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7 Important Reasons Why Tv Series 'Anne with an E' Deserves More Seasons #renewannewithane

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'Anne with Anne E' Cancellation after 3 Seasons

Just a week ago, 'Anne with an E,' a Canadian television series based on the 1908 novel 'Anne of Green Gables' by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and created by award-winning writer Moira Walley-Beckett, aired the last episode of its third season. Finally, the wonderful world of AWAE happily celebrated the romantic moment Anne and Gilbert shared onscreen that everyone has been patiently waiting for. Many fans have even teared up quite a few times, including me, watching the episode.

It was a beautiful season with so many heartfelt moments and we could never ask for more, or at least we thought. Because with the season finale, also came the news of the show's cancellation.

Moira Walley-Beckett: Our beloved 'Anne with An E' writer and producer

Moira Walley-Beckett: Our beloved 'Anne with An E' writer and producer

Everyone was shocked and incredibly sad that our precious story already came to an end. Like what? Really? I thought we've only started. But the news was real, as well as the heartaches that came with it.

But for the amazing AWAE nation, the fight is not yet over. Our voices still need to be heard. There are shows that were returned back onscreen because of the overflowing support of fans all around the globe and AWAE fans are proving us that this show also deserves to have another chance.

7 Important Reasons Why 'Anne with an E' Deserves More Seasons #renewannewithane

Not convinced that this show is good enough for another season? Let me give you 7 solid reasons why 'Anne with an E' does not just deserve to return to the screen but also deserves more seasons to inspire and make our world better.

Beware of spoilers though. I'm going all in.


1. It is filled with beautifully imperfect characters and amazing cast.

From the first to the latest season of this beloved series, we were shown the growth of amazing characters. They showcased normal, flawed personalities, in different types of families and backgrounds, and how they were changed when Anne came along in Avonlea.

From Anne (Amybeth McNulty) and her fiery temper, her vast imagination, her hunger for a family and a forever home. She bloomed from a young kid who would do anything to be kept by the Cuthberts, awkward and bullied for being different, to a young lady with huge dreams and parents who love her and accept her wish to soar.

The Cuthberts, Marilla (Geraldine James), who at first was adamant about keeping an orphaned girl, was stiff and bound by old traditions and expectations, is now a very caring and loving mother and one of the most understanding people in Anne's life. And the ever-supportive Matthew (R. H. Thomson), who would go above and beyond for the new girl who brought color to his life, changed from a quiet, unopinionated man to the most loving and courageous father Anne could ever have.

The ever-so-lovely Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann), who has always been perfect in my eyes honestly, also went through the hardest situations and the saddest of times, still looks forward to the future, driven by his passion and always stands by what is right and just.

my girls

my girls

Anne's best friends: our dear Queen Diana (Dalila Bela), who's always been charming and a great and loyal friend to Anne since they first met but was trapped by her parents' expectations, is now starting to let her wings fly. And our dear Cole (Cory Grüter-Andrew), who went through the hardest things, is now free and living his life the way he wanted.

Anne's classmates, who at first looked at Anne as someone bizarre and different because of being an orphan, are now good friends with her and join in her weird yet magical rituals.

To the amazing characters that shaped Anne and her friends' lives, like Aunt Josephine (Deborah Grover), Bash (Dalmar Abuzeid), Mary (Cara Ricketts), Miss Stacy (Joanna Douglas), and Jerry ( Aymeric Jett Montaz). They are some of the greatest characters we grew to love and look up to. Even Rachel (Corrine Koslo), who can be the most traditionally strict, rule-abiding nosy woman with the most straightforward mouth in Avonlea, has found it in her heart to loosen up and accept change.

This just shows how even the most flawed individual can develop and change to something better. This gives us a better perspective on life and the people around us. These characters were all portrayed magnificently by these amazing actors and it will be a shame if we'll not let them do their magic for more years to come.

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2. It shows us the power of imagination.

Anne is not just a force of nature because of her fierceness and fiery temper but also because of her limitless imagination. We learned to love her character more as she takes us to different fictional worlds and enchanting characters (cue Princess Cordelia, Her Highness.) Her creativity and imagination became her security blanket during her darkest times as an orphan when she was bullied and maltreated. This shows us how strong her heart is, that even the world was dark all around her, her hopes and dreams became her own light. After finally finding her home in Green Gables, she didn't stop to be herself and even taught her new-found friends the beauty and power of stories and imagination. She taught all of us to not be ashamed of our creativity and dreams as wild as they can be. Such a magical legend she is.

To Anne Shirley-Cuthbert we forever stan. So please bring our precious carrot back.


3. It teaches us the importance of family and friends.

There are a lot of lessons that we can learn by watching 'Anne with an E' and this is definitely one of the most important. This series shows us important things about family and friendship. Anne teaches us how it's important to not lose hope in finding people that will love us no matter what the circumstances are. The Cuthberts shows us how to open our hearts to someone who needs us. They teach us how a family is not always defined by blood but by love, care, and acceptance.

It reminds us of what great friends look like. They are the ones like Diana, who will always be loyal and will always stay by your side; Cole, who will always be there when you need him and see through you; Jerry, who will be the brother you never thought you needed; Gilbert, who will always fight, defend you and back you up in difficult situations; and Anne, who will be the weirdest yet the most reliable friend you can count on. This series is a reminder of how lucky we are to have found people like them in our lives, and that we are not alone whatever happens.


