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6 Horror Movies In Which People Die

I Write These Movie Reviews Locked in the Trunk of Your Car. Thanks for the Snacks!!

We hope this has you hooked.

We hope this has you hooked.


There will be spoilers! And exclamation points (but not here).

Remember last week when you were sitting on the couch your dead uncle left you watching that one horror movie in which no one died?

You’re watching the movie and when you come to the end you’re upset that no one is dead. You vow this will never happen again. But how will you ever know if a person is going to die in a horror movie unless someone writes a list stating that in fact, people die and then proceed to spoil said death or deaths in a table?

With this list of six movies from different eras, different decades, different hairstyles, I guarantee (80-85%) that there will be at least one character, maybe even two, that meet horrible ends, most likely at the hands of a killer or by accident.

You were wrong. Who knows what other things you might be wrong about? But that’s not for these readers to worry about because they’re not related to you. If you’ve clicked on this list you too have suffered through countless horror movies in which people live. It almost makes the ennui of life unbearable.

No one cares about Willy’s Wonderland, Nic Cage because it’s a horrendous movie. Aren’t there 8 other movies you have coming out on VHS within the week?

Don’t you have a dreadful movie you have to start shooting within the next hour instead of plugging one of the fifteen movies you have out most people don’t want to see?

It’s very, very lonely.

Yes. But Nic Cage will not stop us from showing this unique list of horror movies in which people die. You may not believe what you’re reading, but then you’ll pop one of these movies into your VCR and realize I’ve never lied to you.

Be grateful you clicked on this list because there’s no other way you would have been able to find these movies. Actual people have died looking for this. Let their sacrifice not be in vain.

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It’s okay. Nicolas Cage will have more use for two jars of mayonnaise than we ever will.

Remember, there will be spoilers!

On to the list…

1. Freaky (2020)

Some guys like them shaved,

Some guys like them shaved,

Character that Died

That One Girl That Got Frozen And Then That Thing Happened To Her.

Christopher Landon’s (Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2U, Happy Death Day In The Neighborhood) sublime horror comedy was one of 2020s best movies. And it had a person that died.

Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton hit career bests in his body switching bloody teen slasher. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen Vaughn this engaged as he’s been sleepwalking through mediocre comedies and really long Mel Gibson movies for the better part of the 2010s. You believe he’s a teenage girl. You want him to play a teenage girl more often.

2. Annabelle (2014)

This poster is scarier than anything in the movie.

This poster is scarier than anything in the movie.

Character that Died

Alfre Woodard As The Magical Negro Sacrificing Herself For the White Couple

The first, and worst, of those insipid Annabelle movies has a character dying but no real scares.

Annabelle’s few moments during the opening of The Conjuring garner more genuine scares than in the entirety of this milquetoast chapter of the Conjure-verse. If you’re looking for genuine scares, you’d be better off waiting for an actual doll to come back to life.

3. From Justin To Kelly (2003)

Someone thought this would be a good idea.

Someone thought this would be a good idea.

Character that Died

Everyone Associated With This Movie Or Who Ever Paid To See This Movie Or Accidentally See A Clip From This Movie.

Hereditary and Midsommar writer/director Ari Aster is quoted as saying that From Justin To Kelly is the “scariest f*cking movie I have ever seen”. Nominated for multiple Razzies (including worst “musical”) and responsible for countless nightmares.

It’s something you can’t unsee. To those that died in this movie and during and after a screening, they were the lucky ones.

Shot on VHS?

4. The Killing of A Sacred Deer (2017)

Those are really long curtains.

Those are really long curtains.

Character that Died


Creepy white kid (Barry Keoghan, winning the 2017 creepy white kid Olympics) creeps his creepy way into Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman’s family and nothing but bad things occur. What would you expect from normally cheery director Yorgos Lanthimos, helmer of such feel-good fare as The Lobster, Dogtooth and The Favourite? You’re feeling pretty down when creepy Martin meets Colin Farrell, and then the movie gets much, much melancholier. But at least it ends on a happy note.

Is this shot through the door arty enough?

5. The Brood (1979)


Character That Died

That one adult and that other adult and those kids. But at least there’s a birth scene. Oh.

Speaking of creepy white kids, David Cronenberg’s 70s gross-terpiece has an entire brood of them. I can’t remember a main character in this that doesn’t die. The first act takes some patience to get through, but if you like to see the red stuff splatter onscreen, you will be rewarded. Just make sure you don’t eat before you watch this. Or during. Or after. Maybe just wait a day or two. And be wary of white kids wearing red. At least the polyester isn’t the most hideous thing you see.

6. Society (1989)


Character that Died

That Guy in the World’s Kookiest Fistfight.

Speaking of creepy white kids, um, adults, this 1989 squish-fest gives an entirely new meaning to class structure.

More unsettling than actually scary, you’re either loving this after 20 minutes or you’ve left the room long before the climactic, um, party. This movie made me afraid of country clubs. And beaches. And sunscreen. And rich white people.


There you have it. 6 horror movies in which characters die. How would you ever find films like this on one list except by asking others or the internet? You wouldn’t. So the next time you’re watching a horror movie and end up disappointed that all the characters still live, impress your friends with one of these horror movies they might not have heard of unless they’re horror fans or just have a casual knowledge of movies.


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