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8 Anime Characters That Could Be Orochimaru's Vessel


Orochimariu's scientific curiosity knows no bounds. With his various test subjects including his artificially created son Mitsuke, learning all Jutsu in the ninja world, his many body swaps via the Living Corpse Reincarnation and so on. When Itachi sealed Orochimariu, it was Sasuke who would revive him by breaking Anko's seal which stored a portion of his consciousness coupled with a part of the snake’s power that dwelled within Kabuto.

As it stands now in the series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki gives Orochimariu some leeway to work in his lab on experiments that would benefit the Leaf Village. His lab made son Mitsuke being one of those experiments is the closest thing to family that Orochimariu has, and that seemingly is enough to suppress his darkened desires. But what if Orochimaru could become one with an able body from another anime universe, do you think he would do it? I say hell yes he would. Here is a list in no particular order of would be test subjects that would make Lord Orochimaru very happy to use their body as his own.


8) Eren Yeager -Attack on Titan

It may seem unorthodox when considering someone whose life has been shortened to thirteen years after becoming a Titan to be Orochimaru’s vessel, but since the Living Corpse Reincarnation only lasts for three years, he would need to switch bodies anyway. If Orochimaru saw Eren in his Titan form, he would immediately think it’s some sort of Summoning or Transformation Jutsu and immediately summon a giant snake to fight him. Eren as the Attack/Founding Titan would rip the snake apart before it could strike or wrap itself around him. Orochimaru would be pleased and intrigued with this find and immediately want to take Eren back to his lab to do further research on his monstrous ability. Eren would never agree to this willingly, so Orochimaru flees for a bit, but watches Eren from nearby as he turns back into his normal form. He then places his curse mark on the young man’s neck, binding him to his new master.

Eren agrees to giving Orochimaru his body but warns the ninja of the thirteen-year clock that inheriting the Titan has. Orochimaru would agree as he would simply look for another host body before that time. But first, he would use his new power as the Founding Titan to control all the other Titan’s of the world and finally return to the Hidden Leaf Village to crush it with his Titan army. Even Naruto with his Sage of Six Paths abilities wouldn’t stand a chance.


7) Izuku Midoriya -My Hero Academia

Just as Sasuke piqued his interest, Orochimaru would desperately want the raw potential of youth and the inherited quirk One for All in Izuku Midoriya. As Midoriya is still young and has yet to unlock all his quirk’s abilities, Orochimaru would confront the hero from UA, but meet nothing but resistance. The Sanin would dig into his bag of tricks to place his curse mark and subdue Midoriya long enough to take him back to the lab for testing. Orochimaru would use his other test subjects as training dummies for the awesome powers of One for All.

He would Detroit Smash them all, sending them flying back slamming through the wall. When the time came, he and his followers would invade the Leaf with Orochimaru using a few shadow clones to spread out the chaos. One on one with Naruto who could summon one thousand shadow clones, he wouldn’t stand a chance. But if he played it right, Orochimaru and his followers could set up a ploy to draw Naruto out of the village so that it would be easier to destroy everyone and take over.


6) Saitama -One Punch Man

The guy that likes to be a hero for fun is one of anime’s strongest characters. Much has been debated about whether he really is an invincible God, or if he just trains really hard with his one-hundred pushups, sit-ups, squats and ten kilometer run everyday regimen. Either way, Orochimaru would want to experiment on him to learn more, that is if he could get him to willingly be a test subject. He would lie and tell him that he is a game designer who thinks he’d be perfect as the main character in his new game. An excited Saitama would agree and follow the ninja to his lab where Orochimaru would slip a powerful sedative into the hero’s drink. Out like a light, Orochimaru would place his curse mark on him then do his analysis to find that he’s just a human with extraordinary speed and strength.

Orochimaru seems disappointed yet decides to give Saitama’s body a try anyway. He doesn’t notice anything profound at first until testing out a regular punch on a demon who crossed his path. He was floored by the sheer power he felt from doing something so easy that he needed more. He finds a group of stronger demons that only A-Class heroes can deal with. He dodged their attacks with ease and dispatched them with a series of blows. Satisfied, he invades the Hidden Leaf and is confident that he is stronger than even the Hokage himself. Himself and Naruto are pretty evenly matched, until Orochimaru uses a serious punch that shreds Naruto’s body apart. The Hidden Leaf Village is his for the taking.


5) C.C -Code Geass

The First of the immortal beings on this list is the one who gave Lelouch his Geass eye in Code Geass. Let’s say that Orochimaru learns of C. C’s love for pizza and cheese-kuns and brings over a few boxes to persuade her. Talking of his scientific exploits, he eventually convinces her into taking on her body and possessing her powers of Geass. Sure, he could’ve just persuaded C.C into marking him with Geass and giving him the Code of Immortality, but then, he wouldn’t be able to do his experiments on her and experience the thrill of transferring bodies.

