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5 Amazing Short Anime You Can Binge-Watch Over a Weekend

Dheeraj is a freelance writer, he is a big fan of Anime and loves to often write about them.


If you are an anime fan or if you have just started watching anime then you must have watched or have heard about the legendary anime like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and other biggies but the problem with these anime is they carry a big number of episodes which demands a huge amount to time to finish them, however, not all of us have that much time in our day to day life.

Here comes the short anime which are equally amazing to watch and less time-consuming because of the lesser number of episodes.

Today, I have accumulated a list of 5 awesome anime that you can binge-watch over the weekend.

1. One Punch Man (24 Episodes)


What will happen if you get the ability to defeat anyone with just a single punch?

Well, you will get bored eventually, just like our protagonist in this anime. One Punch Man is the story of a man named Saitama who decides to become a superhero “Just for fun” but he gets bored because of his ability to defeat anyone with a single punch and lack of strong opponents to fight him.

The show is a perfect blend of a fair amount of humor, nail-biting fight scenes, and an interesting storyline, which will keep you entertained throughout the time. As of now, the anime has 2 seasons and a third season is rumored to release in the mid of 2023.

2. Spy x Family (12 Episodes)


Another great anime in the genre of ‘Comedy’ and ‘Action’.Spy x Family follows the storyline of a world-class spy who has been assigned a mission to prevent a war between two nations, and to complete this mission, he has to “build a family” of his own.

He unknowingly adopts a girl who is a telepath and agrees to be in a marriage contract with a young woman who is secretly a skilled assassin.

What follows in the daily life of this ultimate pretend family is a delight to watch for anime lovers. The series currently has only 1 season and a second is announced for October 2022.

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3. Erased (12 Episodes)


A suspense thriller anime of just 12 episodes that shows the story of Satoru Fujinuma, a young man who has an uncontrolled power to go back in time, he uses this ability to prevent tragedies and refers to it as “Revival”.

Because of this phenomenon, Satoru, one day travels back to when he was a 10-year-old kid, which opens up the possibility to save a classmate from being murdered at that time.

From science fiction to thriller mystery, this anime contains all the elements of a complete blockbuster and is an ideal series to binge-watch in a single day.

4. The Devil Is a Part-Timer (13 Episodes)


As the name suggests this anime presents the Devil as a part-time worker to earn a living.

The story starts with an attack on Ente Isla (another world) by Satan himself to conquer that realm, but he gets forced to retreat after facing a resistance attack.

After fleeing, he ends up being teleported to modern-day Tokyo, Japan. Now, in order to find his way back, the Devil is forced to work part-time.

With only 13 episodes and a slight 'Slice of life’ vibe, this anime generates absolute comedy when the devil is shown flipping burgers in an anime-styled version of Mcdonald's, competing against an anime-styled version of KFC. A second season of the anime started premiering in July 2022 and is currently ongoing.

5. Grand Blue (12 Episodes)


This anime is an all-time personal favorite in the genre of comedy.

Partying, Drinking, Stripping naked and Scuba Diving (lesser than the other three) sums up this whole anime, but, the laughs never stop. This anime exhibits the story of a bunch of college students who love the things mentioned above and living their lives in a Grand way.

Along with the humor, the show also carries the ‘Slice of Life’ theme, making it a fun anime to Binge-watch with your friends while partying, drinking, or whichever way you like.

So, here’s your ultimate watch list of anime that you can Binge-watch over a weekend, there is a vast amount of other short anime which are equally or even more amazing, you should also check them but some other time.

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