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5 of the Worst Cheapskates from TLC's Extreme Cheapskates Second Edition

Extreme Cheapskates is a show on TLC about how the cheapest people save money.

Matt Rivera


Matt Rivera is the "World's Cheapest Wrestler." He tries to spend as little as possible in trying to reach his dreams. He scrimps on food, supplies and wrestling gear.

Instead of buying a proper protein shake in a supplement store, he mixes milk and bananas. However, he also mixes in the peels and eggshells.

Matt also scrimps on clothing and tissue paper. He only has two boxer shorts and dries and reuses his tissue paper.

Getting the look of a pro wrestler is expensive so Matt tries to achieve it without spending too much. He has his mom shave his head as well as wax him . Matt uses tea to achieve a tan instead of going to a tanning salon. He also puts tape on his wrestling boots so he would not have to repair them or buy new ones.

In order to master his craft, Matt attended wrestling school. But being the cheapskate that he is, he barters his janitorial services in lieu of paying the school.

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling / Impact Wrestling was holding auditions in Kentucky and Matt maps the cheapest route to get there.

When he gets to the wrestling ring, he is met by Magnus / Nick Aldis, Chris Sabin and Kurt Angle. Matt and Chris then proceed to have a tryout.

Matt proves to be too raw in terms of skill and Matt's appearance does not have the "it" factor. The wrestlers comment that Matt needs to invest in his appearance.

It appears that Matt's cheapness became his undoing.

Larry Melvin


Larry Melvin is a mechanic who owns his own auto repair shop.

He saves thousands of dollars a year living in his shop instead of renting an apartment.

He tries to save on electricity by using car batteries to power his lights.

It appears he also cheaps out on his customers. He also saves on water by using his bathwater to wash cars of customers.He also uses sanitary napkins and heap cola to clean car windows.

Larry became a cheapskate after his various divorces took drained him of cash and valuables.

Even though Larry has a few failed marriages, he has not ruled out dating. He sabotages and ruins it however, by not taking his dates out to a fancy dinner.

Larry's friend Laura sets him up with a nice girl named Greta. Greta drives inside Larry's garage and they have dinner there.

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Larry uses empty cola cans filled with used motor oil as candles with steel wool serving as wicks.

He also uses an old hub cab as a plate and uses utility knives as utensils.

Greta is appalled by this.

Larry could still have saved this by simply ordering food and using proper dinnerware.

Mark Parisi


Mark Parisi is not your typical gambler.

Instead of losing his money and property through recklessness gambling, he is a very responsible gambler and even makes out like a bandit as he abuses the complimentary drinks the casino provides.

The money he plays with is not his as he uses the loose change he finds in the areas he visits. He also does not bet more than $5 per visit so he does not lose much. He only plays the penny slots.

Mark saves money by not spending more than a dollar for each food item such as energy bars and cupcakes. He also freeloads on the laundromat by mixing his clothes with other people's.

Mark also participates in medical experiments as a side hustle. He even wanted to sell a testicle for $35,000 but his doctor advised him not to as he had low testosterone levels.

Mark benefits greatly from these studies as they give him free scrubs to wear that he reuses and also give him free monthly checkups to see if he is a fit for these studies.

Marlin Thomas


Marlin Thomas is perhaps the world's cheapest fireman.

Being residents of Houston, Texas, Marlin pays a lot for his power. He tries to save on energy costs by taping the light switches to discourage his family from turning on the lights. He also turns off the circuit breaker by 9pm.

Marlin also tries to save even more by washing his dishes in the fire station and by bringing home leftovers his teammates leave behind. Unfortunately, this has caused some instances of food poisoning in Marlin's family.

Essence is Marlin's daughter and her 16th birthday is coming up. Marlin tries to find a cheap way of celebrating it. He leases a local strip club as a venue as they charge very low rates and he gives his daughter his old car as a birthday present.

Shelley Watson


A girl's wedding is the most important day of her life. Usually no expenses are spared during this special day.

Shelley Watson begs to differ. She is trying to have her daughter Ashley's wedding on the cheap.

Ashley is set to be married to her fiancee Colby.

Denise Cosgrove is Colby's mom and she believes in sparing no expense for the wedding. Shelley begs to differ and wants to spend under $1000 for the entire wedding.

Shelley has some friends who let her use the gymnasium for free as a venue so she is off to a good start. They then go to a warehouse that has off season Christmas decor and get discounted flowers from there. She then goes to a pawnshop and helps Ashley score a cheap wedding gown. She tops it off by having her friends serve as a makeshift catering crew to prepare food for the wedding guests.

To further supplement the food at the wedding, Shelley had her guests bring their own alcohol and food.

In the end, Shelley was able to pull off her cheap wedding she wanted but not the wedding that Colby and his parents wanted.

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