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8 Girlish Gundam Pilots

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Yes, it ruined my day when I mistook a boy for a girl. In the real world it is easy to spot a drag in the street, though I doubt you could detect one in an anime series. The anime world brings in a lot of oddities and exaggerations, girlish men are one of them. At one point it is fun to guess if the leading lady is really an overly muscular bald man in skirt. And seeing the disgusted and surprised reactions in a friend’s face upon realizing that the chick he fixated is a guy is priceless.

That’s why I have trust issues in anime now. Good thing we got online forums and fan pages to warn us.

I thought I was safe in the mecha anime world. After all, it’s all about robots wrecking each other apart. I felt even safer when the EVA series came out as all we see here are insanities.

But I was wrong.

Someone thought it was a good idea to jump into the bandwagon and insert traps in the Gundam series. Girlish Gundam pilots were around since the UC era though. And to be honest not all are traps but just overly pretty bishounens with devilish tempers. Luckily since it’s more on mecha and not hentai, girlish men are rare in the Gundam world. Good for them because I paid for robot battles and kits and not for cross dressers.

And if I got your attention now, you might want to see some of the prettiest boys in the Gundam world. Just read below for more if you dare.

Special mention: Carris Nautilus (After War Gundam X)


Before we head into the realm of the overly pretty boys, let me introduce Carris Nautilus. He is the kickass pilot from the well-loved, but underrated series Gundam X. He ended up in the special mention because the category calls for a Gundam pilot and he only flies a RMSN-008 Bertigo (though he once piloted the Gundam Nouvelle in the prologue). Yet did you see him give the heroes a beating? It took a veteran warrior Jamil Neate to put him in his place. And thanks mostly to his small frame, blue eyes, delicate face and wavy blonde hair, I thought he was a girl. The seiyuu is not helping either. He owed his voice from the late great Yuko Mizutani. I only realized that he is a boy when he removed his shirts (and thanks mostly to online fandoms).

1. Quatre Raberba Winner (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)


As what I said in the beginning, I will start with the least girlish in the bunch. This one came from the Gundam Wing series and fans knew how much testosterone this mecha anime brings. It is known for high speed action, raids, fire fights and lot and lots of explosion. The Gundam Wing is also notorious for introducing an all bishounen pilots, though none seems to be overly girlish… except for Quatre Winner.

Okay it will be unfair to call him girlish. In anime standards he is still too boyish than your average trap. He maybe small and blonde, but compared to Carris he is not that feminine. It’s just that he is the most delicate of the five raving lead pilots. And there is nothing sissy on the way he fights or how he blows things. He had no problem killing someone, and he went into a murderous rampage inside the Wing Gundam Zero once for vengeance. And did I mention how he crossed the desert, survived a stab wound and drifted into space with limited oxygen like a boss?

2. Kamille Bidan (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)

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Some fans hated him. Before the annoying Shinn Azuka haunted our TV screens, Kamille Bida was pushing the tempers of otakus to the limit. He is known to be stubborn and gets annoyed when someone makes fun of his name. Who wouldn’t? The name Kamille sounds like that of a chick! In fact he is one of the few who had the most girlish name in the Gundam world which comes perfectly well with his lady features. See that hair? He wears it like a girl. His anime face is not helping either and yes he is as pretty as LaLa Sune if he will cross dress. Maybe it is better if he stays being an a-hole, as it made him manlier.

3. Yzak Joule (Gundam SEED)


When I first saw the 1/100 Duel Assault Shroud boxart (not the MG), I was stunned by the striking mobile suit design. The light blue colors and light orange goes well together, and that shoulder cannon looks neat. Plus he is piloted by a female ZAFT officer and…

Wait the minute, that’s a guy and not a chick.

Whoever gave Yzak Joule that Fairy Tale prince hairdo deserves a slap. Officially he’s the first mecha pilot to trap me, and I only realized he’s a guy when I saw the first Gundam SEED episodes. And you must not call him girlish if you know what’s good for you. Seeing on how he blew people up, he’s pretty ruthless and brutal. And he is one of the few people who are not afraid to face Kira Yamato toe to toe.

4. Rey Ze Burrel (Gundam SEED Destiny)


Yzak Joules might be the prettiest among the ZAFT officers back in SEED. But in SEED destiny he was dethroned by Rau’s clone. Yes, Rey Ze Burrel was the clone of the ever cold Rau Le Crueset (one of the best Char clone). He shares most of Rau’s features, down to the blond hair. Though I don’t understand how he became prettier than Cagalli Yula Athha. The way he wears his hair should be blamed, and trust me he needs a haircut. Nevertheless beyond the girlish facade is an effective mobile suit pilot. I will dare anyone to say “you look like a chick” in front of him and I bet you won’t stay healthy for long.

5. Ribbons ALmark (Gundam 00)


I have this weird feeling that this is how Nicole Amarfi (which will be discussed below) would look like if he survived the anti-ship sword attack. He did wear the cutest outfit in the circle of Gundam villains. Fans of the Gundam OO series, did you saw that white Innovator suit he sported? Well Innovators are meant to be androgynous, but by Innovator standards Ribbons is still unmistakably a guy. He is the only non-trap in the bunch. Nevertheless when compared with the bishounens of the series, he looks sweeter and feminine. In my opinion the protagonist Setsuna F. Seiei looks more imposing than him.

6. Nicole Amarfi (Gundam SEED)


Unlike Yzak and Dearka, Nicole Amarfi not only looks like a girl but he acts like one. Don’t get me wrong, he is a well-trained soldier, but he is not as aggressive and manly as his colleagues. He just looks softer than the already girlish Yzak Joule. He never wears his hair long, but look at those green K-pop locks. We But at least he never died a sissy, seen on how he belly-hugged an anti-ship sword.

7. Loran Cehack (Turn A Gundam)


Every lead Gundam pilot holds a distinct claim to fame. It’s just that Loran Cehack beats every lead pilot in terms of girlishness. He is the only lead protagonist that looks unmistakeably like a chick. Well the Turn A Gundam harbors the weirdest of suits, and what a way to flaunt such eccentricity than to present a trap. Yes he is a trap. Even if he is not cross dressing he had a striking chick features. And I know a lot of you people got the shock of the lifetime when he danced in full party gown.

9. Tieria Erde (Gundam 00)


And meet the king of them all, and the prettiest among the many male Gundam pilots. It seems like someone got drunk during his character developement. You know what I think of him? A male meganeko thanks to the glasses he is wearing. He is even prettier than Sumeragi Lee Noriega. Again it was a good thing that they made him stoic and strict. At least it made him harder and manlier. In fact the negative attitude balances the character perfectly. They created a macho character inside, but a girlish face outside. Good for him, because no fan will forget the day he dons a revealing party gown. I know how you wish someone will turn him into a girl.

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