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500 Albums That Christian Young Adults (18-35) Should Hear (Part V)

I was that loner kid who read comics when everyone else was playing, listened to the B-sides and watched old movies ... Now I write about it

Have I even listened to 500 albums in my life time? At least.

And it never ceases to amaze me how each album can make you feel different things. How certain songs are like different colors of the rainbow; able to incite different moods, vibes, etc.

Listed below are a hundred of the 500 albums that I believe that Christian (and non Christian) young adults should hear.


Dicky Ochoa - Dicky Ochoa (2000)

100 - 91

100. Dicky Ochoa - Dicky Ochoa

99. By Surprise - Joy Williams

98. Heavenly Place - Jaci Velasquez

97. To Hell With The Devil - Stryper

96. Forever Friends - Jon Gibson

95. The Passion of Christ Songs - Various Artists

94. Mix This: Extreme Music

93. Violent Playgrounds - Preachas

92. Listen Closely - Ayeesha

91. Blur - Rachel Lampa

Lisa McClendon - "Grace Grace Grace"

90 - 81

90. A Evening In December - First Call

89. Christology In Laymen's Terms - The Ambassador

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88. More Life - Newsong

87. Microphone Theology - Various Artists

86. Rugged Witness - Barry G

85. Portrait - Richard Smallwood Singers

84. My King - Raving Loonaticks

83. Heard A Word - Michelle Williams

82. Surrender - Debra Killings

81. Soul Music - Lisa McClendon

Chicago Mass Choir featuring Phillip Sneed - "He That Believeth"

80 - 71

80. Spirit Of The Century - The Blind Boys Of Alabama

79. I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray - The Fairfield Four

78. Personal Inspirations - Stephanie Mills

77. Love Forever Shines - Regina Belle

76. Try Me Again - Kim Burrell

75.My Faith - Thomas Whitfield

74. I'll Be With You - Daryl Coley

73. The Promise - RIcky Dillard

72. King Of Glory - James Hall

71. He That Believeth - Chicago Mass Choir

Newsboys - "Not Ashamed"

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

70 - 61

70. Out Of The Grey - Out Of The Grey

69. Listen - Cindy Morgan

68. Kansas - Jennifer Knapp

67. Don't Wait For the Movie - Whiteheart

66. Going Public - Newsboys

65. Factors Of The Seven - GRITS

64. Journey To Freedom - Michelle Williams

63. Play Me In Your Key - Ben Tankard

62. Love Is Reality - Al Green

61. Everyday Man - Gary Chapman

Issac Freeman & The Bluebloods - "Beautiful Stars"

60 - 51

60. Issac Freeman & The Bluebloods - Beautiful Stars

59. Sister Act II Original Soundtrack - Various Artists

58. Maranatha Worship Songs Of The 70s

57. Lift Him Up - Ron Kenoly

56. Revival In The Land - Carman

55. Wild Blue Yonder - Wild Blue Yonder

54. Letting Go - The Darins

53. The Light Years: Andrae Crouch - Andrae Crouch

52. The Light Years: Allies - Allies

51. The Light Years - Bryan Duncan

Cleophus Robinson - "Sweet Home"

50 - 41

50. The Light Years: Resurrection Band - Resurrection Band

49. The Soul Stirrers featuring R.H. Harris - The Soul Stirrers

48. Live & Up Close - BeBe Winans

47. Humility - Mr. Real

46. All My Best To You - Tramaine Hawkins

45. In My Home Over There - Mahaila Jackson

44. I Must Tell Jesus - Tessie Hill

43. He's Still Good - Milton Brunson

42. Sit At His Feet & Be Blessed - Milton Brunson

41. I Shall Know Him - Cleophus Robinson

V. Rose - "Love Pursuit"

40 - 31

40. Somebody Bigger Than You & I - Clara Ward

39. Headline News - Inez Andrews

38. God Is Real - Little Richard

37. Through The Years: A Collection Of Songs From Great Gospel Choirs

36. I'd Rather Have Jesus - Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir

35. Another Chance - Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir

34. Remember - Crystal Lewis

33. Gospel's Greatest Hits - Various Artists

32. Hits - Apologetix

31. V Rose - V Rose

Dr. Onionskin - "Shady Day"



