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500 Days of Summer, Looking at Separation From Two Points of View

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Tom and Summer in the movie-time

Tom and Summer in the movie-time

Many of us may already be familiar with this movie called "500 Days of Summer". The film, which was released in 2009, also reaps a lot of opinions from each individual because the main character of the film itself has different ways of thinking about some things.

It may not be enough to watch one time for us to be able to understand what the writer of this film is really trying to convey. If we understand the point of view of each character, we certainly understand why the ending of this film should end with a breakup.

As a result, two points of view are considered to emerge from this film. First, the point of view of Tom and the second point of view of Summer. Let's discuss each point of view from them until finally they have to split up because of the many things that are difficult to explain.

the scene that tell us why their relationship should end with breakup

the scene that tell us why their relationship should end with breakup

First, Tom's point of view

For Tom himself, being abandoned by a woman who's been in a long relationship (albeit as a friend) with him must have been painful. Tom completely loses the figure of Summer who has filled his life for a long time. In fact, it was Summer who had been Tom's source of happiness. Everything Tom ever did with Summer had to disappear instantly when Tom saw the engagement ring on Summer's finger.

Seeing that, Tom feels confused and angry because as we know that in this movie, Summer is a person who does not want to be owned by anyone and wants to enjoy her solitude without being attached to a relationship with others. She is also a person who has the view that love is just a fantasy.

However, that day, Summer's words were merely fiction. Women who initially did not want to be anything from anyone are precisely now the wives of someone.

From here we can imagine Tom's feelings, 500 days of relationships with women that made him happy it became a waste of time. Tom already believes in Summer's commitment to enjoy her freedom without being tied to anyone but its Summer herself who does not keep her commitment.

Moreover, from the whole scene of the film, we certainly agree that Summer's way of treating Tom as a friend may feel excessive so it's no wonder that Tom wants to ask for certainty regarding their relationship. If we look at it from Tom's point of view, maybe we all agree that Tom is the one who deserves pity in this movie.

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a time when their relationship was still fine

a time when their relationship was still fine

Now, we move to Summer's point of view

While we look at it from Summer's point of view, severing her relationship with Tom would have been her right. Even from the beginning of the film, Summer has told Tom in principle that their relationship is nothing more than a friend.

However, it is precisely Tom himself who always keep chasing her. Summer ending her relationship with Tom is certainly not without reason. In this film it is very clearly told that Tom is too expectant, selfish, and he isn't listening.

Perhaps those points are what Summer feels that Tom is not the right person for herself. Besides, Tom's way of falling in love with Summer is very wrong because Tom is someone who arguably wants to win on his own without want to understand how Summer feels about him.

Therefore, some of us would surely agree that Summer's decision to end her relationship with Tom was the right one because the bond of love was created from mutual understanding of each other and Tom's selfish character could not possibly create a sense of love between them.

On the other hand, related to her marriage, Summer thinks "it was meant to be". It just happened and she felt that it was her destiny to live with another man. From here, we can know that Summer is no longer a woman who wants to simply "have fun" in a relationship.

So, that's the point of view of each character from their separation. From here we know that connecting with people without that status is sometimes difficult. Maybe one side takes a feeling and the other one is just "lonely".

In addition, in this film we can also take a meaning that the end of a relationship is not always due to the fault of one side. However, every now and then we have to ask ourselves "Is there something wrong with us?"

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