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7 Fun Pop Culture Facts

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Mary Tyler Moore's Variety Show

Mary Tyler Moore has earned a permanent place in our hearts from her roles in The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Most people don't remember that she had another show, a variety show that lasted only 3 weeks. It didn't sink due to a lack of talent though. Besides Moore the cast included Michael Keaton and David Letterman.


An Alice Cooper Sized Headache

In December 1969 Alice Cooper (the band before the singer appropriated the name for himself) made an Excedrin commercial portraying the personification of a headache, surrounding a man sitting on a chair and banging their instruments. Excedrin decided not to run the commercial.


Dell Comics Bucks the Code

During a time when most comic book publishers had to conform to the comic book code or face not being able to distribute, Dell Comics never joined the CMAA and never carried the Comics Code seal of approval. Besides Charlie Chan, they published licenses such as Get Smart, The Lone Ranger, Looney Tunes, Walt Disney, and many others along with their own titles. They even got away with doing some classic horror titles like Dracula and Frankenstein.


Hair Metal False Starts

Despite garnering a loyal following, Dokken never made it as big as some of their 80's hard rock counterparts like Motley Crue or Def Leppard. It wasn't lead singer Don Dokken's first experience with a band that didn't quite make the top tier. As a teenager he sang a few gigs with hard rock band Blue Cheer.

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Before making it in his band BulletBoys, Marq Torien had a couple of near misses with fame. He played guitar in RATT before they made it big, and he auditioned for Ozzy's band after Randy Rhoads' death.


Everything comes back to the Beatles

February 9, 1964 is a night that changed music and pop culture forever. That is the night the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Of course the Fab Four weren't the only guests that night. Also on the show were Frank Gorshin, soon to be known as The Riddler in Batman, and future Monkee Davy Jones in the cast of Oliver!

Phil Collins became famous as the singer for the band Genesis, but he was an actor as a child. He got his start on Oliver!, and also got a bit part in the Beatles movie A Hard Days Night.


Almost Lukes

All movies have might have been casting choices that almost got made. It's fun to wonder what if. In the case of Star Wars, both Kurt Russell and William Katt auditioned for the part of Luke Skywalker. Russell of course got to make plenty of classic movies of his own, especially with director John Carpenter. Katt got cast in Carrie, which was sharing auditions with Star Wars, and he later got the lead in Greatest American Hero.


Joe Louis Vs Racist Press

Joe Louis had to deal with a lot of racism in his career. He was called the Brown Bomber,The Dusky Downer, the Shufflin' Shadow, Mike Jacobs' Pet Pickaninny, the Chocolate Chopper, and the Tan Tarzan of Thump. The press once brought watermelons for him to eat while they took pix. He told them he didn't like watermelon.

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