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5 of the Worst Cheapskates from TLC's Extreme Cheapskates Eighth Edition

Extreme Cheapskates is a show on TLC about how the cheapest people save money.

Angela Leibee


Angela Leibee has two daughters - elder daughter Sarah and younger daughter Katrina. She has her daughters bring home empty milk cartons so she can re-purpose them as organizers and as pots for plants.

Angela has Sarah and Katrina take ten minute baths twice a week which helps her save on her water bill.

Since Sarah is not available this year, Angela and Katrina bring in Sarah's friend Megan to accompany them on their Las Vegas trip.

Megan is surprised that in order to save on baggage costs, they need to wear all the clothes they will use on the trip instead of packing it in a traveling bag.

This is certainly uncomfortable and hot.

Angela also brings in packed food so they can save on food costs.

She takes the teenagers to the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix where the rides are $7.50 each or $21.50 for all the rides for an hour. Angela decides to be creative and have all three of them share one go cart ride.

They end up each having a few laps but this would have been so much more fun if they rode together.

The trio also visit a Chinese buffet where they share a takeout box instead of each benefiting from unlimited food.

Raul Pinto


Raul Pinto is perhaps one of the more annoying people featured in Extreme Cheapskates.

For starters he hassles the attendant in the car wash by claiming that his wife lost her earring. He uses this to gain access to the dust bin of the car wash and have two of his kids fish for valuables such as loose change.

Having a family of six, eating out can be costly so Raul tries to eat out at cheap places such as diners since there are so many of them in New Jersey.

Raul encourages his family to grab as much free stuff as possible. They order water and ask for free lemons and use the free sugar in order to make lemonade. Raul also asks for extra lettuce and tomato to make the club sandwiches bulkier. Before they leave, the family tries to grab as many salt and sugar packets, toothpicks and condiments.

Raul and his wife also share coffee with unlimited refills.

It is highly doubtful if the diner made any money serving the Pinto family.

Raul also tries to scrimp at home by serving his family bootleg bottled water and bootleg premium beer. He refills plastic bottles with tap water and fills premium beer bottles with cheap beer.

He also limits his family to opening the refrigerator once a day for only twenty four seconds and even attaches a shot clock unto the refrigerator.

It looks like Raul's cheap ways annoy his family as well as other people.

Shannyn Allan


Shannyn Allan is just like everyone else. She loves the festivities of the Christmas season.

However, she would rather celebrate it three days after Christmas in order to save money.

Shannyn regifts the corporate presents she gets and serves food she has gathered from parties she was invited to. She also repurposes the promotional materials she gets from events in order to serve as Christmas ornaments.

Shannyn further adds to her Christmas stockpile by going to mom and pop stores and trying to haggle down any damaged items they may have.

She goes as far as to dumpster dive for a Christmas tree. They rummage through the dumpsters to find a discarded Christmas trees.

The Christmas party she throws went well although the gits she gave threw her officemates off as they were promotional items from different companies as well as items she got from various celebrations.

Victoria Hunt


Victoria Hunt is a millionaire but lives like a pauper.

She goes to great lengths to save a few dollars on her water bill. She pees on a used lemonade bottle and showers on the gym instead of using her own shower at home.

She also saves money on food by having her own chickens, foraging for edible plants and herbs and rummaging dumpsters. Dumpster diving for food though is not the safest thing to do as they can be contaminated by bacteria and pathogens.

Victoria also refuses to get new appliances if she can help it and a lot of her appliances are from the 1960's.

When her boyfriend Steve moved in, she tried to limit his use of electricity as well as limited his water use. Steve even got upset as Victoria shut down the water while he was taking a shower.

When her son and his family visit, she feeds them food she foraged and found in a dumpster.

It is one thing to be cheap and it is another to compromise the health and safety of other people in order to save a few bucks.

Jamie Jay


Jamie Jay is one of the more artistic cheapskates. She loves using discarded cat litter which end up being turned into candle holders, tombstones and coasters. She also makes art from lint.

She also uses fake turf and fake flowers on her garden in order to save on water and maintenance.She got a haul of used turf from the local golf course.

Thrift stores are a part of every cheapskate's arsenal and Jamie is no different. She shops at these stores to get popular brand name items for less money.

Jamie also tries to get more value for her money by buying less popular brands and by price comparing between sizes and brands.

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Jan Michael Ong (author) from Metro Manila, Philippines on February 04, 2021:

Hi maam nice to hear from you. The cheapskates kind of extreme though.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on February 04, 2021:

This is a very interesting story. It reminds me of the book, The Millionaire Next Door. It's a practical lifestyle if it suits you.

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