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6 Movies Similar to the Love Comes Softly Series


The Love Comes Softly Series are a wonderful, inspirational movies that the entire family can watch. They include Love comes Softly, Love's Enduring Promise, Love's Long Journey, Love's Abiding Joy, Loves Unending Legacy, Loves Unfolding Dream, Love Takes wing, Love Finds a Home, Love Begins and Love Everlasting Courage. Here are some other movies that is very similar to these Series.

When Calls the Heart (2013)

The author of the Love Comes Softly Series, Janette Oke also the wrote the book, When Calls the Heart. It is the story of Elizabeth Thatcher, a young new teacher who left her city life and accepted a position in a Western frontier town. She learns many things about herself and life as she ventures out in this journey.

Hannah's Law (2012)

This is a great modern Western movie with drama and adventure. Hannah's Law is about a bounty hunter who is after a wicked gang. In Dodge City, Kansas, a very wicked place on earth, Bounty hunter Hannah is totally focused in tracking down the McMurphy gang. She wants to bring them to injustice because they murdered her family. In her mission to find the McMurphy gang, she crosses paths with Stagecoach Mary, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday to deal with the wickedness. Sara Canning, John Pyper-Ferguson, Greyston Holt, and Ryan Kennedy all star in this great movie.

Civil Love (2011)

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This is about a widow who blames the South for her husband's death. She now has to take care of her two children on her own. Then in her barn, she finds a wounded Confederate soldier whom she must protect from these bad men that are after him. She realizes a courage she did not that existed. This is a wonderful, action movie, love story, with great acting. This is the type of movie that you should keep in your movie collection. It is a wholesome family movie with a historical meaning. There are a lot of things one can learn from this.

The Magic of Ordinary Days

I saw this on the Hallmark Channel. It is about an educated woman who got pregnant. Her father is a reverend who has arranged for her to marry a very shy farmer, who is not the father of the baby. You will learn a lot about relationships, love, communication, conflict, differences from this movie. This is a very sweet story without the bad language, sexual scenes or violence. It is a story about what true happiness is, love and forgiveness. They cast the right actors for the main parts, which are Keri Russell and Skeet Ulrich. They were perfect and very believable.

Sarah, Plain and Tall Series

There are three movies in this series. The first one, Sarah, Plain and Tall, then Skylark and finally Winter's End. This is based on the book. The first movie is Sarah, Plain and Tall is about a farmer who lost his wife and so full of sadness. He cannot take care of his farm and two children. He then put an ad in the paper for a mail order bride. Sarah responds and moves there to see if things work out. The second movie, is Skylark which is about the drought, the pressures of the farm, and how the family copes in the midst of it. The series continues on.


Winter's End

Little House on the Prairie (1974 & 2005 Version)

Little House on the Prairie, the most loved series with lots of drama and clean wholesome entertainment made for the family. I have seen the original version as well the latest version. They are the most wonderful movie and great for the whole family to watch. Each home should have this in their collection of tv and movie. All episodes are carry a special message with it and shows real stories. The acting is real and meant to transform hearts and families. Some of the lessons a person can learn are the value of hard work, forgiveness, faith, the importance of community and lot more.

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