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Unknown Facts About Nikola Tesla

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Imagine what would happen if electricity could not reach your house today. The light which we see today during the night may have turned into darkness. The credit for bringing electricity to everyone's homes is attributed to the great inventor, Nikola Tesla. Patents of more than 300 inventions in the name of this great scientist are registered in different countries. Some inventions succeeded him. So some inventions failed but they did not give up. His life was full of secrets. So let's know some things about Tesla that you will be unaware of. So let's start.

1. The Shock Of His Brother's Death:-

In 1863, Tesla lost his elder brother in a riding accident when he was just 7 years old. Seeing his brother's death at such a young age, he got a deep trauma. Due to this shock, mental illnesses have surrounded him since childhood. He often saw many illusions. Which was often not true. Tesla got rid of this problem in his youth with his willpower. But in the last moments of his life, he again had to cope with this mental illness. He also thought that he could communicate mysteriously with the pigeons of New York. After the death of Nikola Tesla, doctors admitted that he was suffering from OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I think that at that particular time may be mental illness is unknown to people.

Nikola Tesla's Design Of Induction Motor

Nikola Tesla's Design Of Induction Motor

2. Tesla Works As A Laborer:-

After graduating from university, Tesla got the idea that Direct current is not suitable for sending electricity to long distances. This requires finding a new alternative and in the same confusion, Tesla invented the induction motor that produces an Alternating current. Now it was time to meet Thomas Edison, the most impressive inventor of that time. So Tesla traveled to the United States in 1884 and worked as an engineer in Edison's company. Edison was also impressed by his hard work and simplicity. One day when Tesla tried to explain the concept of his AC Current. Edison rejected the idea of Tesla. One day Edison said that he would pay 50000 US dollars to Tesla if he could improve the DC generator further.

Tesla spent about 6 months improving the design of the generator and eventually returned with a solution. But when Tesla asked for his 50,000$. Edison flatly refused, saying he was joking Soon after, Tesla left Edison's company and then spent his time as a laborer to earn a livelihood.

3. Tesla Had Nearly Discovered X-Rays:-

Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain became friends in the 1890s. Twain was very fond of new inventions and science. He often used to visit Tesla's laboratory to meet him. One day Tesla invited Mark Twain to be photographed with a new electrical device, called the Crookes Tubes, which was to be used to take photos. When Tesla went to review the negatives of the photos he took, he noticed that there was something splotchy and spotty. They thought it might have been ruined. A few weeks later it is reported that Wilhelm Rontgen, a German scientist, has discovered the X-rays through Crookes Tube. Then Tesla realized that the spots he saw on the negatives of the photos were X-rays.

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4. Tesla Invented A Remote-Controlled Warship-

In 1898 when the Spanish-American War was at its peak. Then Tesla was working on one of his side projects. That side project was a miniature boat that could start, stop and run with underdeveloped rudimentary radio signals. When Nicole Tesla filed a patent for this invention, the US Patent Officer refused to believe that it could happen. So he sent an employee to Tesla's manhattan lab to review the boat. Nikola Tesla then gave a demonstration of his boat. He told the New York Post that his new invention allows war without risking human life, and with it, the warship will become just an ordinary iron box.

5.Tesla Claims They Received Signals From Outer Space Was Proven Right Finally:-

It is the summer of 1899. Nikola Tesla set up a field laboratory in Colorado Springs. He was exploring the possibilities of using high-altitude stations to transmit information and electrical power over long distances there. One day while on a storm, a Tesla device detected a wavelength of a few different frequencies mounted from the sky. After extensive study, he concluded that these signs must be from another planet. Well then any scientific institutions refused to accept his claim. Nearly 100 years after the event, scientists published a study mimicking Tesla's experiment that those signals originated from the Moon's arrival in Jupiter's magnetic field.

Colorado Springs Laboratory

Colorado Springs Laboratory

6. Renowned architect Stanford White designed Tesla's laboratory:-

In 1901, Tesla convinced his financier J.P. Morgan to invest 150,000 US Dollars in the new invention. He wanted to build a powerful laboratory on the northern shore of Long Island at Wardenclyffe which was to be the new hub of Tesla's wireless radio and electrical power transmission. Stanford White, the greatest architect of that time and a close friend of Tesla, was allowed to design the lab. He designed a one-story lab, which also contained a 185-foot tower. A detailed grounding system was also built to hold the earth.


7.Tesla's Last Days In Extreme Poverty:-

For decades, Tesla kept itself alive as a showman invention. But at the last stage of his age, he faced extreme poverty. However, he spent all his life in residential hotels. He liked to live with pigeons instead of people's company. He held a press conference every year on his birthday. When he celebrated his ninth birthday, he announced his new invention, a pocket-sized oscillator. According to him, this device can collapse the Empire State Building in a few minutes. A year later he held forth on his secret for longevity toe-wriggling.

So that's it for today guys. Keep smiling, be curious, and don't the power of science. See you next time. Till then do whatever you want to do but don't forgot to take care of your parents.


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