4. 'Anne with an E' is a well-written, well-directed, aesthetically majestic piece of art.

'Anne with an E' is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully crafted series that isn't just focused on young love and coming of age stories, it also takes us a century ago and shows us how it was to live in Prince Edward Island, clearly depicting the reality of different people from different walks of life. It was written in a way that it can open the eyes of their viewers to these realities and situations. And did you see the amazing direction and cinematography of this series? Like how on earth can you not be mesmerized with the amazing set and visuals that they offer? Every scene is so aesthetically pleasing and beautifully directed. It will definitely make you savor every episode.

Can you even see this? My goodness, she's enchantingly beautiful.

Can you even see this? My goodness, she's enchantingly beautiful.

5. Inspirational and Eye-Opening AF

This show didn't shy away from controversial issues that were so important years ago and are still very relevant to this day. It's an inspirational show that shows us the importance of freedom of speech, racial and gender equality, education, and clear representation of indigenous people. The amount of women empowerment Anne has shown in this series is incomparable. She has also shown us how an open heart and mind can make all the difference, and love and family do come in all colors, and cultural backgrounds.

Tell 'em, gurl!

Tell 'em, gurl!

These are just some of the most important lessons that we have learned from this show and there are still a lot of other things that Anne with an E can teach us forward. We need to know what happened to our dear poor Ka'kwet and her family. We need to find out how the young cast fight for their dreams through prejudice. We need to know what other social problems they can showcase to give us a glimpse of how we can overcome them today. There's no other show that they can do this with so much love and care, and my heart just aches thinking about how many of us will not be able to have a chance to watch more of this masterpiece.

6. Shirbert! Need I say more?

I mean, really? After the last episode of Season 3, do you really think our shirbert hearts will be able to stop asking for more?

Anne Shirley-Cuthbert and Gilbert Blythe's love story isn't just your typical teenage romance. Their story is a journey of finding their own selves and passions, and then finding the courage to admit their feelings for one another, which took three seasons but who's complaining? Isn't that what real love supposed to be? It's supposed to be a bundle of missed opportunities, of lingering stares, of confusion, of making important life decisions with the other person in mind, of being inspired and motivated by them, of fighting for them, of hugs when they are in the verge of tears, and of the excitement when you finally knew that they feel the same way.

I'm dead.

I'm dead.

From 'carrot' to 'the fond object of my affection,' Anne and Gilbert show us the importance of being honest with one's feelings. They might be as clumsy, as unlucky, and as clueless as they may come but the stress and chaos were all worth it. And we still need to see this relationship grow as they soar through adulthood. So please, give us some more. There are still lots of beautiful moments remain to be seen.

And of course, we need more of Gilbert's heart eyes. We'll do anything for Gilbert's heart eyes.

just look at thaaaaaat...

just look at thaaaaaat...

Amazing fanart by @LUZTAPIAART

Amazing fanart by @LUZTAPIAART

7. The AWAE Nation

From awesome fan arts to funny crack video edits, the AWAE Nation, has been alive and present, especially on Season 3. This fandom is surely one of the biggest reasons why 'Anne with An E' should be renewed for more seasons. We have fallen deeply in love with this amazing series and when the news broke that the show was canceled after the third season, the fans gathered on the internet and has started a movement to save 'Anne with an E'. This is composed of twitter hashtags (#renewannewithane, #reneawae, #SsveAnneWithAnE, etc.), petitions, and different efforts made to get the attention of CBC and Netflix to finally get the well-deserved renewal.

Amazing fan art by @emeriart

Amazing fan art by @emeriart

As of November 27, #RenewAnneWithAnE already got more than one million tweets and also peaked number one on worldwide trending. This dedicated fandom is definitely one of the best there is and deserves their show back for more beautiful seasons.

Can you see the influence of Anne's power and strength to all of its viewers? If Anne can start a rally and spark change in Avonlea, why can't we? Nothing is impossible if we put our hearts into it and that is something we learned from a show that some people deemed undeserving of another season. But no goal is unattainable for a crowd of kindred spirits. And honestly, aren't the viewers the most important voice of all? They literally have to listen, am I right? So let's keep the tweets going and the love flowing! Let's get our precious Anne back!


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Tell us your opinions about the cancellation of 'Anne with an E'

ThatWallflowerJen (author) from PH on October 15, 2020:

Absolutely agree! There are not much of this kind of shows these days. It's such a shame that they chose to cancel it. I really hope it gets renewed soon.

Marion Connolly on October 09, 2020:

Please renew ANNE WITH AN E. This is my 2nd time seeing it. My husband also loving it. The whole family can watch it together. No X movie to fear for the other children. Let's following Anne & Gilbert through adulthood.

ThatWallflowerJen (author) from PH on April 27, 2020:

Hi, Tiarna! Thank you for reading. I'm very glad to hear from another kindred spirit.

Tiarna Georghiou from Brisbane, Australia on April 20, 2020:

I agree completely! It is one the best TV series I have ever seen. i was so upset when I found it it isn't being renewed! And yes, Gilbert is the absolute dream!

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