30 - 21

30. Heroes For Sale - Andy Mineo

29. Split Pea Soup - Dr. Onionskin

28. H.E.R. Project - Various Artists

27. Operation K.A.P - C.R.O.W.

26. Gang Affiliated - Gospel Gangstas

25. Nine - The New Breed

24. Gospel Housing Authority - Gospel Housing Authority

23. Over & Over - Margaret Bell

22. Love Sweet Love - Tim Bowman

21. Time & Seasons - Commissioned

Glenn Kaiser Band - "Winter Sun"

20 - 11

20. God's Makin The Makin' It Happen - Transformation Crusade

19.Standing In The Safety Zone - Fairfield Four

18. Fashion Expo: Round 1, True Hip Hop - Sackcloth Fashion

17. Hell? No! - I.D.O.L. King

16. Take My Hand: Music For Weddings * Various Artists (Alliant Music Group/Compendia, 2003) Featured Artists: Wendy Moten/ Desmond Pringle/ Daryl Coley/ Da'dra Crawford Greathouse

I don't know what the best part of this project is --the idea or the actual project. Love songs for Christians is a cool concept in and of itself (just ask Jon Gibson, Tim Miner, BeBe Winans, Marcus Cole and Bishop T.D. Jakes). But what makes this project special is that you get the vocals on one disc and then the instrumentals on the second disc. Plus,you get the Wedding March Processional and Recessional. So a bride without musician contacts, can have a great DJ to set the tone for the wedding. Classic.

Picks: Always/ Only You/ Everything About This Love

15. Reflections, Vol 3 -Guitar Instrumental Hymns * Featuring Jonathon DuBose Jr. (Alliant/Light, 2003)

First of all, let's call this series of Cds what they are --Jazz. In fact, with all of the instrumental projects coming out in the industry, "Gospel Jazz" is a bigger format than folks give it credit for being.
Once we get that decided, realize that JD throws down guitar licks with the best of them. He really represents on this set of familiar hymns, including tunes by Andrae Crouch and James Moore. With no intrusive vocals to spoil the mood, this is excellent, but way too short.

Picks: His Eye Is On The Sparrow/ Joy/ Blessed Assurance/ Amazing Grace/ Come To Jesus

For fans of: Anthony Lockett/ Tim Bowman/ Earl Klugh

14. Ripley County Blues - Glenn Kaiser Band

13. Glenn Kaiser Band * Winter Sun (Grrr, 2000)

Make no mistake. This is Blues music. But it is Blues with hopeful lyrics, as well as screaming guitars. Sort of like the soundtrack to a gritty action movie like PATRICK SWAYZE's "Roadhouse". And it's really great to ride to. Check it out.

Picks: My Backyard/ Winter Sun/ Northbound

12. DJ Maestro 1 * Funke' Sermons: Vol.1/ Funke Sermons 2: The New Beginning/ Gospel Slow Jamz 3 ---email: DJ_Maestro1@

Where D.J. Maestro differs from the music of other Dance music artists is tha the makes the sampled minister on his tracks shine moreso than the thumpin' beat of the music. Which is ironic, considering that Maestro uses familiar tracks by popular Mainstream artists as his musical backdrop. Ministers like Rev. Paul Jones, Bishop & Lady Norfleet, Donnie McClurkin, Juanita Bynum and TD Jakes exhort over slammin' instrumentals of cuts by BRANDY, BUSTA RHYMES, INDIA ARIE and others.
With the slow jam series, he simply mixes some of the best Gospel slow jams and sets a delightful mood. Basically, these are great starter kits for anyone trying to start a Gospel music collection. This is a brother with the Gospel music fans' heart in mind. Check out his site and be a blessing to his ministry that stretches to India and Paris.

For fans of: Raving Loonaticks/ Scott Blackwell/ Scripture Beats

11. A Steve Taylor Tribute: I Predict A Clone - Various Artists

Witness - "It's Raining In My Life Again"

10 - 1

10. Special Love - Deneice Williams

9. Gospel Pioneer Reunion Live - Various Artists

8. Up On It - YWFC

7. Shades Of Blue - Shades Of Blue

6. The Voice - Mavis Staples

5. Soulmuzick Presents: Street Gospel Volume 1 - Various Artists

4. Giant Hits - David & The Giants

3. Our Hymns - Various Artists

2. Our Family - Various Artists

1. It's Raining In My Life Again - WItness

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