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5 Reasons Why the Netflix Kissing Booth Trilogy Is the Absolute Worst

Camillia has BA in University Studies with a minor in English. Has enjoyed writing reviews since her sci fi/fantasy class in high school.


Reason #1: A list dictating friendship

Elle and her best friend Lee have a list of things they need to do as friends. This list was made when they were young children. This list makes no sense and Lee ends up having meltdowns like a little child because Elle does not follow this list exactly. Honestly, Lee is pretty controlling of Elle and her happiness. This is evident when Lee is not okay with Elle and his brother, Noah dating. It is stupid because we now Lee does not like Elle in a romantic way but he is just angry because Elle is choosing to not follow this stupid list they made as children. Well hello! Elle is older now and should not have a list to dictate her life choices.Lee is a horrible friend and has a difficult time supporting Elle in her choices. I really think Lee is a big baby and this is solely evident in the second movie when he flips out when Elle is changing her mind about going to the same college as him. Sorry Lee, but Elle is her own person and does not need to choose a huge life decision based on a stupid list.


Reason #2: Romantizing abusive relationships

Elle is controlled like a video game by both Lee and Noah. They both own her like land. Lee controls Elle with a stupid list and Noah is a toxic boyfriend. Noah and Elle even have rules for their own relationship that includes not being honest with Lee which was going to backfire anyways. Noah does some stupid things including flirting with another girl after kissing Elle and fighting with another guy. This esculates in the second film were Noah gaslights Elle for thinking he is cheating and blaming her for thinking he is cheating when he had a woman's earring under his bed and his spending unwanted time with a girl who is a friend without telling Elle. But what makes I worse is that Noah's actions are romantizied and the audience is supposed to think it is romantic that he does these things for Elle.


Reason #3: Enmeshed relationships

The reason why Elles relationship with both Lee and Noah are toxic is because she forgets about herself. In the first movie, Lee controlled Elle with the friendship list. It was like Elle was Lee's property because she could not have a relationship outside their friendship. There relationship is so toxic because they rely too much on each other and this leads to codependency. They have to go to the same college together even if it was not going to be healthy for each friend. Noah and Elle's relationship is less enmeshed as it is toxic. In the first movie, we see that Noah believes Elle is his property when he tells the male student body that she is off limits. It is pretty messed up that Elle is being pulled and pushed from each male character in these movies.

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Reason #4: Sex too fast

Elle is still in high school and after she barely kissed Noah they are hitting the sheets and doing the dirty. After watching the first movie the first time, I thought their relationship seemed a little too fast. They just barely kissed, why did they have to jump the gun. Maybe it is because Noah is so abusive he had to snatch Elle right up before she noticed that he was toxic. In abusive relationships, the abuser likes to quickly jump into a relationship and have sex.


Reason #5: The overuse of montages

The Kissing Booth movies do a lot of montages so they can fill up the time of the film. Honestly, these films should not be long because the plot is so simple. A lot of scenes in these movies are filler and do not have anything to do with the main plot. In the early 1990s and 2000s movies montages were used the right way. They were not overused to take up time but to move the movie along.



The Kissing Booth honestly did not need three movies but Netflix wanted to milk this franchise for all its worth. I do not blame them because they want money even if they make crappy content.There is a lot of controlling of Elle especially from the men in her life. Again, Lee controls Elle with a stupid friendship list they made as kids while Noah continually gaslights Elle and it is shown as romantic. I hope people see the unhealthy relationships protrayed in these movies. I do not like the ending when Elle finally decides her future but it is evident she will go back to Noah. Leave abusive relationships in the past and try to make healthier ones in the future.

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