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7 Christmas Movies With Drama and Romance


Don't Let this Christmas go by without enjoying these wonderful movies for the whole family.

Eloise at Christmastime

Six-year-old Eloise spends most of her time doing mischievous things in the Plaza Hotel. The Plaza Hotel is where she lives. Her mother travels a lot and she is left with her nanny. She has a mission this Christmas that involves a lot of drama and romance. She is quite thrilled about the upcoming wedding of the daughter of the hotel's owner to a man called Brooks Oliver. But trouble breeds with this couple. What would Eloise do? You just have to watch and see. It is very entertaining and great for the whole family.

Holly's Holiday

This is a movie about Holly who dreams of the perfect life, perfect career and perfect man, thinking this is all that matters in life. She wakes up one day to find the perfect hunk and gentleman awaiting her. He really is nothing more than the mannequin that came to life. He really is very romantic, but through this Holly learn lessons a lot about relationships, life, romance, things about herself and what she needs and not need. Get ready for some drama, romance and very good lessons to be learned in this lovely, wonderful, cute movie.4

Christmas Wedding Tail

When two dogs meet one day while in the park, they fell in love. But can this take place in their owners lives. Susan, a widow with three young boys, is looking for a job in her field. She temporarily moves to a small town and helps her mother at the antique store. Jake, who also is a widower, owns a winery where Susan's mother lives. He has two girls. Watch as how this story unfolds. This is a very charming, funny, entertaining, amazing movie with a wonderful story. There is a lot to be learned about relationships and conflicts in this movie.

Under the mistletoe

Tom Chandler and his wife have a very good life together. They are absolutely committed to each other. Then Tom is killed in a car accident and the mom and the boy are left to take care of themselves. It gets very emotional. The son was very concerned about his mom's well being because she is a woman who dedicated her life to helping others, but scarcely thinks about herself. The eight year son makes a call to a local radio station that will transform her personal life and a beautiful thing came out of it.

Love’s Christmas Journey

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This is another movie from the Love Comes Softly Series. It is a movie filled with romance, drama and some suspense. Ellie King who has experienced loss of her family, visits her brother and his children for Christmas. Ellie tries to make the best of the holidays in spite of her tragic situations. She meets many people and settles there, but many surprises await here. I love how support and help was there for Ellie when tragedy takes place. This is a wonderful heartwarming story, with a great cast, great values for the entire family to enjoy. This is a very clean, awesome movie.

I'll be home for Christmas (1998)

A college student experiences few obstacles in getting home for Christmas after his friends played a prank on him and left him in the desert with only a Santa suit. It is quite entertaining and fun to watch Jake struggle to get home in time for Christmas for his dad's Porsche. This is the most hilarious extremely funny adventure. It definitely keeps your attention. A very wholesome family favorite that shows the true meaning of Christmas. It was filled with a talented cast of actors. This is one movie I can watch this every year at Christmas.

Christmas at the Maxwell's

This is a movie about a man who is successful in his career and family, but this Christmas he undergoes some changes that can affect his entire life.

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Janellegems (author) on November 09, 2013:

Thank you so much. I appreciate your comment.

Dil Vil from India on November 09, 2013:

Cool list. The fact is, i have not seen any of them. Well, i would love to see them, after reading your hub. Thank you. Voted UP :)

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