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5 of the Worst Cheapskates from TLC's Extreme Cheapskates First Edition

Extreme Cheapskates is a show on TLC about how the cheapest people save money.

Roy Haynes


There is nothing wrong with trying to save money but Roy Haynes pushes a lot of boundaries.

First, is the issue of stealing from small businesses. There is nothing wrong with a soft haggle attempt but not paying for the products you are getting is downright shameful.

Roy and his wife Lisa pass by a local ice cream shop. Roy asks for fourteen samples but does not buy any ice cream for himself or Lisa. The least he could have done is at least buy the cheapest item they had and gave it to Lisa,

On their monthly date night, Roy does not want to spend for snacks so he rummages the trash bin for a cup and a popcorn bag. He then washes the cup and proceeds to abuse the theater's free refill policy. Not only is this another instance of thievery but this is also unhygienic as the cup and popcorn bag came from the trash.

Other methods he uses such as recycling paper towels is unsanitary. They are disposable for a reason as they can be a breeding ground for microbes.

Roy also freezes the credit card in order to prevent his wife from spending. This is too extreme and may indicate that Roy has trust issues.

Terence Candell


Dr. Terence Candell is the director of Candell’s College Preparatory Academy. He makes a good living but you would not know it because of how frugal this man is.

His house is in badly need of repair and is badly in need of furniture.

Terence has sixteen accounts and has maybe a quarter of a million dollars.stashed away.

While his wife has agreed that Terrence would handle the finances, he should not be hiding money from his family. He should be transparent still.

Terrence also teaches students how to play basketball. When coins fall from the kids' pockets, he picks them up.

Terrence takes his family out to dinner once a year. The family is excited. Terrence then takes the coins he saved through the year to use as payment.

Much to his family's dismay, Terrence chooses to stop at a Chinese buffet instead of a fine dining restaurant. There are six people in Terence's party yet he only gets three plates.

Terence's wife gets upset and gets a plate of her own and the same goes for the rest of the family.

After the meal, Terence takes his bag of coins and embarrasses his family by counting them at the cashier.

Since Terrence has so many banks, he should have either deposited the coins at a bank and paid for the buffet using a debit card or have the coins exchanged to dollar bills for easier counting.

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Terence ran for mayor of Oakland n 2010 and got a few thousand votes.

Abdul Mohammed


Abdul Mohammed makes good money with his hotdog business. He has a hotdog cart and a hotdog mascot. Whenever business is slow, he pulls out the mascot and it becomes an attraction for people.

Abdul tries to haggle in anyway he can. He tries to haggle at a fastfood joint, at a gas station and at a boutique. This behavior is extremely embarrassing for Shauna.

Shauna is Mohammed's wife of ten years and yet he chooses to cheap out and celebrate their anniversary for $25. He and his friend Rick try to put together a party for that paltry sum.

Their first stop is a party store where Mohammed haggles on some clearance and out of season balloons and he take them away flat so that he does not need to pay for helium. He also went to a bakeshop to get a cake. Mohammed tried his best to haggle for a cake and ended up with discounted cake pops. Cake pops are like cakes in a cup but are made from leftover cake ingredients.

The party ended up like a mishmash of celebrations as the party decors were for things like graduation, retirement and birthdays but not for wedding anniversaries.

The food was just cheap wine, crackers, cheese, sausages, nachos, salsa and cake pops.

Mohammed hoped that his marriage would last a long time.

Sadly, in 2018, Mohammed announced in his YouTube channel that he and Shauna have divorced.

Greg Insco


Greg Insco works as a Zumba instructor who tries to do side hustles such as participating in clinical studies.

Greg lucked out and was offered a free apartment by one of his students. He stays there with his buddies Rodge and Kevin. While Greg pays nothing, he turns around and charges his friends rent. Thus making even more money.

Greg does not want to spend for anything. He uses used yogurt cups for beverages. He uses the paper plates he got from a children's birthday party. He also gets all his condiments free when he eats out.

The rabbit hole goes even deeper as Greg took out the bulb from his refrigerator to save on electricity. He also saves a lot on water as he takes a bath with his clothes on and uses the water he bathed in to flush the toilet once a week. He also keeps tags on clothes and returns them after using them.

Greg goes on a date with Brandy, a girl he met online, at the Pit To Plate BBQ. He immediately cheaps out and only orders water for himself and gives Brandy the cheapest options to order from. In the end, Greg orders one rib and Brandy orders a pulled pork sandwich with macaroni and cheese..

This does not give a good impression to Brandy though she was very courteous about it.

Jordan Page


Jordan Page has an army of kids to feed and a husband to boot.

This leads to a lot of expenses especially for food. With an ever growing family, Jordan has found ways to cut corners. She waters down the juice, rations the cereal and waffles and begs the neighbors for any food they can spare. She also explored raising chicken and goats to provide eggs and milk at a fraction of what they would cost in grocery stores.

Jordan started becoming an extreme cheapskate when she an her husband Bubba lost their home when they couldn't qualify for a loan.

Now, the Page family is financially well off has has a million dollar home that they were able to get for a quarter of the amount.

Jordan Page has a YouTube channel, FunCheapOrFree, that teaches tips on how to save money on food and other household expenses. She also has appeared on different media outlets to promote her frugal ways.

Jordan Page

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