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7 Most Powerful Villains In Ben 10

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7 Most Powerful Villains In Ben 10

A worthy antagonist helps perfect your story. While kids love the hero, it’s the villain that makes him heroic. Ben 10 had some of the best villains on Cartoon Network. Here are 7 whom we consider the most powerful.


7. Malware

Omniverse wasn’t the best Ben 10 installment, but it certainly had its moments. I mean, it’s actually the series where Alien X recreated the entire universe. A pretty cool scene. It did also have some noteworthy villains and one of them being Malware. This name was coined by Azmuth to describe a flawed, or rather, an incomplete mechamorph. Malware first appeared as a skinny black and yellow Galvanic Mechamorph.

Unlike his fellow species, Malware tainted the technology he touched. Instead of helping to enhance these creations, he merged with them. That being the case, he diverted from his original function. Rather than improve other people’s inventions, he sought to use their inventions to enhance himself. And with that goal and his hatred for Azmuth, he set his eyes on the ultimate weapon, the Omnitrix. We can call him a rogue Upgrade.

Malware was an extremely powerful villain who destroyed Feedback by separating him from Ben and even merged with Way Big. His kind of power in a technologically advanced planet makes him very lethal.


6. Kevin Levin

Vilgax described Kevin as quote, unquote “some misshapen, chaotic, amalgam of creatures from the Omnitrix”. I know, it’s a bit extreme, but accurate nonetheless. Kevin did turn over a new leaf in Alien Force so, we’ll base him solely on the Classic.

Introduced in the episode Kevin 11, Kevin Ethan Levin was born with the ability to absorb energy and matter. He becomes friends with Ben after XLR8 saves him from a bunch of guys attempting to settle old scores. However, this friendship does not last after it becomes apparent that Kevin is more of a delinquent than some rebellious child.

In Framed, Kevin commits a series of crimes while impersonating Ben’s aliens. After losing to Ben, he attempts to transform again but ends up being, well, what Vilgax said. In this form, Kevin is part Diamond head, part Heatblast, part Wildmutt, part Upgrade, part XLR8, part Stinkfly, and part Fourarms. Although non-dominant, he also has some attributes of Greymatter and Ripjaws. With the power of all Ben’s aliens, he is able to take out Four Arms easily.

In Ben 10 Classic, it’s clear that Kevin’s arrogance and resentment towards Ben clouds his judgement. Even in this hybrid form, Ben still somehow finds a way to beat him.


5. Albedo

Albedo is one of smartest, if not, the smartest villains in Ben 10. Albedo was a Galvan just like Azmuth. While creating a copy of the Omnitrix, he was turned into a Ben Tennyson doppelgänger. Viewing this form as disgusting and inferior, he travelled to earth to trace the real Ben and use his Omnitrix to change himself back.

Upon tracing Ben, he claimed to be the creator of the Omnitrix and that he wanted the device back. The lie was however discovered and led to a fight. Albedo believing himself to be superior reverted back to human form and decided to fight Ben by hand. This was not a good idea as his Omnitrix attached to Ben’s creating a bio-energy feedback. This altered his appearance making him perfectly distinguishable from Ben. His hair turned white, his eyes red and his clothes changed to black and red.

This feedback also caught the attention of Azmuth. As punishment, the Galvan reaped the core of Albedo’s Omnitrix thus trapping him in a prison. Here, his hatred for Ben grew. Upon escaping, he stole a prototype of the Omnitrix that Azmuth was developing and made the Ultimatrix.

The Ultimatrix was more powerful than the Omnitrix as it enabled the wielder to evolve its alien’s base form. The fact that Albedo was able to build a copy of the Omnitrix and further develop an Ultimatrix makes him quite the foe.


4. Aggregor

Aggregor, like Kevin, is an Osmosian. They are classified as humans with a distinct genetic component that allows them to exhibit special abilities. Kinda like X-Men. Aggregor, unlike Kevin, is a diabolical villain who’s unrelenting in his quest for power.

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First featured in the episode fame in Ben 10: Ultimate alien, Aggregor wanted to become the ultimate being so he could rule the universe. His plan to achieve this was to take the powers of five alien species; an Orishan (Bivalvan), a Geochelone Aerio (Galapagus), a Prypiatosian-B (P’andor), a Talpaedan (Andreas) and an Amperi (Ra’ad). Ben's nicknames for these aliens were Water Hazard, Terraspin, NRG, Armodrillo and Ampfibian, respectively. All resided in the Andromeda Galaxy and absorbing their powers would give Aggregor the strength to assemble the Map of Infinity. With it, he could finally find the Forge Of Creation and absorb a baby Celestialsapien’s power.

