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7 Epic Superhero Entrances

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7. Hulk: Avengers


No one can forget the iconic line “I’m always angry” in Avengers 2012. Mark Ruffalo has lived up to the expectations of many. His portrayal of the hulk has been tremendous up to this point. In the first Avengers movie, we got treated to the vicious and violent version of the Hulk we all love. Subsequent Marvel movies have introduced the more subtle and calmer version of himself.

In this scene, Banner arrives riding a motorcycle as if oblivious of what is happening around him. He meets with the rest of the team and as they finish their little reunion, Captain America urges him to get angry. He then stares at him as while walking towards the colossal leviathan and says “That’s my secret cap, I’m always angry”. What follows is a slow motioned transformation and a powerful punch that brings the enormous Leviathan to a stop.

6. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises


It’s hard to pick what was the coolest thing here; the batpod, the batplane or the batman himself. The Dark knight trilogy will forever remain phenomenal. Its take on Batman was unforgettable. While most trilogies end up messing up the third movie, The Dark Knight managed to escape this by proceeding with the same momentum as they had in the first two. The villains were fantastic, the action was out of this world and the plot twists were perfectly executed.

Events in the Dark knight rises begin 8 years after the death of Harvey Dent. Batman has not been seen since then and Gotham seems to be undergoing a period of peace. He is, however, forced to surface following the rise of a dangerous villain by the name Bane. His first appearance is incredible. The scene is action-packed with Batman chasing down Bane while a fleet of police cars chase him. He uses the batpod to save the hostages before evading police capture using the batplane.

5. Quicksilver: X-men apocalypse


This was simply impossible to leave out. Quicksilver scenes are sure to leave you hooked with a smile as you watch him display his badassery in the most composed way possible. In this scene, as soon as he arrives at the X-mansion, everything comes to a standstill. He notices that something seems to be off and rushes inside the mansion where he finds an explosion brewing. He then warms up before single-handedly saving each and every member in the house in a blink of an eye. Of course, we are treated to all the action one by one with a perfect incorporation of Sweet dreams in the background. I believe the X-men owed a great debt of gratitude for what he did because if he wasn’t there, this would have been tragic.

4. Wonder Woman: Batman vs Superman


Batman vs Superman didn’t quite receive the reception Zack would have hoped for. The movie introduced two of DC’s greatest heroes, alongside Superman, but failed to cross the billion mark. Although a lot of poor choices were made in the movie, there were also a number of great decisions that need to be acknowledged, particularly the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Numerous people were skeptical following her reveal but she has proven to be exactly what DC needed.

Her entrance in Batman vs Superman was epic. Just when we thought Doomsday was going to incinerate Batman, she swoops in like a bolt in the blue and blocks the monster’s heat vision with her bracelets. She then gives the monster a death stare before striking her bracelets together causing an energy blast so powerful it pushes Doomsday away. What followed was a catastrophic fight and Wonder Woman seemed to enjoy every piece of the action.

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3. Nightcrawler: X-men 2


Nightcrawler taking out the presidents’ guards, one by one, was a brilliant sight to behold. Its combination with Mozart's "Requiem" opera made it an even better scene. Up to this day, this is still one of the best portrayals of Nightcrawler’s ability. We get to see him teleport multiple times while beating the leaving daylight out of the guards. His speed, prowess and element of surprise are fully utilised in the scene. It’s a shame that subsequent movies have not been able to replicate such an iconic scene, but we hope this will change in the future.

2. Thor: Infinity War


Now here’s one unforgettable superhero entrance. I think we can all agree that Thor does know how to make an entry. After witnessing his brother die in the hands of the mad titan, Thor is left for dead in space. With the help of the guardians, he is able to acquire his new weapon, Storm breaker. However, the process of making the weapon takes its toll on him.

Meanwhile in Wakanda, the outriders are causing havoc. Their great numbers enable them to easily bring down the Hulkbuster and just as they are about to tear through it, a bolt of light shoots down from the sky and Thor’s new hammer makes a head start, freeing both Captain America and Banner, before finally coming back to Thor’s hand.

The God of Thunder finally appears full view with Rocket on his shoulder and Groot by his side in the most heroic way possible. Enraged with what Thanos had done, he charges towards the outsiders and makes a jump before striking his hammer on the ground instantly annihilating the numerous monsters in his way.

1. All heroes united: Avengers Endgame


It was painful watching Captain America being beaten to the ground. Seeing him stand back up to face Thanos again, with a bruised face and broken shield, was even worse. Despair seemed to be creeping in the hearts of the viewers up until the words “On your left” echoed and Black panther, Shuri and Okoye emerged from Dr.Strange’s portal. Soon after, Falcon flew in and numerous other portals were opened. Every single hero who had disappeared following Thanos’s snap emerged and Cap now had an entire army behind him. Summoning Thor’s hammer, he called the Avengers to assemble and they all charged towards Thanos’s army in the most phenomenal way possible.


JohnJones9723 (author) on April 21, 2020:

Yes! his scenes never disappoint and thank you. Glad you enjoyed the article.

Matt Brown from Pasadena on April 21, 2020:

Awesome article! I definitely agree with what you said about Quicksilver. His scenes in the x-men movies were my favorite scenes in the entire X-men franchise! Keep up the awesome posts!

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