So now that he has the Geass and immortality, he seeks out his most worthy followers and bestows them with Geass. Orochimaru then marches to the Leaf armed with his ninja and Geass powers which manifests differently in people depending on their desires. For Orochimaru, he wants to learn every Jutsu and everything else there is in the world. With the Geass, he demands that everyone he comes across, the Kage’s and Jonin level ninja specifically to teach him. Armed with more than enough knowledge, an immortal Orochimaru challenges Naruto and defeats him with his own Rasenshuriken.


4) Sosuke Aizen -Bleach

Another immortal character who is similar to Orochimaru in terms of ambition and great intellect would be a very suitable host body for the snake’s soul to dwell within. Orochimaru does a Transformation Jutsu as one of the guards in the eighth level of the Central Great Underground Prison where Aizen is serving his twenty-thousand-year sentence. Rather than fight with Aizen which would likely spell his defeat, Orochimaru has an intelligent discussion with the man. They discuss everything from history, politics, phycology ECT. Once Orochimaru shows him some of his many Jutsu, Aizen is intrigued and agrees that if Orochimaru can break him out of his prison cell, then he will willingly give up his body to the snake.

Orochimaru reveals that he did not come unprepared, and his followers strike from the shadows, taking out all the guards. After doing his experiments on Aizen and taking his form for himself, Orochimaru is happy with the swiftness of each blade stroke and the way he could move that it made him feel invincible. Armed with the tremendous Soul Reaper abilities that Aizen possesses even after losing the Hogyoku, Orochimaru brings down the Leaf with the sheer weight of his spiritual power. When it’s time to face Naruto, he lets Naruto wear himself out on the immortal being before disappearing and driving a blade through the Hokage’s heart.


3) Meliodas -The Seven Deadly Sins

Next up, Orochimaru takes interest in one of anime’s most powerful magic users. Meliodas is an immortal through resurrection, but besides that, he is the most powerful demon in the Seven Deadly Sins only second to his father the Demon King himself. So, to lure him, Orochimaru would have to use his cunning abilities as a shinobi. He would frequent the Boar Hat Tavern where he would get intel on the Captain of the Sin’s, transform into Elizabeth and when he’s distracted, knock him out with a clone, followed by putting the curse mark on him.

After all the experimenting, Orochimaru now possesses the one technique that could reflect any Ninjutsu back at an opposing ninja, and with double the strength, Full-Counter. He used it on the likes of Sasuke who had been keeping tabs on him. He reflected his Chidori back at Sasuke, killing him. He then laid waste to everyone else in the village before he faced Naruto. Orochimaru tapped into his newly acquired demon power and it was an even fight against Naruto’s Six Paths Sage Mode. He waited for Naruto to use a Rasengan, then used Full-Counter, reflecting his own attack right back at him with double the intensity.


2) Cell -Dragon Ball Z

The only android on the list, Orochimaru would become quite fascinated by Perfect Cell’s powers borrowed from the Earth’s greatest fighters, that he would gather all of Earth’s Dragon Balls to bring him back from the Otherworld. Although Cell’s life has no expiration, he still can be killed. That’s why for the second wish, Orochimaru tells Shenron to make Cell immortal just to be safe. When Cell appears, the ninja explains what happened and what he wants of him in return. Cell not willing to part his perfect form to another raises his hand to Orochimaru, but nothing happens.

With the third and final wish, Orochimaru wished that Cell could not use his Ki or any other attacks on the ninja just in case Cell were to not show gratitude towards his resurrector. Cell reluctantly agreed to be Orochimaru’s latest test subject. When all was said and done, Orochimaru had the kind of power to destroy the entire Hidden Leaf Village and everyone one in it instantly. He used instant transmission to go to Naruto first and gave him a grave warning of what was to come. What followed was mass genocide of the Leaf that Naruto using the teleportation Jutsu tried to attack Orochimaru from his blindside with a Rasenshuriken using all his Shadow Clones.

When the dust cleared, both arms and legs were blown up, but thanks to Piccolo’s cell’s, he regenerated them. Orochimaru smiling wickedly took down every last clone with physical attacks until finishing off the real Naruto with a Kamehameha.


1) Dio -Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

This pick is quite interesting as Dio has already stolen the body of Joseph Joestar, so this would be a two for one special of sorts. Nevertheless, Orochimaru would go to see Dio a while before he was killed by Jotaro. As his fascination with his vampire and time stopping abilities ultimately make him more interesting to Orochimaru. He visits Dio at his mansion in Egypt, but once again he is prepared having his followers cover every corner. He casually approaches the sitting Dio and asks if he likes power.

Dio is perplexed, but then answered yes. Orochimaru then making a hand signal did a Summoning Jutsu of his giant snake and said if Dio wanted this kind of power. Dio scoffed and as he was about to unleash his stand the World to stop time, he was halted by Suigetsu and Jugo who grabs and holds him with his monstrous arm. They take him back to Orochimaru’s lab for testing. Once the body transfer has been completed, Orochimaru uses the stop time ability to go kill Naruto and a handful of others nearby. With Vampiric abilities, Orochimaru can live forever if done right. At the very least, he can live long enough to learn every single Jutsu in the ninja world.

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