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5 Slasher Flick Movies Any Halloween Movie Fan Would Enjoy

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A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984)


A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984) is the first film in the Elm Street franchise. It is about Freddy Krueger who was burned alive by the parents of Elm Street. They killed him because he was killing children. Now Freddy is out for revenge by killing the teenagers of the parents one by one while they are in there dreams. Nancy Thompson and her friends are the ones getting killed.While her friends get slaughtered one by one, Nancy has to overcome her personal fears so that she can go against Freddy. Being the first film in the franchise, the character development of Nancy is pretty well thought out.The backstory of Freddy is one of the most convincing parts of this movie. Even with many sequels and spinoffs the first Elm Street film stands alone and may be the only movie in the franchise that is worth a watch. I already did a review on this movie in my Tumblr blog. I also reviewed some of its sequels but they were not as good in comparison. But if you are interested in the sequels, I would recommend Dream Warriors which is the third installment in the franchise. It is about a bunch of kids who are in a mental institution because they don't sleep.

Rated R for gore, intense scenes, and sexually explicit content

Child's Play(1988)


The 1980's provided some good slasher and horror films of the past century. Child's Play is about a doll named Chucky who comes to life and starts going on a killing spree. In 2019, they did a remake of Child's Play with the same plot and premise of the first 1988 film. Chucky has many sequels and spinoffs as well because of the cult following from the first movie. I do not know if I would reccomend the other movies in the franchise but I would not doubt they would have the same intensity and gore like the first film.

Film is rated R for gore and language

Happy Death Day(2017)


Happy Death Day provides long needed humor to the slasher flick universe. It is about a college student who keeps reliving the same day she dies over and over again. She has to relieve the same day until she finds out who her killer is. This movie provides both humor and gore which is refreshing. I reccomed both the first and second movie in the death day franchise.

Rated PG13 for its gore and intense scenes

I know what you did last summer(1997)


After a group of friends accidentally kill a fisherman over the summer there guilt increases when they receive a letter stating that someone knows of there horrific deed. The stalking esculates to the point that each friend gets killed by the killer with a hook. This movie is definitely an interesting watch and has some great actors including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddy Prince Jr, and Sarah Michelle Geller. There is sequel but it is not as good. I would say if you want to put something in the background the second movie would be okay for background noise.

Rated R for violence, gore, and some sexual situations



Scream is one of those classic slasher films and has a huge cult following in pop culture. The first scene with Drew Barrymore talking to the killer on the phone is still relevant today. Scream is about a girl whose mother was murdererd a year ago. A killer with a mask starts slashing and killing victims while using ideas from the slasher horror genere. There are a lot of sequels and even a TV show based on the Scream franchise. It is one of of biggest slasher flick franchises. The first movie is a classic watch and I would even recommend the sequels especially the second and third ones because it includes the original characters from the first movie. I watched a couple episodes of the Scream TV show but it honestly did not hold up to the movies.

Rated R for violence and extreme gore

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