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5 Movie Premeries to Look Forward to in 2022

Camillia has BA in University Studies with a minor in English. Has enjoyed writing reviews since her sci fi/fantasy class in high school.

Jurassic World: Dominion


Type of movie: sequel to movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Plot: Set fours years after previous movie where genetically engineer dinasours are being auctioned off to companies around the world. Humans are having to deal with the evasive

Sequels can either be horrible or they can provide a stronger direction of the Jurassic World universe. In the first installment in the 1990s, Jurassic Park had some really good sequels to it's original movie. It is possible for a great sequel to exist. Time will tell how well this movie will be. The trailers for it still do not give much away but hopefully there is more to the plot than people going after the dinasours.

Avatar 2


Type of movie: sequel to Avatar(2009)

That is right the sequel is coming out 13 years later than the original movie.

Plot: Jake and Ney'teri have started having a family but are forced to adventure around the rest of Pandora when a threat ensues.

This sequel has been long awaited since the first one came out in 2009. It is possible that it may have better special effects than the first movie. The plot of the first movie was interesting and the characters had little plot development. What made the original movie unique was the setting of Pandora and the special effects. It is possible that the second movie does not live up to its hype. There are no known trailers that have been release yet.

The Lost City

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Type of movie: New

Plot: An adventure novelist is kidnapped by an eccentric millionaire to find a city of lost treasure in one of her books. The cover model wants to prove that he can be her hero and sets out to save her.

After watching the trailer, this movie is hilarious. It has stars such as Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Channing Tantum, and Daniel Radcliffe. This movie had adventure, romance, and humor. Hopefully the trailer does not deceive us and the movie is a standout.

Nope Release


Type of movie: New and Unknown

Plot: unknown

Because we do not know much about this movie but a poster ans that it is a horror film, it is difficult to speculate how the movie will do in the next year. This movie is on this list because it mysterious and may be a future film review in the future.

The Adam Project


Type of movie: New

Plot: A man goes back in time to get help from his 13 year old self to challenge his father

It is possible that this movie can bomb because it is produced by Netflix. Ryan Reynolds is a good actor so there is hope that this movie will deliver a good plot and decent character development. Once a trailer comes out there will be more to discover about about movie.

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