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8 Inspirational Movies for Teenage Girls


Princess Cut Trailer

Movies are one way that can impact the lives of teenage girls. Choosing the right movie to bring across an empowering message can make a difference in teenagers. Here are wonderful, inspiring movies for teenage girls which teaches about character, life, problems in life, identity, relationships and many more things that are experienced during those years.

Princess Cut

This is a wonderful movie for teenage girls. It taught what it takes to find your soulmate. It is about a farm girl, Grace, who is in her early 20’s and has dreamed all her life of the day when the right guy for her slips a Princess Cut diamond on her finger and to love her forever. But when expectations of the ideal romance come crashing down, Grace now goes on a journey, with her father's help, to discover and understand the power of true love. Grace had to go through some not so good experiences that taught her about love, romance, guys, relationships, what she wants and not want, what she needs and does not need. This is a very real movie that touches a very real pressing issue faced by teenage girls as they prepare for adulthood.

Soul Surfer (2011)

This is a true story of a teenage girl who loves to surf, but a shark attacked her and ended up losing her arm. As a result of this event, she has to face many things as teen. One of the things to learn from this movie is that good things can come out of the most bad and difficult event. Through perseverance, encouragement, help from others, she realized that life is not completely over through this traumatic event. It took going through one day at a time. She was able to believe in herself and move forward despite her handicap. This is a very moving and encouraging story.

Great Upbeat Inspiring movie

October Baby

This is a very powerful movie that really touched me. It's about a beautiful college student who suddenly finds out after a medical emergency that she has been adopted. But that is not all. There was another secret that her adopted parents kept from her. A very thrilling movie of a young woman searching for answers and in the process understanding forgiveness, her worth and purpose.

Dakota's Summer (Cowgirls n Angels 2)

This movie is really good for teenage girls. This story is about Dakota, a young woman who has to make some very difficult choices while growing up in a horse ranch. Dakota found out that she is adopted. When she learns this information, her world goes into a downward spiral. She gets busy with horses and winning the competitions to forget about what she knows. Although she does all these things to avoid the fact of her adoption, she just can't seem to get it out of her mind.

Dakota goes on a journey to search for her "real" family and who she really is. She does go on to meet her biological mother, but soon realizes that things happen for a reason. This is a great family movie. This movie is full of valuable lessons of love and forgiveness.

Step up 2: The Streets

It is one of the best dance movies and a great story for teen girls. Step up 2 is the sequel to Step up. It is about a teen named Andie whose mother died when she was young. She is now living with her mother's best friend. She does not have any real purpose and finds herself at a crossroads. She has a few options to choose from, either part ways with the infamous 410 (a dance crew) , go to a prestigious dance school or live with her aunt in Texas.

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Homeless to Harvard

This movie is based on a true story. Liz Murray is a young girl who grew up with drug-addicted and mentally ill parents. Liz becomes homeless at 15 and after the death of her mom, she is motivated to intensely finish her education, which ultimately changes her entire life. Watch as this teenager has to be her own parent, take care of herself, make choices and go through some massive tribulations. It is a very inspiring and moving movie. You can read the book, Breaking night : a memoir of forgiveness, survival, and my journey from homeless to Harvard by Liz Murray for the entire story.


Gracie is about a young woman who continues her dream of playing soccer even though she faces many conflicts and oppostion from her peers and the coach. A great movie for teen girls about how to deal with adversities and challenges and despite the odds, still believe in yourself and knowing that even if you are girl, you can do anything.

Bend it like Beckham

This is movie is extremely funny and entertaining. It is about a girl who was born in England who desires to play soccer like David Beckham, but her family does not understand why she wants to. Learn what she does to make her dream come true.

Little Women

An inspirational and beautiful movie for teen girls. Four sisters raised by their mom and their father is off at war, share life with all its challenges and wonderful moments.

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Kevina Oyatedor on August 21, 2013:

Great hub. Love Bend it like Beckham, Homeless to Harvard, Gracie, and Step Up 2: The Streets.

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