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5 of the Most Cringe-Worthy People in TLC's 90 Day Fiance

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Anfisa Archipchenko-Nava


When you up the word "gold digger" on Webster's Dictionary, you would find a picture of Anfisa.

Anfisa was working as a cam model when Jorge saw her. Jorge thought that Anfisa was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. He was awestruck at the Russian beauty.

Jorge was a marijuana dealer and claimed he was rich. Now Jorge had a bit of money on him but not to the level Anfisa thought.

Anfisa then had Jorge spend on her on a lavish shopping spree of luxury shoes, clothes and purses. This was capped with ring shopping where they went hunting for an engagement ring. Anfisa and Jorge went to the jewelry store with a target of three carats. The saleslady tried to talk them up to five carats . She said the listed price for the ring Anfisa wanted was $300,000 but she gave them a 50% discount and priced it down to $150,000. Still, this was above Jorge's budget.

When it came to the wedding dress, Anfisa was fixated on the $45,000 dress. She tried the cheaper $7,900 one and was not impressed. Anfisa was disappointed at Jorge for not being able to afford the dress.

She treated Jorge as her personal ATM.

Jorge's sister Lourdes was against the marriage as she knew Anfisa as a gold digger. They had a heated confrontation in the show.

Anfisa and Jorge did get married and appeared to do well until Jorge's arrest. Anfisa has gotten a lot fitter. She is now very much toned and plans to compete in bodybuilding competitions. She also has a very healthy following on You Tube and Instagram with a healthy count of more than three hundred thousand followers on each account.

Jorge got sentenced to two and a half years in prison for trying to sell 293 pounds of marijuana on September 7, 2018. Only time will tell what happens to the couple after that.

Leida Margaretha


It looks like the concept of an evil stepmother is not limited to Disney movies such as Snow White and Cinderella. There actually is an evil stepmother and her name is Leida.

Leida was at one point a beauty contestant and placed fifth in the 2009 Miss Indonesia pageant. She even won an award for "Miss Healthy Body." Her sash can visibly be seen hanging near the door in some episodes of the show.

Though Leida is no longer in the same shape she was in her younger years, the fact that a "beauty queen" would give him the time of day was more than what Eric would ever hope for. She was a model and teacher back in Indonesia.

She was already married previously but the marriage only lasted two years. This temporary union resulted in her son Alessandro. The ceremony was a lavish one that was done in a five star hotel and costed hundred of thousands of dollars.

Leida comes from a well-to-do family so it was a struggle for her to adjust to Eric's simple and frugal lifestyle. She even proudly shows off her big house and numerous servants in her house tour. She has dreams of pursuing a medical career so when he saw Eric's profile, she jumped at the first chance she got to hopefully get a green card.

Eric has three daughters from a previous marriage - Taneil (21), Natasha (19) and Jeneka (11). Taneil and Natasha are pretty much independent while Jeneka still receives child support from Eric which comes to about a thousand dollars a month.

From the moment Leida arrives in the United States, she tries to take over Eric's life. She shows how selfish she is by demanding that she be the number one priority over Eric's daughters. She wants Eric to stop paying child support to Jeneka even though he is legally obligated to do so. She wants the money to go to her child Alessandro instead.

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Eric was homeless for two years according to Natasha and she took him in. However, the kind gesture ended up in Leida blowing up on how messy Tasha was and compelled Eric to boot out his own daughter. Tasha and Leida has numerous arguments and thankfully did not end up in a physical confrontation.

Because of Leida's actions in the show, she has received a lot of hate online. She has even received death threats. She has stated that she will no longer appear on the show once their contract is up.

Pedro Jimeno


Pedro is an absolute mama's boy. Even though he and Chantel were married already, he still prioritized his family over he and Chantel.

He showered his mom and sister with presents and they were living very well while he and Chantel lived frugally. This was a point of contention for him and Chantel. Pedro always told Chantel that there was nothing he could do as this was part of their culture.

This was very insensitive of Pedro as he was inconsiderate of his wife's own culture. His family apparently had the same problem as they served chicken feet and chicken necks to Chantel's family when they cam in to visit the Dominican Republic. They could have easily prepared pollo guisado (braised chicken) or sancocho (7-meat stew) and this would have appealed much better to western palates.

