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5 of the Worst Cheapskates from TLC's Extreme Cheapskates Sixth Edition

Extreme Cheapskates is a show on TLC about how the cheapest people save money.

Ben Livingston


Ben Livingston seems high as a kite oftentimes and a lot of his penny pinching ideas make little sense.

Sure, his ideas save money, but either cause inconvenience or may have adverse health effects.

Take for instance, Ben's co9oling techniques. Instead of getting air conditioning, he chooses to rub his body with cornstarch and make himself look like a powdered doughnut. He also uses a stick to get his fan going instead of having it fixed.Instead of paying for tap water, Ben chooses to drive his old truck to the creek to get water.

Ben tries to promote his art but does not want to spend much for the open house. He mixes his boxed wine with watermelons and creek water to make a sangria. This is unsafe as the water may have contaminants. He also serves his guests thinly sliced hotdogs. For napkins he uses cut up old shirts.

This does not give a good impression to guests and defeats the purpose of the open house.

Ben's ex girlfriend moves next door and discovers nothing has changed. Ben is still the cheapskate she left years ago.

Michael McSurley


Michael McSurley is more like a cheapskate handyman.

He tries to use different contraptions in order to save him some money.

He builds these contraptions out of stuff he has lying in the house and stuff he can get from his parents or from garage sales.

Socks serve as his coffee filters.

Milk crates are utilized as his shelves.

Rubber bands are used to to levitate his soap so it lasts longer.

In order to save water, Michael built a system that collects rainwater as well as recycles water used for bathing for other purposes.

His parents, Judy and Don Surley, think he is the cheapest person they know.

Karen and Grant Hearn

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Karen and Grant Hearn like to save money.

But their penny pinching ways might actually be life threatening.

Karen does not like to spend on medical procedures and tries to do procedures on her own.

Her tooth was aching so bad that she was forced to see a dentist for some medical consultation. He gives her two options $1800 to place a grown on the tooth and save it or $185 to extract the tooth.

Karen cringes at the thought of spending money and wanted to look for alternatives.

She and her husband Grant try to watch some YouTube videos about tooth extraction and attempt to do it themselves.

This is dangerous as there is a possibility of injury and infection.

They then try to replicate the dentist's equipment. In place of forceps, they use a barber's tool that was used as a tooth extraction tool once upon a time and use a vacuum cleaner with a straw to replicate a saliva ejector.

The operation is a success but it was never shown if Karen got an infection from the procedure.

Monique Lukens


Monique Lukens has an obsession for free things.

She tries to get stuff as cheaply as she can if she cannot get it for free.

Monique does not have a proper bed and uses an air mattress which she blows manually. If she does not want to use an electric pump, there are many manual ones that can be had for a few dollars.

She uses a mint plant in lieu of a toothpaste and toothbrush when these can be had at any dollar store.

She tries to subsist on raw fruits and vegetables to avoid cooking and refrigeration costs. She went as far as asking her boyfriend Joseph to pick oranges from an orange grove so they can live on free oranges.

This has led Monique to look rather pale as she may lack some key nutrients. If she prefers not to consume animal products, she can still get some vegan proteins such as soy or almond milk and tofu.

However, these do need refrigeration.

Monique tries to win Joseph back as he got fed up with her cheapskate ways.

She cobbles together some mattresses from a rummage sale and some textile from a mom and pop store as well as free linen from a hotel.

Monique was relentless in haggling down the fabric store even though she was already selling it at a huge loss. There is nothing wrong with saving money but Monique took it too far.

Barry Cozart


Barry is your friendly neighborhood cheapskate barber. Even though he owns his own business, he spends like he is broke.

The most egregious is giving his fiance Gabriella an empty wedding ring case. This is not only cheap but also insulting. Why pop the question when you are not willing to buy a ring?

Barry also makes his own homemade liquor by combining lemons, sugar and candy into hooch.

To top this all off, Barry takes his fiance out to eat on the parking lot and uses the car's engine to cook food instead of taking her to a nice restaurant.

Gabriella must really be a saint to put up with Barry's weird ways.

Barry Cozart

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