationship is about trusting your partner. If you want to have a lifetime partner, be mature.

Immature love wants a fun time. Mature love wants a lifetime.

— lovequotes

7. Love Is a Huge Sacrifice

As Jiang Chen started to intern in the hospital, his time for Chen Xiao Xi decreased. He was always doing operations and had something to do with his boss. When Chen Xiao needed Jiang Chen, he always can't come. As soon as Jiang Chen completed the operations, he tried to reach out for Chen Xiao Xi even if he's tired. Jiang Chen always looked for solutions in catching up with Xiao Xi. But, Chen Xiao Xi got drained of their set-up and so as Jiang Chen. Since Jiang Chen must go to Beijing because of a great opportunity, they just decided to break up.

Love is not just a feeling. It's a commitment and above all a sacrifice.

— picturequotes

In talking about love, sacrifice indicates anything. It can be about giving up everything that you have or just an ample time of yours. It can also be sacrificing your vices, religion, living situation, and career. Remember that love becomes extra special when you are willing to sacrifice anything. Love is selfless. Sometimes, you have to take a break from work to meet the needs of your partner. Sometimes, you have to give more attention, time and effort to your partner. You must support him/her in his/her difficult times. Always remember that time and attentiveness are the two most significant sacrifices that you can give to your partner. Surely, you will get through the sufferings, and everything will be worth it in the end.

8. True Love is Destiny

Jiang Chen and Chen Xiao Xi broke up after college. Due to different career paths, they didn't find a way to connect. But after several years, their paths crossed again. Jiang Chen's already a very successful doctor, and Chen Xiao Xi's a digital artist. As soon as Jiang Chen saw Chen Xiao Xi, he didn't waste any chance to be with her. It was obvious that they still love each other. It was difficult for Chen Xiao Xi to pick between Wu Bo Song and Jiang Chen. But, when Bo Song free Xiao Xi and Xiao Xi found out that Jiang Chen wanted to be with her, they started to build their relationship up again. It was like destiny.

Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.


"A Love So Beautiful" is a love story of hope and success. Sometimes, your love for each other has to end. Nevertheless, this is the origin of your destiny. Your paths are meant to cross again if you are destined for each other. Paths of two people designated for each other don't meet by accident. It is the universe that creates everything. Do not give up even if how complicated things get. You should know deep in your soul that love will still get on its way. Given a chance, grab the opportunity to be with him/her. If you are genuinely in love with each other, do not let the past overrule your destiny. True love is destiny.

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