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5 of the Worst Cheapskates from TLC's Extreme Cheapskates Fourth Edition

Extreme Cheapskates is a show on TLC about how the cheapest people save money.

Sarah Gracel


Sarah Gracel is maybe the world's cheapest baker.

Despite it being Christmas, the season does not entice her to spend more money.

Her presents are comprised of things she took from her family and is merely giving back or things she found in the dumpster.

Her gift wrapping paper is something she recycled from last year.

Sarah's Nativity display is some random toys she cobbled up and not actually Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds and wisemen.

In total, Sarah spent only $20 on her Christmas.

While most of the family is annoyed by Sarah's presents, grandma is quite happy with her foot massager.

Kia Cambridge


Kia Cambridge is as cheap as the car she was named after.

Kia likes to chew gum and drink coffee like most people but she rechews her gum for several days and rations her coffee for three days while drinking it from the same cup.

She tries to save more on food costs by having her and her son eat one meal a day at buffets.

The most absurd saving method has to be using hair as dental floss as you can easily pick up dental floss at the dollar store.

When Alex left the house, Kia leased her son's room. Many of the potential tenants backed out though because of her absurd rules.

In the end, she was able to find a suitable tenant.

Pelin Mathis


Pelin Mathis is a hairstylist whose father owns a barbershop. When she started working for him, she began repurposing the hair as fertilizer for plants and as stuffing for couch cushions.

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She also had a car that was involved in an accident but she just used hair ties to repair it instead of bringing it to a shop.

She is hosting a bridal party and she is trying to maximize profit by scrimping on her beauty supplies. She goes to a beauty supply store and buys the cheapest shampoo. She then goes to a local farm and buys some farm supplies such as kitty litter, petroleum jelly and Mane 'N Tail shampoo.

This would be no problem if Pelin did not charge much for her service but it seems that Pelin and her dad committed highway robbery by implying they made a lot of money in that deal.

Stephanie Bennett


Stephanie Bennett tries to save money but a lot of her ideas make no sense.

She uses one light bulb which she moves around the house in order to save money. She can simply turn off the lights when not in use. Not only does she risk the bulb being broken but she risks electrocution if she accidentally touches the socket.

Her boyfriend Patrick Robinson also cannot take a proper shower as he can only bathe for two minutes. It defeats the purpose if you cannot clean yourself.

Stephanie also does a lot of unhygienic stuff such as recycling the boiling water of her pasta several times and by collecting unconsumed food that are left over after meals and puts them back in the container. This food already had contact with saliva and has bacteria already. This is not safe.

She tries to stick to a $400 food budget for four people and gets mad at her boyfriend Patrick for wanting to host a football party. She forces Patrick to turn off the television during commercials, has the guests use a candle when they go to the restroom and serves watery lasagna cooked on a dishwasher.

This greatly embarrasses Patrick.

Aimee Elizabeth


Aimee Elizabeth is worth over $5 million but spends as if she is on a fixed income. She tries to spend less than $1000 per month.

Aimee is one of the wealthier people to appear on Extreme Cheapskates as she is an entrepreneur and has rental properties.

She lives like a pauper by restricting her electrical use and by not buying anything new.

Her ex-husband Michael Mathis is still a part of her life and helps her clean the house and maintain the yard. He also drives her to meetings.

Instead of appreciating Michael for his graciousness, she thinks she is doing him a favor as this gives him exercise. She also talks to him as if he is her manservant. She tops it off by feeding him a tuna fish sandwich made out of cat food.

She goes a bit too far sometimes as she drivers a beater car - a 1996 Ford Mustang. She visits a car repair shop and the mechanic says her car is not safe to drive as it has too many safety issues. The repair package will cost $1000 in total. Under Nevada state law, the mechanic cannot let Amy leave with the car as it is unsafe. She retaliates by threatening to sue him.

Wouldn't the $1000 be cheaper than hiring a bunch of lawyers and filing this in court?

Also what good is saving $1000 if you are already dead?

Aimee asks Michael to pick her up and bring her to the airport. There she tries to hitchhike a plane ride to her destination. She fortunately finds someone who is willing to give her a ride and she asks him if he could also bring her back after her meeting.

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