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5 of the Most Arrogant Entrepreneurs in Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den is the ancestor of the popular show Shark Tank and is popular in the UK and in Europe.

David Glashan


This is quite insulting as the dragons are successful multi-millionaires who are self-made and did not just gain their millions from inheritance or from winning the lottery.

The product David was trying to promote was the itsa beach towel. It was a modified beach towel with multiple pockets for your belongings that could transform into a beach bag.

Theo Paphitis mentioned that he sold a product similar to the itsa almost a decade ago. David threatened to sue Theo if he tried to copy the itsa.

David's arrogance alienated him from the dragons and prevented him from gaining an investment.

To make matters worse, David was asking for £250,000 in return for a 20% stake in a company that was only several weeks old.

This was a huge valuation for such a young company.

While David and his wife Sarah's presentation had a good start, David was simply too abrasive to endear himself to the dragons.

Eddie Middleton


Eddie Middleton had one of the more useful inventions in the den. He was pitching futuristic electric heaters which were environmentally friendly.

Eddie's product was called the Chillchaser. It was an electronic heater that was in stark contrast with the gas heaters which were what many people used.

These new heaters were electrical, more environmentally-friendly and had sensors that detected activity so that it can turn on and off based on this.

They also had features like lighting and LED screens to place branding or advertisement on.

He was looking for an investment of £225,000 for a 15% equity.

Eventhough Peter Jones was impressed by the futuristic heater, he and his fellow dragons were not happy with the arrogant and dismissive behavior Eddie had.

Eddie refused to answer questions and questioned the importance of the questions the dragons asked him.

He is not the type to value the opinions and input of others.

This was not a good way to ingratiate himself to the dragons.

Theo Paphitis labeled Eddie as rude, arrogant and insulting.

In the end, he refused Peter Jones' offer and James Khan withdrew his.

Eddie walks away from the den with nothing.

Martin and Suzie Cowley


When Martin and Suzie Cowley show up in the den you can notice Theo Paphitis looking exasperated. He knew what was coming.

Martin and Suzie looked like people attending a rock concert and not people doing a business presentation.

Martin looked like a giant rooster with a stained shirt. Suzie looked like a rocker chick with her garb and her pink colored hair.

They were looking for £100,000 in return for 30% of Cowley’s Fine Foods.

While the dragons were trying to give the couple advice to improve their image and make it more businesslike, the couple did not want to listen. They found nothing wrong with their look.

The couple also did not have any idea about their figures so they summoned John, their advocate.

John likewise struggled and Petr Jones reprimanded him for doing such a poor job.

In the end, the couple and their advocate failed to impress the dragons with their attitude and unwillingness to listen.

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Fiona Houston


This presentation is more remembered for Rory MacPhee's enthusiasm for getting Fiona Houston her seaweed than for Fiona's people skills or presentation skills.

Fiona was trying to secure an investment for her company, Mara. Mara specialized in using seaweed as flavoring for food.

She was asking for £100,000 for 3% of her company. This valued her company at approximately £3,300,000.

She projected that Mara would become a £7,000,000 brand.

Whenever you go into the den, expect a reasonable amount of scrutiny. After all, the five dragons on the show did not get rich by making foolish business decisions. You have to know your numbers as well as be able to answer their questions.

Fiona did not gain any favors by being so defensive whenever a dragon asked her a question.

Peter Jones tried to scrutinize the profitability of Mara but Fiona did not even know what gross profit was. She appeared irritated at Peter's attempts to question her.

It turns out that Mara had a £200,000 turnover and they had no profits. They were however, set to breakeven that year.

Deborah Meaden was clearly pissed at Fiona's poor attitude and reprimanded her.

Even Sarah Willingham who was a seaweed advocate did not view Fiona in a positive light.

Fiona was so unlikable that she left the den with no investment despite having a good product.

Peter Jones even said that his interaction with Fiona was one of his worst experiences in the den in ten years.

Steve Capon


Steve Mallet in the marketing director of In-velope, a collapsible foldaway box company.

He was asking for £150,000 for 10% which values the company at £1,500,000.

For a relatively new company with just one product and no sales or orders, this is an insane valuation.

Steve Mallet talked a big game despite owning 0% of the company.

He then brings in his friend Steve Capon, the inventor of the collapsible box.

They then explain that they have talks with the Brighton City Council to roll out these boxes in lieu of wheelie bins.

As the dragons drop one by one, Steve Capon stands arrogantly as if he does not care and as if the dragons need them more than they need the dragons.

They eventually run out of dragons and are evicted from the den.

Evan Davis, the presenter of the show, interviews Steve Capon and Steve Mallet after he exits the den on their unwillingness to negotiate.

Steve Capon arrogantly said they would have negotiated up and not down.

Steve Mallet says that they already had a fixed valuation before they came into the den.

Capon then says that if the dragons could not see the value of their proposition then they wouldn't want them to be in the company anyway.

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Jan Michael Ong (author) from Metro Manila, Philippines on May 11, 2021:

You can catch a lot of the episodes on You Tube though they split it into clips. Well if you want to get an investment you have to at least be likeable. David Glashan is the worst of the bunch.

Lady Dazy from UK on May 11, 2021:

I used to watch Dragon`s Den but I have not seen it recently. Some of the people were very arrogant but some came up with some good ideas.

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