There was a lot of bad blood between Pedro and Chantel's families. Chantel's mom Karen was upset when she saw the nice apartment Pedro's mom and sister were living in as well as the numerous gifts Pedro brought his family such as a laptop and clothes. Pedro and Chantel were living so cheaply while Pedro's mom and sister were living the good life. She even thought the Pedro's family were treating them like "stupid Americans."

The tension resulted in a fistfight with Pedro and Chantel's brother, River Everett when Pedro and his sister came to Chantel's house for a family dinner.

Despite the ups and downs in their relationship and with both families squabbling, Pedro and Chantel are still together.

David Toborowsky


David is not exactly father of the year or husband of the year material. He cheated on his wife with prostitutes. He also did not spend much time with his kids. His life was that of indulgence and travel with his buddy Chris. Rather than taking care of his family, his life was about the adventures of David and Chris.

In one of his travels to Thailand, David fell in love with Annie. Annie had an angelic singing voice and this lured David like a sailor to a siren. Annie was working in a karaoke bar then and this raised speculation that Annie was a prostitute.

This was not a good time for David to get married however, as David was in shambles financially. He owes dowry money to Annie's family. He also had very little in savings and did not have a job waiting for his back in the United States.David was backed up by Chris financially and without Chris, David would be penniless and homeless.

David met up with his sister Nancy and she had helped David a lot through the years. David had Nancy go all the way to Kentucky and attempted to borrow $1000 for her. She felt that enabling David would not help him long term so she declined.

Nancy invited David to dinner with Ashley, David's daughter. It was not a good experience for Annie as she badly wanted a child and the family was against it because of David's finances.Annie walks out not really understanding that the family was just concerned and not trying to be the villains.

In another dinner, there was a heated confrontation between David and Ashley. Ashley was with her son and David was with Annie. Ashley resented the fact that David was rarely there for them. After a heated exchange, Ashley throws water at David and leaves.

David was in dire straights and should have at least attempted to get work whether it be in retail or at a fast food chain. Sure, the pay is low and it may be demeaning to him, but David wants to start a family and you cannot start a family with zero dollars.

The show portrayed David in a very poor light. He was a drunkard who could not get a proper job and was a deadbeat. Ashley claimed in an interview that the show portrayed David very accurately.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima


Larissa is very vain and is an attention seeker. She seems to be a very selfish individual who wants to make things "all about her."

From the moment she stepped unto U.S. soil, she asked Colt where her flowers were. She was expecting colt to bring her flowers and chocolate. She bugged Colt to buy the $20 flowers in the vending machine. Colt, however, did not budge.

Colt takes Larissa home and she is not impressed by Las Vegas. she said it look nothing like the pictures.

Larissa insults Colt and his mom by saying that the house is too small and she does not like the decor and the lack of furniture. Debbie, Colt's mom, offers Larissa beef stew. Larissa says she is not hungry. Larissa also insults the tacky slot machine in the dining area. Colt says this was a gift from Colt's dad to his mom. While Debbie was initially overjoyed with Larissa's arrival, she was deeply hurt by Larissa's comments.

Larissa and Debbie later go shopping for a couch. Larissa likes the leather couch that costs $1299. Debbie says she cannot have leather because of the cats. Debbie and Colt have had a joint credit card and joint bank account since he was fourteen and Debbie feels that since it is Colt's money, he should have a say in the matter. Larissa does not care and insists that Colt promised she could have anything she wants.

Colt's cousin, John, drops by for a family barbecue. He brings along his wife and kids. John is deeply concerned that Larissa is a gold digger. It does not take long and John and Larissa have an argument. John feels Larissa is taking advantage of colt and disrespecting Debbie. Larissa then tells John not to attend their wedding.

Colt and Larissa have a fight. Colt shows Larissa the flights to Brazil he is looking at so he can send her home. The two attempt to reconcile by having a double date with colt's friends Andrew and Angela. It took Larissa two hours to get ready and she was complaining all the time that Colt was not complimenting her enough.

Colt and Larissa did get married eventually but problems still exist due to Larissa being self-centered and delusional. She has since gotten arrested twice for domestic battery. She has also hacked Colt's Instagram and blocked people. Only time will tell when Colt's patience finally runs out.

The Most Cringe-worthy person in 90-Day Fiance

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