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5 of the Most Beautiful Girls in Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell

I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay since he started his television career with 'Boiling Point.' He has been a star ever since.

Brittany Thomas


Brittany was the general manager of the struggling Cambridge Hotel. She was more than capable of doing her job but John Imhoff never let her do it. Every time she wanted to do something, she had to run it by John.

John was in no way a qualified hotelier. He was a soldier and a lawyer but never went to hotel school or ever worked in a hotel.

Brittany welcomed Gordon to the hotel and told him about "Alice." Alice was the name of a girl who died in 1913 and whose spirit haunts the hotel. Throughout the hotel, there are freaky looking pictures of people and Brittany has no idea who these people are. Brittany accompanied Gordon to his room.

Gordon saw a curious looking apparatus on top of his bed and asked Brittany what its purpose was. Brittany did not know either and assured Gordon it was for more wholesome purposes.

Gordon saw how micromanaging John was. He decided to prove to John that Brittany was more than capable of being the general manager.

Brittany organized a girls night out and in 2 hours they earned $1400. Everyone had fun and John's daughter Shay even joined in the celebration. Gordon smartly locked John in a room in the third floor to prevent him from interfering. This proved to John that Brittany is capable in doing her job and that his chauvinistic ways have to go.

Anne Kolessar


Anne was the receptionist in the front desk of Meson de Mesilla. While she was friendly and gave a warm welcome to Gordon, Gordon was pissed that she handed him a cleaning waiver.

It took Gordon a while to find the hotel due to the lack of a proper sign and this is how he was greeted.

Gordon refuses to sign the cleaning waiver and tells Anne he will have no part of it.

Gordon does not use Anne as a scapegoat however and directs his ire at Cali. Gordon does not think that other guests need to suffer on the back of one idiot who spilled wine over the plaster.

After the initial encounter with Gordon in the reception area, Anne is seen several times more throughout the episode. She does express happiness when Gordon rids the hotel of those horrendous cleaning waivers.After all, she has to be the one to get them to sign it and many guests like Gordon are not happy to be greeted by cleaning waivers upon arrival.

She is also pleased when Gordon introduces breakfast with David as the chef and coverts the pool into an attraction for the guests. She samples the new menu and is pleased with it.

Anne says with the changes, she is now proud of the hotel.

Mandy Thompson


Mandy is the general manager of the Calumet Inn. However, Rina and Vanda have stripped her of her general manager duties and have relegated her to menial tasks such as reception, cleaning and bussing.

The spoiled sisters have very little in terms of job experience and do not know how to do much of anything. Shortly after purchasing the hotel, Rina got stressed out and fled to Minneapolis for 3 months. Vanda typically gets up at 3pm in the afternoon and barely helps out the shorthanded staff.

Mandy gets a chance to speak to Gordon and vents out her frustration at the sisters. Mandy has the right to get upset as the two have usurped her authority without even being qualified for the job.

During the staff meeting, tempers flare and Gordon feels he is in a women's prison. The staff and the two sisters hurl insults and accusations at each other. Mandy gets fed up and walks out. She did everything she could to keep the hotel afloat and this was the gratitude she got.

Gordon visits Mandy at her home and tries to convince her to come back. She agrees on the condition that the sisters leave. She feels that their meddling ways are just a handicap to the hotel.

Gordon proudly announces the new general manager of the Calumet and everyone was pleasantly surprised to see Mandy.

The episode closes with Mandy thanking Gordon for restoring her to her former position. The sisters then take a cab and head to Minneapolis.

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Savannah Eby


The Anglers Lodge is located in Island Park, Idaho which is known as a fly fishing destination. Dave and Dede saw the immense potential of the land located in the fishing area and decided to put up a lodge there. Dave built the lodge by hand and intended to run the business and fly fish at the same time.

Business was booming and the Ebys were poised for an expansion when tragedy sruck. The couple lost their young son Dalton and this broke their spirit. What was once a thriving and happy establishment slowly lost its luster.Business suffered to the point that they needed Gordon's help.

Savannah is Dave and Dede's daughter. She helps man the reception area. She warmly welcomes Gordon upon his arrival at the hotel. Savannah looks like the splitting image of her mom Dede. She has a short chitchat with Gordon. She proudly says that her dad built the whole lodge with his bare hands. She also says that her brother Zack is the restaurant manager. She then introduces Gordon to her mom Dede, brothers Zack and Preston and dad Dave.

While Gordon talks to the parents, it cuts to Savannah retelling the tragedy that happened to her little brother and that his death caused her parents to be disheartened.

Gordon soon discovers that despite its beautiful location, the lodge is suffering from the same symptoms as many of the other hotels he visited. The rooms are not well maintained and the food is dreadful. Dave is not helping things either with his negative attitude.

Gordon has a heart to heart talk with Dave in order to help turn things around. Gordon also upgrades the rooms and modifies the menu as he normally does in each establishment that he visits.

Savannah can clearly be seen enjoying the improvements to the rooms.

When the crew comes back to see how the Ebys are doing the whole family including Savannah have embraced the changes and the lodge is back to where it was before.

Melissa Davis


Melissa can be seen at the beginning of the episode hoping that Chef Ramsay can fix their situation. The lodge is in dire straights and Melissa thinks that Gordon is the only person that can help them.

Melissa Davis is Duke's wife. She lives with Duke in the Applegate River Lodge compound. Despite being in the same compound, the Davis clan hardly spent any time with each other. Joanna is too busy trying to cobble up the funds to keep the lodge afloat. Richard is preoccupied doing nothing productive. All he does is play music and smoke pot all day. Duke and Melissa handle the musical events. Dusty and his wife manage the restaurant.

While the music events and restaurant generate a substantial amount,they do not contribute to the lodge's overall finances. Duke and Dusty make a profit while Joanna is in mountains of debt.

To compound the problem, Duke and Dusty cannot get along. Duke is more of a creative guy. Dusty cares more about the business side of things.Duke seems to be a lot more like Richard and Dusty seems to be more like Joanna.

Gordon successfully reconciles the two brothers and the Davis clan enjoys their first family meal together in a long while. Melissa is overjoyed that the whole clan is there to break bread together as they have been fragmented for the longest time.

The Davis clan stands united at long last!

Most Beautiful Girl in Hotel Hell

© 2018 Jan Michael Ong

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