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6 Iconic Composers With Unforgettable History of Masterpieces


There are numerous wonderful musicians or composers, but there are few who can make a mark in the soul by their unique music. The following composers are some of them whose music has this special effect and they have a wide range of music varieties that fit every state of mind, we go through along our life journey.


He has a stunning variety hard to be created by anyone else. It is Yanni’s music; familiar and hard at the same time, easy and complicated. The same piece has a fluctuant moods, reflected by his melodies. Maybe his psychological studies background contributed in forming a unique way to reflect human feelings and nature vibes. It feels celestial, sensational, or even wild according to the state he delivers to you. His way to alter the instrumental distribution according to the concert location is artistic. He is really unique and his music lives deep inside yourself and compels you to listen to it over and over again regularly to revive your inner sensations.

On The Sacred Ground: as the piece title suggests, it holds you to a high and a holy state of feeling that angels are around while enjoying a dynamic rhythm.

Desire, Santorini, Within Attraction, The Rain Must Fall, Deliverance : Are some of the masterpieces he made. Every one of them transmits to you the state described through its name. Many of his pieces are suitable for long highway or desert trips, though they were not meant to be for that purpose, especially Deliverance and On The Sacred Ground.


Alan Silvestri

He is the creator of a great history of soundtracks of the greatest movies we have ever loved. He had a distinguished style, especially the adventurous one presented in most of his movies like Avengers, Captain America, The Abyss.

Nevertheless, he out stood when he created calm, romantic, or drama music like Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Father of The Bride, and Van Helsing.

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His soundtracks of horror and Science Fiction movies were so exceptional as well, especially What Lies Beneath. The final scene was a true legend and beyond stunning. His music was perfectly crafted to the camera motion and the scene development.


He is a renowned composer who starred in the music world with his terrific pieces of his albums Chariots of Fire, Conquest of Paradise, Mythodea and other fantastic music that are characterized with the epic theme.

It is perfect for self motivation. You feel greatness in every melody in it. Conquest of Paradise feels really like you elevate to the heavens. Really, it is like what the name suggests. it is terrifically genius.

Hans Zimmer

He is a great composer whose pieces tend to the epic or martial genre in most of his movies soundtracks such as, King Arthur, The Rock, and we cannot forget The Lion King. He made a very touching and at the same time epic piece in this film. Interstellar was different in style, but fit perfectly the movie theme.

Composers Best Known For Iconic Soundtracks

In addition, there are great composers best known with their iconic and everlasting movies soundtracks that contributed immensely and directly in their success like, for instance:

Nino Rota

He made The Godfather trilogy‘s legendary soundtrack reaching the height of creativity and beauty in The Godfather II. In my opinion, he made the most magnificent film music ever. It makes you love the characters and adore this family, though it is a gangster with a terrible history of crimes. It forces you to sympathize with the family and live an unexplained mix of feelings of nostalgia, love, heartbreak and grief. It is an unrepeatable blend of music writing and, in my opinion, the best soundtrack of all time to the best film of all time.

Bill Conti

He was brilliant in his renowned and most memorable music in the Rocky film series. Apart from being linked, in our subconsciousness, to the story of Rocky’s uprising, it has a spirit of a strange mix of feelings of hope, struggle, perseverance and achievement, that made us encourage the hero and wish him victory.

There are much more wonderful composers in all times, but those made a remarkable transition in the music world.

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