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Barry Williams will do anything for $50

I love everything weird and colorful in this world and I try to live a life that will make the world a little better once I'm gone.


Barry Williams and the Case of the Lingering Celebrity Status

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby set forth to prove: Barry Williams will do anything for $50.

It is a big claim, I know, but I think that after you have taken a few moments to examine the evidence below, you will come to the same conclusion. He'll do anything, ANYTHING, for $50.

Celebrity Boxing - Danny Bonaduce vs. Barry Williams

Celebrity Boxing - Danny Bonaduce vs. Barry Williams

Celebrity Boxing

Exhibit A: March 13, 2002

Celebrity Boxing

Danny Bonaduce vs. Barry Williams

And to top it off, Barry lost.

See ESPN coverage

The Match - Exhibit A Video Clips

Growing Up Brady - First Person Testimony

Apparently, Barry Williams was on the Brady Bunch. Who knew?

Barry Williams on Fear Factor: 1000 Snakes in a Tank

Barry Williams on Fear Factor: 1000 Snakes in a Tank

Fear Factor: 1000 Snakes in a Tank

Exhibit B

Fear Factor: 1000 Snakes in a Tank

Barry Williams plunged into a tank of over 1000 snakes including a huge boa constrictor, thus showing there is no end to the lengths he will go.

FEAR FACTOR: Why did you agree to come on Fear Factor?

BARRY WILLIAMS: I've been excited about doing this show. I'm a fan of the show. I'm kind of looking at this as my wilderness challenge adventure, kind of a chance to face my fears and move past them. Of course, the competition is always good. And the other reason I showed up is because of all the pretty girls you've put together on this show [laughs].

Barry Williams Presents - Exhibit C

Well, slap my name on it, and call it for sale. "Barry Williams Presents" includes a variety of items that include music other people wrote, preformed, and recorded re-packaged with "Barry Williams Presents" at the top of it. Nice. $50 Cha-ching.

Second Chance: Most Talented Senior

Exhibit D: June 1, 2003

Barry Williams was a judge for the NBC special "Second Chance: Most Talented Senior"

Hosted by Mario Lopez, this show had 10 seniors show their talents in hopes of winning the $25,000.

Barry Williams' fellow judges were Estelle Harris (George Costanza's Mother), and Shirley Jones (of the Partridge Family).

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Highlights of the Performance

Return of Johnny Bravo - Exhibits E

The Real Greg Brady - Exhibits F

Sing Barry Sing. (Then get down on your knees, and bark like a dog)

Barry released this song as a single. Yep. A single.

Video Clips - (Exhibit G)

I didn't really think the Wiggles could get any worse.

The Wiggles - Santa's Rockin'! (2004) - Exhibit G - (2004)

That 70's Show (Not the other 70's show)

Exhibit H - 2006

Williams appeared with his former Brady Bunch co-star Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) on an episode of That '70s Show. He and Knight played a gay couple who moved in next door to the Formans.

The Greg Brady Project: That 70s Show

Celebrity Boot Camp

Celebrity Boot Camp

Celebrity Boot Camp

Exhibit I - Sept. 30, 2002

At Celebrity Boot Camp, drill instructors put celebrities in their place for a chance to win $50,000. Barry Williams appeared with others like Fabrice Morvan (one-half of Milli Vanilli), Nikki Schieler Ziering (Price Is Right spokesmodel), and Kato Kaelin.

BTW - Barry didn't win. He lost to Coolio.

Peter Gabriel's "The Barry Williams Show" - Exhibit J

Peter Gabriel wrote a song called "The Barry Williams Show". He did this without realizing there was an actor named Barry Williams. After learning this, he invited Barry to appear in the music video (probably to save face).

Barry's role in the video is not the roll of "Barry Williams". He merely plays an audience member with (if even) 5 seconds of screen time.

Oh, well. I guess it was nice just to be invited.

Performing for New Years Eve - December 31, 2006

The Original Idols at the Flamingo in Las Vegas featuring:

Bay City Rollers * Leif Garrett * Merrill Osmond * The Cowsills * Bo Donaldson The Heywoods * Barry Williams aka "Greg Brady" (last on the list)

Official website is on myspace


In an unexpected twist, Barry Decides to repeat this spectacle in April '07 at the Casino Aztar in Evansville, Indiana and then at guessed it...Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, CA in June!

$50 Cha-ching

Did you know that in 2003 Barry Williams did a TV commercial for Mohegan Sun Hotel & Casino?

Sirius Satellite - Exhibit O - 2006

Barry Williams currently hosts The Brady Brunch with Barry Williams Sundays through Fridays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern on Sirius Satellite Radio's "Totally '70s" channel.

Admittedly, recording of the show is often done at home on his own computer and digitally sent to the station. Way to phone it in, Barry.


Casual Lingo

Exhibit L

This is probably Barry William's most boring $50. It was event for which shoes were apparently not required on audience members.

By the way....he didn't win.

Watch now!


Sam's Club

Exhibit M - October 7, 2006

Barry Williams appeared at the Sam's Club in Palm Desert, CA to meet Sam's Club members. To boost attendance at the event, free one-day membership cards were printed in the newspaper.

(So, I guess he was there to meet whoever wanted to meet him).

