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7 Christmas Movies with Comedy and Adventure


When Christmas comes around each year, one of the things I love to do is watch good, wholesome Christmas movies with wonderful storylines. So, as you are preparing for the Christmas holiday, remember to sit and watch some great Christmas movies with your loved ones to keep you in the holiday spirit. Here are some movies that are funny and adventurous for everyone to watch.

Holiday Road Trip

Pat and Maya are two very opposite coworkers at a pet supply company. They are both given the opportunity to take Scoots, the star dog of the company on a tour around the states. Maya decided to go as a result of her boyfriend breaking up with her. Once on the road, you can see the differences with them. Pat wants to be healthy, but she eats more junk food than healthy food. He listens to rock music and she prefers jazz. She thinks he’s a man who acts like a child while he thinks she’s a selfish. See what else takes happen in their road trip.

Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas

Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas (2011)

This movie is based from the show, Good Luck Charlie viewed on the Disney Channel. It's a Christmas holiday adventure for the Duncans, as they planned to spend it in Palm Springs. But Teddy and Amy got separated from the family at the airport and then the adventure begins.

Are We There Yet? Trailer

Are we there yet? (2005)

Nick is attracted to Suzanne, a divorcee and wants to date her. For the Christmas holiday, Suzanne has to work in Vancouver and can't be with her children. Nick offers to bring her son and girl up from Portland, Oregon to be with their mom. What he thought was going to be smooth journey turns out to be nightmare. This movie is a lot of fun and filled with comedy and adventure for the entire family.

Christmas in Wonderland Trailer

Christmas in Wonderland (2007)

A family has moved to a new town and their mother is stuck in Los Angeles for part of the holidays. She cannot get to her family because she is stranded in the airport, and what's worse, the Christmas shopping is not completely done. The Dad then has to do all the Christmas shopping and he took his two children to the mall. The kids find a bag of money and they went on a shopping spree, but then they are chased by crooks. It is great hilarious adventure and fun for the entire family to watch.

I’ll be home for Christmas (1998)

A college student goes through many things in getting home for Christmas after his friends played a joke on him. It is quite funny to watch Jake get home in time for Christmas when his dad promised him his Porsche.

Trapped in Paradise Trailer

Trapped in Paradise

Three brothers decided to go to a small town named in Paradise located in Pennsylvania. They saw that the bank in this town has no security, so they had a plan to rob the bank on Christmas Eve. They thought this was going to be such an easy assignment, but something unexpected happens. When they do rob the bank, they just cannot seem to get out of the town although they are trying as much as possible. There is a blizzard on its way and they also can't run away from the kindness of the community seems to have such an effect on their actions. This is an absolute hilarious movie with lots of adventure and moral lessons as well.

Home Alone Movie Trailer

Home Alone

Home Alone is about the McCallister Family who is all set for their vacation to Paris during the Christmas time. Then, the next morning as they were in such a rush to make it to the airport on time, they did not realize that they completely forgot about the youngest son, Kevin. Kevin the 8 year old now has the house all to himself which was fun at first. Then he discovers two burglars who want to rob his house on Christmas Eve. But he was ready for them. This is a wonderful family movie that is fun and adventurous.

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