Despite making it to the Forge of Creation, Aggregor never got the powers of the Celestialsapien, thanks to Ultimate Kevin. However, this failure in no way renders him a lesser Villain. He’s actually one of the biggest threats I’ve seen in Ben 10. Even before his Ultimate form, Aggregor was quite powerful. He had impressive combat skills (especially with his weapon), matter absorption capabilities and a super brain.


3. Vilgax

First featured in the episode And Then There were 10, Vilgax is a green, mechanized, tentacular alien from a species called Chimera Sui Generis. From the very first episode, Vilgax was teased as the “big bad”.

We’re introduced to the villain as he pursues an alien ship in possession of the Omnitrix. The ship, we later find out, was being piloted by Xylene. After a long confrontation, Vilgax’s Chimeran Hammer manages to destroy Xylene’s ship but sustains damage. Xylene manages to send the Omnitrix to Earth hoping it would reach Max Tennyson, but it's found by a wandering Ben.

Vilgax is severely injured in the clash and forced to stay inside a healing chamber. Despite being there, he stills sends his droids, bounty hunters and even a human, to get him the Omnitrix. All of whom fail. It is not until the episode Secrets, that a revitalized Vilgax goes to retrieve the Omnitrix himself. And, he is oh so glorious!

He is everything he’s built out to be. He destroys Ben’s aliens without breaking a sweat. Heatblast’s efforts barely move him. Stinkfly is brought down from the sky and caught in a huge explosion. Diamondhead barely dents his armour and is smashed so hard his head fractures. XLR8 is left shaking in pain after trying to strike him at full speed. For once, we see Ben struggle to take out a villain.

It is in Secrets that Vilgax reveals his masterplan to Ben. His goal is to create an army each with an Omnitrix and under his command. With such an army, he could finally conquer the universe. Vilgax is everything you want your villain to be. He’s calculating, intimidating, powerful and ruthless. All these make him perfect as Ben 10’s arch-nemesis.


2. Ghostfreak (Zs'Skayr)

People underestimate Ghostfreak. Zs’Skayr is no mere villain. As a matter of fact, he’s gone toe to toe with Vilgax. And not just that, in Alien Force, he managed to enslave Vilgax’s home world making even the conqueror himself seek help from Ben.

Originating from Anur Phaetos, Ghostfreak is what’s known as an Ectonurite. He was introduced as an antagonist in the episode Ghostfreaked Out.

Unlike other alien species in the Omnitrix, Ectonurites remain conscious even within the slightest sample of DNA. So, Zs’Skayr was always there. In the episode, he even tells Ben that he was never him. Ben himself asserts this by stating that he always felt a bit off when he was Ghostfreak. After escaping from the Omnitrix, Zs’Skayr teamed up with Zombozo’s henchmen with the aim of taking over Ben 10’s body so he could use the Omnitrix to become whole again.

Normally, Ben used Ghostfreak to do silly things like scare Gwen or sneak in or out of some place. However, in Ghostfreaked Out, we finally saw just how deadly the alien could be. Zs’Skayr gave Frightwig, Acid Breath and Thumbskull the beating of their lives.

Zs’Skayr has also been one of the most recurring villains in Ben 10. He was in fact, the primary villain in Ben 10 Classic season 3. The episodes, Benwolf and Under Wraps were both build up to the two-part episode The Return and Be Afraid Of The Dark, which marked Ghostfreak’s return.

Apart from Levitation, fright inducement, invisibility, deformation and possession, Ghostfreak can also emit an energy beam from his chest.


1. Dagon

Dagon is an ancient multidimensional life form. He usually takes the shape of a humongous floating tentacular being. Many who haven’t watched Ben 10 past the Classic, mistake Dagon for Vilgax. Even Vilgax himself admits that he was revered by the Esoterica because he looked like the Dagon. He does use a Vox Peniculus to take the power of Dagon and become a nearly perfect replica of him. However, this form is short-lived.

While susceptible to a sword named Ascalon, Dagon is still incredibly powerful. He has heightened strength as seen in the way he lifted Ultimate Waybig using his tentacles. Strength aside, he can fire beams from his eyes, control people’s mind, transfer his power to others, teleport, alter his body form as well as that of others, and heal himself.

Dagon views himself as a supreme being. With 100 conquered dimensions under his belt, he’s not a villain you should take lightly. Although there are ways to prevent his mind control, the fact that he can transform those he controls to their full potential, is scary. Like for example, when he took control of Gwen, he was able to instantly make her take her Anadite form. Anadites are energy beings with the ability to extract mana from anything around them. The form allowed Gwen to easily beat Humungosaur.

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