Gilligan's Island: The Musical

Exhibit N - January - February 2007

Description From Ticket Site:

The long-awaited dream of Sherwood Schwartz, creator of "Gilligan's Island" and "The Brady Bunch" becomes a reality this January when one of television's most popular shows of all time comes to life as an original stage production "Gilligan's Island: The Musical." The production stars Dawn Wells (the original Mary Ann) and Barry Williams (Greg Brady) as Lovey and Mr. Howell - the millionaire.


Walmart on the Strip

Exhibit P - Planned for March 30, 2008

(I've been just waiting for this one)



CANTON, OH 44720

03/30/2008 - 1:00 -3:00 PM

When I think "on the strip", I think of Barry Williams, and Canton OH.


Just a few more things...

"The Surreal Life"

TV commercial for Airborne (2003)

S Club 7

Barry Williams on 1 vs 100

Barry Williams on 1 vs 100

1 vs 100

Exhibit Q - January 4, 2008

Barry Williams appeared on 1 vs 100 - season 2 episode 1 - to ask a Brady Bunch question to a contestant. That's right, he didn't even make it into the mob.

Mega Piranha (2010) - Exhibit S

If this doesn't convince the jury, I just don't know what will.

This straight to TV...cable....SyFy, is called Mega Piranha. Guess what it's about?

And, how do you save yourself from being eaten by a mega pirahna? Kick it in the face. Watch the trailer, it is SO worth it.

Barry Williams on the John Kerwin Show

Barry Williams on the John Kerwin Show

The John Kerwin Show

Exhibit T

That's right...The Hottest Coolest White Boy on the Planet

Watch Barry Williams on the John Kerwin Show, and be sure to stick around for the live excerpt of the Real Greg Brady.

Also, look for these key quotes in the interview:

  • Barry Williams: Was your Dad straight?
  • Barry Williams: I've been with your girlfriend...both of them.
  • Barry Williams: I didn't know this, but Danny Bonaduce is partly demonic.
  • Barry Williams: I took my lumps for Lupus.
  • Barry Williams: You know you're a star when you get your name on the cup.

    John Kerwin: Especially when it's a sticker.

This is NOT AN OFFICIAL Barry Williams Site

I thought that that would be obvious, but apparently not as I have received fan mail addressed to Barry. This site is not an official site and is in no way affiliated with

Cardboard Boat Races

Exhibit U - Sept 9, 2011

Cardboard boat races in Branson, MO

Have you spotted Barry Williams earning his $50? Let us know - and details please! Or, maybe you just want to say Hi.

Anything to offer?

PopArtGirl on September 01, 2011:

Ha! Mega Piranha! Great lens!

Othercatt on September 10, 2010:

I'm so glad I'm not Barry Williams!

Bambi Watson on April 15, 2009:

very funny...He was my least favorite Brady kid...very hilarious!

David Lawrence from United States on February 13, 2009:

Points just for coming up with the topic. Extra points for making a great lens!

crazedmama on January 28, 2009:

Just stopping by to thank u for joining my Sarcasm Street goup! Great lens u have here!

The Homeopath on November 06, 2008:

I've got 50 bucks.

I need my living room carpet shampooed. :-)

The_Colorful_Squid on October 15, 2008:

That's sad. People need to have more respect for themselves instead selling oneself short.

GypsyPirate LM on January 05, 2008:

I can't believe he was as close as Canton - and I missed him!! heehee Great lens!!

marlonjbroussard on October 23, 2007:

Great Lens... Gave it 5 stars... I like Barry!

Taslo on October 13, 2007:

Great lens. You really do anything for 50 bucks, don't you. Hehe! Good Luck! 5 stars!

rbarrera on August 25, 2007:

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Laughed t'till I dropped great lens!!!

rejoicemusic on July 29, 2007:

Oh, man, this lens is just TOP-NOTCH! 5 stars!

joanv334 on July 25, 2007:

Hilarious lens! Wow, he sure HAS done alot of cheezy stuff! Makes me wonder how the other Brady kids have fared! 5 stars!

freaknoodles1 on July 16, 2007:

Oh my! This is really funny, and yet so sad! Awesome!

Robin S from USA on July 14, 2007:

LOL, sorry, no pictures. Do you really think I'd want that kind of evidence laying around? It was embarrassing enough just being there!

Kerri Bee (author) from Upstate, NY on July 13, 2007:

wow rms - West Side Story! You woudn't a picture of that would you? HA!

Robin S from USA on July 13, 2007:

Years ago I saw Barry Williams as the lead actor in West Side Story at the Jones Beach Theater in New York.

I kid you not.

Great and highly truthful Lens! 5 stars!

blondeheroine on July 12, 2007:

I didn't think this could get any funnier and then I scrolled down below the comment bar. Barry Williams gets fan mail? For some reason, I'm insanely amused by this. It's okay. I'm easily amused.

KCStargazer on April 18, 2007:

No Barry sightings lately, but had to come back for another chuckle for National Humor Month (USA). Thanks for making us laugh at the Kaleiodoscope Group!

KCStargazer on January 04, 2007:

My only recent Barry sightings: pushing those 70's Music collections on late night info-mercials, but I nearly busted a gasket here

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