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6 Powerful Forms in Shonen Anime That Don't Last Long


Characters in anime have always had a knack for gaining greater power beyond conventional means. But sometimes, they achieve a form that is so crazy strong, it's like unlocking that super weapon or battle armor in a video game that makes the road to victory a whole lot easier. The following are 6 epic transformations that wouldn’t last to the 12th round, ranked from weakest to strongest. Although not one of these bad ass forms and characters could ever be considered weak.


6) Mazoku Demon Form (Yu Yu Hakusho)

The 14-year-old brash Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi got progressively stronger through his spirit training with Genkai. He learned and mastered the Spirit Gun, but he also figured out how to transform into his half demon self. His descendant Raizen possessed him the first time which made him stronger, faster, his body covered in ancient markings and his hair grown down his feet and was white. He overpowered Sensui with his newfound abilities including being able to use demonic energy. He eventually would take the form again against Yomi, but this time, his hair didn't change color, and he had better control of himself. Yusuke is already strong, but with the Mazoku Demon form in him, this amplifies his power and propels him to the level of an S-Rank demon.


5) Fire Dragon King Mode (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail wizard Natsu Dragneel can use Dragon Force and is the demon known as E.N.D created from the Book of Zeref. But none of these forms can match the power that his father Igneel gives him before he died. That would be none other than the power of the Fire Dragon King himself. Natsu trains for ten months so that his body can handle the physical strain from the remaining power of Igneel so that he can use it to defeat his brother Zeref. The crimson red flame and dragon tattoo both disappear afterward. This supreme dragon magic may not have lasted long, but Natsu still can use his own power to access Fire Dragon King mode, although it’s not nearly as powerful as the Igneel version.


4) The Eighth Inner Gate (Naruto Shippuden)

Might Guy is the strongest TaiJutsu user in Naruto Shippuden. He taught Rock Lee the first Five Inner Gates, but never beyond that for one reason… it would kill him. The Eighth Gate or Gate of Death ability unlocks all reserves of chakra from the user’s body by puncturing one’s chest with one’s thumb, ouch. Due to the immense strain it puts on the heart and the lava hot chakra flowing through the bloodstream, it should only be used as a last resort with the intent of dying to protect others. Guy used it against Madara in order to end the Fourth Great Ninja war but failed. Naruto used the Yin-Yang release technique to save him, yet now Might Guy is confined to a wheelchair the rest of his days. Despite the handicap, this doesn’t stop Guy from continuing his lifelong ninja training.

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3) One for All (My Hero Academia)

Each time this power or quirk from My Hero Academia is passed down from one user to another, its power is boosted. This was the case when All Might passed it down to Izuku Midoriya, yet Young Midoriya has yet to scarp the surface of what this mighty quirk can really do. As it stands now, Midoriya has super strength and speed, can fly, cause shockwaves, use the Blackwhip and has increased durability. Yet, before he lost his powers after the All for One fight, All Might is still stronger and can control the quirk to a higher degree. Using techniques such as the Detroit, Texas and his strongest United States of Smash which combines all of All Might’s smashes into one mighty blow that is powerful enough to cause a natural disaster such as a twister. Such a power doesn’t last long, and Al Might’s bulked up form eventually whittles down into his normal gaunt and weaker self before long.


2) Final Getsuga Tenshou (Bleach)

In the epic final battle with Aizen, Ichigo fresh off his Dangai training revealed a transformation we would only see once in the whole series. The Final Getsuga Tenshou turns Ichigo into his favorite technique. His hair grows down to his waist and is black to match the darkened flames that envelop his aura. That combined with the mummy like bandages all over gives Ichigo a truly haunting appearance. However, once he launches his attack at his foe Aizen, he losses all his Shinigami powers for good, making this a trump card move that can’t be reversed. Not to worry though, Ichigo would later get his powers back as well as something new thanks to the almighty power of plot.


1) Mastered Ultra Instinct (Dragon Ball Super)

Easily the greatest moment in Dragon Ball Supers Tournament of Power arc is when Goku who was about to be blown away with his own Spirit Bomb courtesy of Jiren, awakened Ultra Instinct for the first time. With eyes that were silver, and his form tinted blue, Goku took on Jiren and the other Universe 11 Pride Troopers with his new ability to subconsciously evade their every attack on pure instinct alone. The heat emanating from his form made it difficult to maintain for long and Goku collapsed. Later in the Tournament, he would master the technique, sporting all silver hair and possessing increased awareness and strength. However, he would still end up collapsing just before he could finish off Jiren. Still, the MUI form was far more powerful than any of Goku’s previous forms at this point. So much so that even deities like Beerus praised Goku for his accomplishment. Yet according to Whis in later manga chapters after the TOP, Goku has yet to truly perfect the form like Whis and the other Angels but undergoes training to do just that.

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