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6 Anime Like Kiss x Sis

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Anime Like Kiss x Sis

Mr Doggie decides introduce you to 6 anime that is similar to Kiss x Sis. In case you haven't watched Kiss x Sis, it is about a young boy named Keita Suminoe and his two step sisters. This is basically a harem type anime well suited for young crowd targeted towards boys. I got sucked into this when I was younger.


1) Heaven's Lost Property

This anime has quite some ecchi and fan service. Tomoki Sakurai is a regular highschool student, wanting a peaceful life. However, he lives with a bunch of less than quiet friends. Because of that, he can never get tranquility. One day, he saw something strange happening. An unidentified mysterious animal dropped from the sky and Tomoki realizes they are winged humanoids. Tomoki acts like any white knight would and saves the girl. She says that Tomoki is her master and from then on, Tokmoki loses his dream at having a peaceful life. However, he did gain something different from the winged humanoids...


2) To Love-Ru

Rito Yuki is the main character of the story. He is sad because he cannot muster the courage to confess his attraction to the girl of his dreams, Haruna Sairenji. However, something surprising happened when a girl appears in his bathtub..naked. This can only happen in fairy tales, not in real life. The girl's name is Lala. She is from another world called Deviluke and she decided that Rito was going to be his husband. Lala's father is enraged by this decision as she was supposed to marry someone else. Her father then decides that if Rito cannot protect Lala from her potential suitors, then he will destroy earth!


3) Yosuga no Sora

This anime like Kiss x Sis revolves around twins. Unfortunately for them, their parents passed away in a car accident. Their life is torn to pieces and they decided to move in with their grand parents to recover from the tragedy. The twins offer emotional support to each other, trying to get their past behind. The anime can really be messed up cause of sibling love. I highly suggest you only watch this if you are immune to messed up relationships. If you are okay with family type relationships, then this might be acceptable.


4) School Days

School Days is a good romance and ecchi anime. The main protagonist, Makoto Ito, rides the train to school everyday. He takes notice of this soft spoken Kotonoha Katsura that happens to take the same train ride he does. Since Makoto does not have the courage to confess his feelings directly, he enlists some help from his female friend Sekai Sainoji. The funny twist to the anime is that Sekai actually likes Makoto, making it a rather complicated love triangle. Of course, this anime is no short of ecchi and fan service to please horny young boys so that they wouldn't be running out in the streets harassing random girls.

Every guy's dream.

Every guy's dream.

5) Infinite Stratos

If you are a big fan of mecha, then this might be of interest to you. Japanese scientists have developed something called the Infinite Stratos(IS). It is a powered exoskeleton that is used as a weapon that could threaten peace between nations. The interesting part of the anime is that the IS can only be piloted by females. Ichika Orimura, the male protagonist, realizes he can actually pilot one. It is then where he gets forced to attend the prestigious Infinite Stratos Academy which is an all girls school. This is a great mix between mecha and harem. I guess this appeals to geeky robot lovers like myself. You should watch them too!


6) Kanokon

Kouta Oyamada is a first year high school student. He meets a beautiful girl called Chizuru Minamoto and tells Kouta to meet her privately. I love these anime because you know they love to play into guy fantasies by building a scene that never happens in real life. Anyway, Chizuru confesses to Kouta that she is in love with him. However, there is a twist to the story. She is actually a fox spirit and Chizuru always flirts with him, making him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. The funny part is when another girl named Nozomu Ezomori enters the fray. She likes Kouta and soon enough, Kouta has 2 girls fighting over him. What a nice situation to be in. This is a fan service anime with some romance and ecchi.

Anime Like Kiss x Sis Conclusion

There we have it! For all anime lovers and fans of romance and ecchi, these 6 will give Kiss x Sis a run for the money. Watch them during your leisure time and make sure to bring some screen wipers with you.

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Brawniercloth2 on March 13, 2017:

Heavens lost property is pretty funny I've watched it twice now. Tomoki is a little too perverse.

XbyMPS on June 11, 2015:

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School Days shoulnd't be in this List.

The End of School Days is way to phsychotic (not to Spoiler too much) that woul'd fit in such a list.

School Days is one of the worst series i ever seen, cause only for the ending. The fist 5 Episode was huge fun, but then, it's going really crazy.

Seet (author) from California on June 24, 2014:

Hi BlackCriticGuy, can't believe you actually commented! I love your videos man. :D

BlackCriticGuy on June 24, 2014:

wow, its interesting to see my video on this list haha. the list is pretty good as well, haven't seen KissXSis yet but i plan to :)

Question on March 18, 2014:

Cna somemone help me find To love ru i kinda want to watch it but i don't see the ones with the white hair

Fallen on February 14, 2014:

School Days is the Farthest thing from Kissxsis

LofZOdyssey on February 09, 2014:

There are a few on here that I need to check out I guess.

I am trying to figure out how School Days is anything like Kiss x Sis. The two shows, to me any way, seem vastly different.

Seet (author) from California on July 20, 2013:

Cool. Thanks for letting me know. I am gonna file one too.

Ayu from Sorajima on July 20, 2013:

Hi Hikapo! In case you are not aware, I found an article with the same title and content as your 6 Anime Like Kiss x Sis hub on this URL:

I saw that my hub entitled The Most Annoying Female Anime Characters was plagiarized by a Puneet Sharma on and when I saw the site's archive, I noticed that there was another article published which I've already read from HubPages too, which was your Kiss x Sis article.

I've already filed a DMCA complaint.

Seet (author) from California on June 02, 2013:

Haha, yea I watched it and while it was perverted, the story started to develop in the latter stages around episode 9 and up. The first 8 was just non stop fan service.

Chris Qu on June 02, 2013:

"All I gotta say is... flying panties." XD That whole video review is pretty funny.

In all seriousness, I actually enjoyed KissxSis. And I've considered watching Heaven's Lost Property. I'll keep it in mind.

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