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7 Toughest Old Timers in Anime

Today, I rank anime's toughest elders from stern disciplinarians to flat out pervs, these geezers are elite fighters that deserve respect.


They’re not as young as they used to be, but they still kick ass. It seems that many popular anime/manga series has that one character of advanced age who plays the role of mentor to the younger main protagonist. Yet just because they take a back seat to the main characters doesn't mean they don't play a pivotal role in the overall plot. The following ranks these elderly warriors by strength and all-around toughness.


7) Grand Torino

The heroes of My Hero Academia range from having useless quirks to more prominent ones like One for All. Grand Torino used to be a tall hero with a muscular build. But now, he is short, gray haired and wields a cane. (#YodaVibes) However, at his old age, he taught students like All Might how to fight and his more recent protégé Izuku Midoriya a few tricks. When first meeting Deku in the anime, Grand Torino purposely attempted to rile him up by forgetting his name and not listening to a word he said. This was merely a test to see how the young hero from UA would react. And eventually, Deku realized when he fought the old timer that he was not to be taken lightly. Using his quirk called Jet, Grand Torino uses high pressure air to propel himself around like a human fighter jet which helped the old hero take down some League of Villains members with ease.


6) Bang

Another hero, but from a different series (One Punch Man) is up next. Bang aka Silver Fang uses his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist style of martial arts skills to take down high level demons. This old pro is an S-Rank member of the Hero Association and the number three ranked hero. Bang is very strong for his age and prefers to end matters with a single powerful blow. When he becomes angered however, his style gets sloppy as he frantically throws several fists not as accurately. Bang is a martial arts master and a man of honor who actively looks for disciples that could potentially succeed him one day and become the master of his dojo. And despite his serious personality, he uses his awesome skills to help people in need whenever possible. Bang is proof that your never too old to want to give back to your community or be a teacher to someone.

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5) Genkai

In Yu-Yu Hakusho, this short, pink haired elder taught Yusuke how to fight and use the Spirit Gun. But more than that, she’s a strong woman who develops a softer side for Yusuke over time. Genkai would even help him in the Dark Tournament by entering as the masked fighter and being appointed to Yusuke’s team. She’s a master of martial arts who like many others lives secluded in the mountains, but not like many lives there in a mansion. Genkai is a master tactician as it relates to fighting and is a master of the Spirit Wave style. The Spirit Wave’s abilities range from defensive powers like healing, to putting up a barrier to more offensive’s ones like the Spirit Gun and Spirit Shotgun. In her years, she has fought many battles against demons, but also collected many arcade machines. I suppose every aging martial arts master needs a hobby.


4) Master Roshi

Anime’s most legendary pervert is also one of anime’s toughest old timers. Roshi is the founder and master of the Turtle Hermit school of martial arts and taught the likes of the Ox King, Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha how to fight. Although much of his training consisted of delivering milk cartons and tilling the farms and not actual fighting moves, it helped build strength and endurance for Goku and Krillin when they entered their first World Martial Arts Tournament. Roshi invented the Kamehameha Wave and channeling his Ki, he gets big and muscular before releasing it at full power. Master Roshi is an old martial arts hermit who lives on his own island and is a notorious pervert when faced with a beautiful girl like Bulma back in the original Dragon Ball. In Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, he underwent training to quell his inner desires and offered to face the female fighters of opposing universes. In the end however, Master Roshi simply could not change who he is and ran with open palms ready to grab onto his female opponent’s privates. Master Roshi is a great teacher and tough martial arts practitioner that will forever live on as anime’s greatest pervert.


3) Makarov

The Fairy Tail Guildmaster like others in this list may be small in stature, but his power is something to behold. Not just his magic, but also his love for his guild that are all like children to him. His fatherly personality which includes stern discipline like bonking his guild children Natsu and Grey over the head for disobeying his orders and a slightly more perverted punishment of spanking Lucy while he yelled at Natsu. Makarov is generally perceived as wise and calm, yet sometimes, he lays down the law. The Fairy Law that is which is a mighty Legendary Magic exclusive to Fairy Tail that shines down a mass of holy light from the sky that destroys any evil but leaves everyone else whom Makarov cares about unharmed. His signature move that makes up for his Danny DeVito esc stature is called Giant, which is just what it sounds like. This magic turns Fairy Tail’s elder into a giant man with immense magical and physical might.


2) Onoki

The third Tsuchikage of the Hidden Stone village is another short, yet formidable senior citizen. He was too proud to step down from his high position saying that he was still strong enough to do his duty of protecting the village. He generally disliked those who are his junior questioning him, until Kazekage Gaara would change his mind and make Onoki realize that wisdom is not only reserved for elders. Onoki uses the Particle Style Jutsu which combines the chakra natures of fire, wind, lightning and earth into a singular particle cube that can turn any foe into dust. He can also change its shape and lock on like a guided missile to ensnare moving targets. Nowadays, he is over the age of one hundred, retired and confined to a wheelchair. But as we have seen in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Onoki can still fight and hold his own despite his poor health.


1) Head Captain Yamamoto

He may appear to be a fragile old man, but Genruyusai Shigekuni Yamamoto is as tough as they come in the Soul Society of Bleach and anime worlds beyond. As Head Captain of the Thirteen Court Guards Squads, Yamamoto is highly respected and doesn’t take insubordination lightly and expects his fellow Captains to follow suit. He’s calm under pressure but can be quick to anger under the right circumstance. Beyond his fragile looking state, in combat when releasing his Bankai, his worn out Zanpakuto can burn anyone to ash that it touches. On top of that, Yamamoto has over two thousand years of experience, and his fiery strength and immense spiritual pressure make him the strongest old timer of all.

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